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Young Planners 2010 - Carla Link / English Version

Shortlist at Brazilian Young Lions Competition 2010 - Planning Category.

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Young Planners 2010 - Carla Link / English Version

  2. 2. More than 1/3 of Traffic Accidents in Brazil are caused by drivers’ lack of attention. As they tune into a radio station,look something in a purse or speak on the cell phone.
  3. 3. But that wasn’t clear to our client, theState Government Traffic Department*,as they wanted another traditionalcampaign based on “road safety”.The agency didn’t accept that brief, somy job was to find a new way to look atthe problem.I chose the path to “Lack of Attention”after 3 important insights: *from Rio Grande do Sul – South of Brazil
  4. 4. #1 Alcohol wasn’t the main issue.After looking at a NationalGovernment Traffic Research itwas clear to me that accidentsare caused by drivers over-confidence on the road, as thenumbers showed that accidentsare most likely to happen inroads with good conditions, atday time and good weather andwith experienced drivers.
  5. 5. If the drivers are over-#2 confidence, they wouldn’t listen to any messageWe needed a call to action, somethingthat it was easily incorporated on theeveryday life. I had an idea: why notask patrolmen of the most dangerousroads in Brazil what was causing theaccidents? The list was huge (highspeed, ignore the road signs), but Isaw more potential in the smalldistractions, because it was a simplebehavior change and the driver didn’trealized that those actions caused somuch damage.
  6. 6. We had to reveal#3 this message in a different way and without shocking.We needed to prove ourstatement to those over-confident drivers and it couldn’tbe in an aggressive way,because Brazilians don’t likethat kind of approach and itwould only make than lookaway from the problem.
  7. 7. With those insight inhands, we set down withthe creative, media andaccount manager teamand work together for asolution.The result was twoprojects, that were morethan commercials: wecreated experiences.
  8. 8. Total AttentionRadio ProjectAfter talking about the brief, the creative teamcame up with this idea: wouldn’t it be great if onceall the radio stations had the same content, soeven if the person changed tunes, she wouldn’tget distracted?At first sight, this sounded crazy, specially becauseof all political issues: audiences numbers,competition between the radios stations, etc.But the media team said “why not”? And this ishow this project was born and got the 7 mostimportant youth radio stations to go along withour cause.We created a half hour talk show with the primarycommunicators from each radio station, where thetheme was a comedy approach of “road safety”. Itwent on air at rush hour on a Friday night beforea summer holiday. It was the perfect timming toget all the drivers attention.
  9. 9. Total AttentionCinema ProjectWith the success of the Radio Project, wepresented the idea for the cell phoneissue. The client loved and theexperience happened for two weeks.Watch the videocase:
  10. 10. ResultsRadio1.870.052 + 20.000 A new Gold Awardpeople impact views on Youtube edition in Maximídia without any viral was created (Brazilian Media effort (talk show for 2011 Award) + making off)Cinema233.716 Shortlist Gold Award Gold Awardpeople impact in Media Lions in Wave Festival in Maximídia(for two week for Best use of (Latin America (Brazilian Mediaexperience) Cinema in Award) for Award). Cannes 2010 Promo.
  11. 11. ResultsAnd we got attentionfrom the media andlocal blogs.Unfortunately theGovernment TrafficDepartment doesn’tdivulge trafficaccidents statistics, soweren’t able to see ifthe accidentsdecrease or not atthe period.
  12. 12. thanks forAgencia EscalaLucia Xavier(Head of Planning)Wayner Miranda(Planning Assistent)