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Plenary session sponsored by Richmond in Goiânia, May 31st, 2014.

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  • I could be here talking about a thousand tech tools, but with Roberta Orlando, from Richmond here, I can’t compete, so I’ll leave you with her wisdom and inspiration.
  • I could also be talking about my professional trajectory up to this photo full of ipads and my passion about technology to bring people together, but then you can go online and learn more about me. I’m sure here in this room, there are many more interesting, exciting lives and stories to be shared.
  • I could be talking about the power of technology for the masses, for us to reach more people than ever before.
  • However, my focus in not on the headcount, the many students we have, the big classes. My focus is in the small, the micro world, the hearcount, the ways we can really use technology to reach every single student we have in many different, engaging, motivating ways.
  • In fact, our topic today, hot topics in ELT related to Ed Tech could leave us here for many days or years, for there are so many ways to explore emerging trends but I’ve decided to bring my share to you today, my slice of reality. So, I’ll focus not on tons of ideas, but on a few that might give you some hints for your next class.
  • My slice of reality and the hot topics will really focus on technology as connector. And I’ll focus in two levels of these connections: students – teacher – the world/teachers-teachers-the world
  • Are you ready for this ed tech journey? Grab your cellphones. Share your ideas of the trending topics in ed tech today.
  • We are going to start creating our own ed tech tool box to give new meaning to our practice, to go beyond, to surprise our students and to be surprised by the results.
  • When we think about mlearning, Mobile Learning, you might think immediately of cellphones. In fact, it can be related to any device we have. It can be a simple digital camera, laptop…According to the Horizon Report prepared by a group of specialists, Mobile learning is becoming an integral part of K-12 education, as it is increasingly common for students to own and use portable devices. With easy to use, touchscreen interfaces, even the youngest children can easily pick up a tablet or smartphone and interact with it almost immediately. Mobile devices are gateways to endless learning, collaboration, and productivity fostered by the Internet. In recent years, schools have been implementing one-to-one and BYOD strategies to take advantage of mobile technologies that are more accessible and pervasive with each passing year. (edtechreview)
  • More and more we want to see classes like this where students collaborate, find solutions, fail and learn.
  • Vinicius Lemos’s activity idea available at http://mthatlearning.blogspot.com
  • Vinicius Lemos’s activity idea available at http://mthatlearning.blogspot.com
  • You are teaching colors and you want to make your students come up with the examples.
  • What could you do using their cellphones?
    A very simple, effective idea? They go on a treasure hunt, looking for things with the colors you determine and taking pictures.
  • Are you ready for this ed tech journey? Grab your cellphones. Share your ideas of the trending topics in ed tech today.
  • How many of you have heard of Picollage?
    Using piccolage to practice colors and vocabulary
  • Great to review expressions and vocabulary in a more meaningful and fun way.
  • Collaborative project, using http://padlet.com as a platform.
  • Collaborative project, using http://padlet as a platform.
  • If you are teaching the superlatives, how do you do it?
  • Search for “the happiest” on Twitter.
  • Instagram is another engaging possibilty for learning.
  • Geography teacher Leonardo Mendes used instagram for an ecology project with students
  • @ctjonline is using instagram to engage students and the public in general and help them with micro doses of daily English
  • Are you ready for this ed tech journey? Grab your cellphones. Share your ideas of the trending topics in ed tech today.
  • Spanish teacher Heidy schneider went with her students to a contemporary art Argentinian exhibition and then students created their own virtual exhibition using the images they had taken during the tour. They used http://thinglink.com for that purpose.
  • A collaborative project between Casa Thomas Jefferson’s students and Larry Ferlazzo’s students
  • http://bitly.com/lovestory1ctj – Wonderful video project created by teacher Patricia Faustino
  • Here’s a paper video a la Common Craft videos made by teacher Cleide Frazão https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wL_CGATRs4 about the most memorable world cup for her.
  • Vinicius Lemos’s activity idea available at http://mthatlearning.blogspot.com
  • Another big trend in education. Using game elements and strategies and applying them to real-life situations.
