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A showcase of educator-generated digital production

Presentation at IATEFL2011, Brighton.

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A showcase of educator-generated digital production

  1. 1. The EFL Online CollaborationA Showcase of Educator-GeneratedDigital Production
  2. 2. Scarcity x Abundance
  3. 3. Talents Time SkillsTechnological Ideas Resources Money Lesson plans Iniciative Human resources
  4. 4. Technology as a driving force of change
  5. 5. The need of an INITIATOR Somebody to POKE THE BOX
  6. 6. The easiest thing is to REACT The second easiest thing is to RESPONDBut the hardest thing is to INITIATE Seth Godin - Tribes
  7. 7. Our Problem
  8. 8. The Teachers’ Room beyond geographical barriers
  9. 9. The Process
  10. 10. The Ed Tech Team
  11. 11. From SocialNetworking inthe teachers’ room toSHARED SOCIAL PRODUCTION
  12. 12. A process that takes time
  13. 13. A Story of DigitalLiteracy Success
  14. 14. The OutcomesUnexpected, mind-blowing
  15. 15. Through TechnologyAbundantresources Sharing in a network of connected educators Scarceresources
  16. 16. An ecosystem forcollaboration and social production
  17. 17. CTJConnected harnesses the power of the collectivity
  18. 18.