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Claude monet history


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Claude monet history

  1. 1. Claude Monet
  2. 2. Who was Claude Monet?Claude Monet was a French painter who wasone of the greatest painters of theimpressionist times.Soft wonderful colours and an intenseunderstanding of the use of light andshadows define his paintings.
  3. 3. When was Claude Monet born?He was born in1840 on the14th Novemberin Paris, France.His full name isClaude-OscarMonet.
  4. 4. Claude Monet’s childhood His family owned a grocery business and naturally, they expected their clever son to work for them as he became older. Monet had other ideas and he chose to follow his dreams of becoming an artist. When Monet was only 11, he studied at the Le Havre school of the arts and would sell charcoal caricatures for 10-20 francs. An artist named Eugene Boudin became a mentor to him and taught him about painting with oils and how to capture outdoor scenes on canvas. Throughout his life, Monet wasEugene Boudin fascinated with nature and took every advantage to highlight trees, plants, grass, flowers, and water in many of his paintings.
  5. 5. Claude Monet’s childhoodWhen he was 16, he lived with his aunt who had no children of herown. Monet visited the famous museum, the Louvre, and took paintsand materials with him to practice painting. While other artists wouldcopy the works of other great painters, Monet preferred to paintwhat he viewed from the windows. Even at this early age, he wasbeginning to discover the style that would redefine how painting wasperformed. The Louvre
  6. 6. Claude Monet’s lifeWhen he was 21, he joined the First Regiment of African LightCavalry for a seven-year commitment, because he soughtadventure. He was stationed in Algeria and became ill with typhoidfever. His aunt was devastated and advised him that she wouldget him out of the Army but only if he would agree to take an artcourse at a University. It may be that she was helped in thismatter by a famous artist from Holland, Jungkind, who knew ofMonet’s talents.
  7. 7. Claude Monet’s childhoodMonet studied with Charles Gleyre during his early adult life. Healso would meet and work with other students and artists whowere destined for greatness. Among these notables were AlfredSisley, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Frederic Bazille and EduardManet.These were the artists who developed new and breathtakinglystunning methods of painting. They created and then perfectedhow to create the effects of light and shadows with quick brushstrokes and broken colours. This new style is known now asImpressionist or Impressionism.
  8. 8. Other impressionist artistsAlfred Sisley, Frederic Bazille Eduard Manet Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  9. 9. What is impressionism?Impressionism is an art movement that was startedby a group of French painters who decided to discardold ways of doing art. Lines were replaced byrounded shapes or tiny dots. Dark shadows becamecolourful and bright. These painters often enjoyedpainting outside. Claude Monets Impression Sunrise, was the inspiration of the term impressionism.
  10. 10. Claude Monet’s adult lifeClaude Monet and Camille Doncieux married in 1870.Monet and Camille had two children Jean and Michel.In 1879, Camille died of tuberculosis.In 1892 Monet married Alice Hoschede.On the 5th of December, 1926, Monet died.