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Giving feedback


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Giving feedback

  1. 1. A Course in Language Teaching Penny Ur
  2. 2.  Inthe context of teaching in general, feedback is information that is given to the learner about his or her performance of a learning task, usually with the objective of improving this performance.
  3. 3.  Assessment: the learner is simply informed how well or badly he or she has performed. Correction: some specific information is provided on aspects of the learners performance: through explanation, or provision of better or other alternatives, or through elicitation of these from the learner.
  4. 4.  Tests Teacher’s assessment Continuous assessment Self-assessment Portfolio
  5. 5.  Provide feedback to the instrument given by your teacher. Be prepared to present it in front of the class.
  6. 6.  Canyou draw some conclusions as to what makes feedback on learner writing more or less effective? Try writing down what for you would be the three most important principles in giving written feedback. Blog it!