  • There’s much more to gamification than badges, but they add the transparent element to a gained skilled, to a new idea, etc.
  • http://classdojo.com uses gamification as a strategy to help teachers better manage classes. Some might say it is too behaviouristic, but teachers and kids love it!
  • De um trabalho solitário
  • Ao encontro de uma comunidade de educadores; a minha comunidade.
  • Eles me ajudaram a me instrumentalizar para a ação, para a mudança.
  • O Que todos eles têm em comum? Reinvenção/resignificação de suas carreiras
  • Seth Godin in his book Tribes talks about the importance of the ones who start, that guide.
  • We are jugglers, trying to deal with our daily demands in the professional and personal levels. ability not only to endure but to invite, amplify, and exalt uncertainty, then reframe it as fuel is paramount to your ability to succeed as a creator.
    Insight –dot connection –disruption
    Jonathan fields
  • With digital media the world has truly become flat.
  • Some of us still look for institutional backup for professional development. Is it the only way to go nowadays with all the connectivity we have and digital possibilities? NO. Now, we have the chance to develop our own PLEs and PLNs - Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks through digital media that has given us inifinite possibilities of connections. You can extend your own education through a self-structured and self-organized learning environment.
  • No caso dos professores que se deparam com os desafios trazidos pelas TIC, se a internalização acontecer no sentido do uso de ferramentas com fins determinados, uma repetição linear do que eles vivenciaram, a tendência será fazer o mesmo trabalho de sempre com as novas ferramentas. Porém, se a internalização se der como a aprendizagem de uma nova linguagem, mediada por tecnologias com possibilidades abertas, a transformação começa a aparecer no horizonte; E não se trata de descobrir ou aperfeiçoar metodologias, técnicas e ferramentas para a 'aplicar' na sala de aula presencial ou virtual e, sim, de falar uma nova linguagem, que  pode transformar de forma radical o que entendemos por escola e educação.
    É importante ocupar este espaço autônomo que criamos com as redes e trabalhar para que as transformações avancem na direção de uma educação que não somente reproduza, mas que possa recriar as estruturas sociais no sentido da igualdade substantiva de todos e do conhecimento como bem humano.
  • Hashtags as filters
  • “If you are not on Twitter and don’t understand what @ and # mean, you are slowly becoming illiterate!” George Couros
  • Get started by following and getting the best out of these conversations.
  • Make a search on twitter.
  • Where do you start? By following educators already out there.
  • http://www.pinterest.com/edtechnerdo/
  • Some of us still look for institutional backup for professional development. Is it the only way to go nowadays with all the connectivity we have and digital possibilities? NO. Now, we have the chance to develop our own PLEs and PLNs - Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks through digital media that has given us inifinite possibilities of connections. You can extend your own education through a self-structured and self-organized learning environment.
  • Do not give answers. Ask more questions.
  • Creation – critical thinking – action # lecture
  • Creation, students as producers, having active roles in their learning.
  • Teachers as architects of experiences that lead to significant emotional learning, one that will take effect for many years to come, that transforms, which is active, restless. An architecture of learning beyond the classroom, preparing learners to become people with global skills, critical thinking, active, ethical citizens in the classroom environment and the digital.
    We are essential, connectors (within the cognitive and affective level) in the learning ecosystem, but we need to keep ourselves relevant, updated and connected, collaborating towards a common goal: learning, discovery, change. We need to cultivate interest.
  • End-of-session survey http://bitly.com/hottopicelt
  • Ed Tech Hot Topics in ELT

    1. 1. Carla Arena May 2014 Goiânia Ed Tech Hot Topics in ELT
    2. 2. Tech Tools
    3. 3. http://carlaarena.com/about
    4. 4. Not a HEADCOUNT
    5. 5. …but a HEARTCOUNT
    6. 6. …a SLICE OF REALITY
    8. 8. http://todaysmeet.com/ed
    9. 9. mLEARNING
    10. 10. Amplifiying collaborative possibilities
    11. 11. The Alphabet Game
    12. 12. The Alphabet Game http://ayat-pdiary.blogspot.com.br/2013/04/the-alphabet-photographing-game.html
    13. 13. You are teaching colors…
    14. 14. Your Turn
    15. 15. 3 different ideas? You’ve just unlocked the curious souls badge. Add your email to our todaysmeet page and you’ll receive more lesson plan ideas with mobile devices.
