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Best Practices for Twitter for Healthcare and Pharma Professionals


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Best Practices for Twitter for Healthcare and Pharma Professionals

  1. Click to edit MasterTwittertext stylesLet’s get comfortableClick to edit Master title style
  2. Twitter Orientation
  3. Twitter is Many Things• An information network (like an RSS feed for social media)• A way to follow friends, interests, brands, organizations, etc.• A place to post updates and share links to photos, videos, articles, music, blogs, etc.• A place to listen to what everyone’s talking about
  4. A Tweeter’s Lexicon Tweet Follow To subscribe to someone’s Twitter feed. No permission neededA piece of content (text/links/images/video) posted to Twitter. to follow/be followed. @Mention DM (Direct Message) Like directly addressing someone in a big crowd. Both A DM is a private message seen only by the person you the recipient and your (the sender’s) followers will desire, like a conversation in a room with only two people in it. see the @mention. A DM is akin to an email to one recipient. @mentions can occur anywhere in a tweet @Reply #Hashtag This subset of the @mention is like a direct address to Marks keywords/phrases so they appear in Twitter searches. someone in a room of mutual friends. Only the recipient and Anything can be tagged, but only the most popular become followers in common will see the @reply. Trending Topics. @replies always have @ as the first character in the tweet. RT (ReTweet) URL ShortenterSharing someone else’s Tweet, without commentary, with your Services like and tinyURL that make long web addresses followers. A way to help posts go viral. shorter to save room in the post. Twitter has one built in.
  5. Persistent Icons Help You Navigate Tweet To post • Persistent black bar at the top of web interface pages Home Personal dashboard • • Tweet button enables posting a new Tweet, uploading a @Connect photo, or indicating a location To interact and track in just one click #Discover • Five icons are the same for all To search and tag devices Me Personal info, stats and Tweets
  6. Home Page The Home page is a dashboard of basic data about you, some recommendations of folks to follow, and some trends for your city, state, or country. It also features your Tweet Stream. Newer posts appear at the top and push older ones down.
  7. @Connect Page Search for #topics, @people or anything else Recommendations for who to followDisplays all @mentions to and from you
  8. #Discover Page A curated selection of major trending stories based on your interests, location, what you follow, and news. Trends Lots of people discuss the same topic, sometimes spontaneously. Anyone can create a #hashtag. Promoted Trends Advertisers create trends/#hashtags and buy placement. Prominent Videos, Images and Tweets Twitter’s algorithms try to show you relevant media. Pay-for-placement is also possible.
  9. Personal Profile Page Basic info about you Links to detailed info about your account Similar to you: suggestions for people to investigate/follow All of your recent Tweets, @mentions, an d retweets (RTs)
  10. Determining Twitter UtilityHow will it benefit your brand/organization?
  11. Determine Your Goals & Objectives• Answer key questions before you begin: ‣ In what ways does Twitter align with your overall communications strategy? ‣ How will Twitter serve your brand or organization? ⎯ Raising awareness, building a loyal set of followers, news distribution, etc. ‣ How will your posts serve your audience? ⎯ Will they be helpful, educational, service-oriented, funny? ⎯ Will they always convey a certain kind of information, call to action, discount, promotion, news?
  12. Have a Plan• Consider the steps needed to ensure a successful Twitter presence ‣ Be committed. Secure buy-in on your plan from all decision makers ‣ Empower someone. Who will be responsible for Tweeting? ‣ Define approval parameters. Do any/all Tweets need to be pre- approved? ‣ Set a schedule. How often do you want to Tweet? Weekly? Daily? Hourly? ⎯ Develop a content calendar and timeline to ensure Tweets will be approved in a timely manner12
  13. Set Realistic Metrics• Remember: the channel is the vehicle, not the destination• Key Performance Indicators (KPI) ‣ Impressions, shares, RTs, @mentions, site visits, learnings, brand stories shared, conversations entered, sales, site visits, etc.13
  14. Best Practices
  15. 8 Steps to Great Tweets1. Optimize your Tweets2. Follow the right people3. Attract followers4. Ask great questions5. Respond judiciously6. Monitor keywords7. Use #hashtags8. Encourage RTs
  16. 1. Optimize Your Tweets Worth Useful Info #Hashtag RTing StrongShort Voice Shortened @mention Friendly link
  17. Examples of Less-than-Great Tweets No links, #hashtags, or @mentions Broken link No context Over 140 characters
  18. 2. Follow the Right People• Search people and brands you love• Search topics, trends, or #hashtags and follow people talking about them• Social media/email contacts• Industry experts and newsmakers• People your friends follow• Great tweeters• Those who follow you (a courtesy)
  19. 3. Attract New Followers• Post when you have something interesting to share• Compelling Tweets earn more RTs• Promote/link to other social media channels• Ask outright for people to follow you—make it a call to action• RT posts from Tweeters you admire— they’ll see it
  20. 4. Ask Great Questions• Open-ended• Fun to answer• RT to others’ questions• RT/@reply compelling answers
  21. 5. Respond Judiciously• Share the behavior/language you expect• BE the behavior/language you expect• Answer inquiries quickly and in the manner they were made (@, public, DM, etc., or direct the conversation to DM if it is more appropriate to the content)• Be human, be yourself• Don’t fan the flames (ignore the mildly offensive)• “Block” the worst offenders
  22. 6. Monitor Keywords• Search for chatter about relevant terms• Jump in with @s or RTs about those subjects• Check out #trends related to your keywords or interests
  23. 7. Use Hashtags• Assign a word or phrase others can adopt (#TransplantInnovation, #ThwartingThrombosis, #HealthyLifestyles, etc.)• Use relevant trending topics tags• Look at how others use #hashtags• Frequently check out the #Discover tab
  24. 8. Encourage Retweets• Keep it short!• Useful/relevant/interesting and novel• Check your links before sending
  25. To learn more…Contact us to discuss your Twitter and socialmedia strategy in more detail.North America EuropeMichelle Green David KnechtelVP, Creative Director Director, European OperationsSocial Media & Marketing