The anthropologist and the digital


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"The Anthropologist and the Digital," a presentation made as part of the roundtable "Anthropologists On the Job Market: How Departments and Job-Seekers Can Respond To the Employment Crisis," American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Wednesday, November 20, 2013: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM.

Abstract: This presentation covers four topics related to technology and the academic/alt-ac job search, how to: 1. develop a robust professional web presence; 2. leverage social media for research, learning, and networking; 3. use digital tools in research; and 4. master multimedia technology for success in the current job market. Skills in these areas are a critical factor in attaining both academic and alt-academy positions upon graduation from PhD programs. Tenure track search committees increasingly emphasize the importance of instructional technology expertise in job announcements and hiring decisions. In addition, expertise in these areas opens up numerous alt-academy career opportunities in fields such as educational technology, web and app development, documentary film/radio, advertising/marketing, non-academic publishing, and entrepreneurship broadly. While major academic organizations such as the American Historical Association and the Modern Language Association have begun to sponsor discussions on the importance of these skills under the heading of digital humanities, the AAA has yet to address this with similar care.

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The anthropologist and the digital

  1. 1. The Anthropologist and the Digital Carla D. Martin @carladmartin
  2. 2. (1) Develop a robust professional web presence
  3. 3. For technophiles Google Sites For technophobes
  4. 4. (2) Leverage social media for research, learning, and networking
  5. 5. Publication sharing sites Social networking sites Google+ Google Scholar LinkedIn Microsoft Academic Search Twitter Zotero Tumblr Mendeley Facebook If applicable: your university library Presentation and pedagogical material sharing sites Slideshare MERLOT
  6. 6. Measure impact Bibliometrics Altmetrics Reimagine scholarly communication JustPublics@365 Scholars Strategy Network
  7. 7. (3) Use digital tools in research
  8. 8. Curation tools Pinterest Tumblr Storify Diigo Evernote Flickr Wikis Goodreads Camscanner SugarSync Omeka Writing tools Google Drive Scrivener Presentation tools YouTube Prezi Soundcloud Zeega Worldmap
  9. 9. (4) Master multimedia technology in support of teaching or alt-ac careers
  10. 10. Learning mgmt systems Canvas Blackboard Moodle MOOCs Udacity Coursera EdX Khan Academy Peer-to-Peer University Udemy Course Hero
  11. 11. Ed tech Learn Launch Blue Ridge Foundation Startups Startup Institute Startup School
  12. 12. Online pubs and services Profhacker Chronicle Vitae Inside Higher Ed DHPoco #TransformDH Conditionally Accepted PhD(isabled) The Adjunct Project How To Leave Academia From PhD To Life The Professor Is In Online communities Versatile PhD PhinisheD Doctorates Without Borders
  13. 13. Thank you! And please keep in touch: @carladmartin