    16. 16. Picollage
    17. 17. Picollage
    18. 18. Hybrid Instructional Models
    19. 19. Intercultural Collaboration – MOBILE + WEB
    20. 20. A Bridge with Families
    21. 21. Social Media in Education/ Social Learning
    22. 22. @ctjonline
    23. 23. Learning as a collective endeavor
    24. 24. Creative Writing + Gobby
    25. 25. http://edmodo.com An educational alternative
    26. 26. "So, let's not just adopt technology into our schools. Let's adapt it, push it, pull it, iterate with it, experiment with it, test it, and redo it, until we reach the point where we and our kids truly feel we've done our very best. Then, let's push it and pull it some more." ~ Marc Prensky
    27. 27. Using Polls - Facebook
    28. 28. Your Turn
    29. 29. http://www.facebook.com/gr
    30. 30. 5 different polls created? You’ve just unlocked the Social Media Buff badge. You’ll receive more lesson plan ideas with social media in the Facebook group.
    31. 31. exhibition
    32. 32. Exhibition + Thinglink Digital Exhibition
    33. 33. Exhibition + Thinglink Digital Exhibition + Wiki
    34. 34. Students as Creators
    35. 35. http://schoolexchange.wikispaces.com
    36. 36. imovie - storytelling http://bit.ly/lovestory1ctj
    37. 37. Not only Students, but also teachers as Creators…
    38. 38. Your Turn
    39. 39. WE are going to start producing our Paper Movie
    40. 40. http://todaysmeet.com/e dtechhottopics Challenge: Upload it to Youtube and add the link to
    41. 41. Gamification
    42. 42. skills recognition challenge
    43. 43. Sustained On-going Professional Development
    46. 46. Seth Godin - Tribes The second easiest thing to do isThe second easiest thing to do is toto RESPONDRESPOND The most difficult thing to do is toThe most difficult thing to do is to INITIATEINITIATE The easiest thing to do is toThe easiest thing to do is to REACTREACT
    47. 47. WE, the EDUCATORS
    48. 48. “Most of the barriers to the ACTION OF A GROUP have collapsed, and without those barriers, we are FREE to explore new ways of gathering and acting.” Clay Shirky A period of TECTONIC TRANSFORMATION
    49. 49. WE don’t depend on INSTITUTIONS
    52. 52. # ## ## ## ## # ## # # # # # # ## # ## ## # ## ## # ## ## # ##
    53. 53. HASHTAGS # ## ## ## ## # ## # # # # # # ## # ## ## # ## ## # ## ## # ##
    54. 54. TWITTER hashtags #eltchat #edchat #breltchat #eflchat #eadsunday #ipaded
    55. 55. Your Turn
    57. 57. COLLABORATE
    58. 58. PLAN FOR CHANGE
    59. 59. Do I leave space forDo I leave space for discoverydiscovery?? Do I promoteDo I promote collaborationcollaboration inin the classroom?the classroom? How much of my class do IHow much of my class do I speakspeak?? Do I encourageDo I encourage creativitycreativity??
    60. 60. The classroom
    61. 61. The students as producers – Active Role
    64. 64. Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday. Steve Jobs
    65. 65. http://bitly.com/hottopicelt
    66. 66. Credits http://www.flickr.com/photos/amattox/3207212988 https://www.flickr.com/photos/zipckr/3925513417 https://www.flickr.com/photos/bossone/3936078783 https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikekeran/2417451770 https://www.flickr.com/photos/gsfc/5958586280/ http://www.achabrasilia.com/figurativismo-contemporaneo-argentino/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/nationaalarchief/3916313312/in/photostream/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/smaedli/sets/72157606465116137/with/2650275082/