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Ws Disappearing Colours


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Published in: Business, Spiritual
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Ws Disappearing Colours

  1. 1. Materials: White cardboard Colour paper Pencil Glue Dividers Ruler Scissors Instructions: 1. Open the dividers 4. Join the dots with a 5. Cut triangles in 6. Glue the colourful 7. Cut the circle and 5cm wide. ruler. colour paper to fill in triangles in the white make a hole in the 2. Draw a circle in the the triangles of the circle in this order: red, centre with the pencil. white cardboard. circle. orange, yellow, green, 8. Use the pencil to 3. With the dividers blue, purple. make the circle spin. mark 6 dots in the circle line.
  2. 2. 9. See what happens when you spin the circle. Choose the correct answer. You can’t see all the colours when  the circle spins faster  the circle spins slower You can see all the colours when  the circle spins slower  the circle spins faster When the circle starts to spins fast the 1st colour I see is ___________________ When the circle slows down the 1st colour I see is ___________________