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Best car insurance comparison review


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get free car insurance comparison

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Best car insurance comparison review

  1. 1. The Best Car Insurance Comparison Reviews Car Insurance Showdowns Powered by 1
  2. 2. Table of Contents 3 Amica vs USAA 7 Amica vs State Farm 11 Esurance vs Amica 15 Amica vs Progressive 19 Amica vs Liberty Mutual 22 Progressive vs Liberty Mutual 25 Progressive vs USAA 28 AAA vs Nationwide 32 AAA vs Liberty Mutual 34 State Farm vs Liberty Mutual 39 All State vs Farmers 2
  3. 3. Amica vs USAA Which has the best car insurance: Amica or USAA? Read through this USAA Amica auto insurance comparison, check out the full USAA car insurance review and Amica car insurance review, and then be sure to use the free tool on this page for a personalized car insurance comparison with many different car insurance companies! In September of 2009, Consumer Reports magazine published an article describing the kind of experience their subscriber’s had with insurance. Sixteen insurance companies were covered. When Amica vs USAA was compared, Amica was number one and USAA came in second. Here are several advantages and disadvantages of Amica followed by those of USAA car insurance. Amica Advantages One of the top insurance business analyst, A.M. Best Company, consistently listed Amica as a superior company with a A++ rating. One of the main reasons that A.M. Best gave Amica this ranking is because Amica has continuously shown a firm capability to fulfill all their responsibilities to their policyholders. It has excelled in these consumer areas: 3
  4. 4. • Insurance claims paid quickly. • Insurance rates are kept low. • Service is offered across the continental United States including Alaska. (not Hawaii) • Insurance premium payments are free online and by phone. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives Amica an a A+ rating on an A+ to F scale. Amica has been in business since 1907 in Lincoln, Rhode Island. It has over 3,000 employees and 39 US agent offices nationwide. There are not any shareholders because it’s entirely owned by the policyholders. Amica also maintains a high rating in JD Power & Associates. It offers insurance for: home, car, individual liability umbrella, life and marine. Amica Disadvantages • Amica is regarded by some as a 2nd tier auto insurance company because it does not give its policyholders the individual attention that other bigger insurance auto insurers with agents in almost every town can provide (although Amica has still won awards for its great customer service that can be accessed over the phone and online). • Non-personal attention does allow Amica to charge lower rates, although it can risk lowing their customer service satisfaction. • Even though it has 39 offices, customers may not find an office close to their home. • The monthly payment option costs $2 every month. USAA Advantages USAA insurance is a long established company that was formed by 25 army officers in San Antonio, Texas in 1922. Their purpose was to provide insurance for one another’s cars and personal trucks. USAA has expanded up to 7.2 million policyholders. It is the only unified finance service business in the United States. 4
  5. 5. Business Week magazine rated USAA as “Customer Service Champs” in their March 5th, 2007 issue. USAA ranked number 1 out of 25 US businesses including over Lexus and Four Seasons Hotels. USAA ranked number 1 again in Business Week’s March 3rd, 2008 issue. USAA Insurance Policy Benefits • Policyholders receive prompt and helpful service. • Claims are processed without undue delays or harassment. • The premiums have low rates • No shareholders. The profits are returned to members or used for USAA’s financial stability. • USAA offers many types of insurance, personal banking and investment services. USAA financial stability has been rated exceptional by Moody Investor’s Service, extremely strong by Standard & Poor’s and superior by A.M. Best company. USAA Disadvantages • USAA is only available to military personnel and their families. • USAA members do not receive personalized services that many bigger companies may offer. Discounted Auto Insurance USAA and Amica auto Insurance often provide drivers that have a less than perfect record with discounted automobile policies online or by phone. Both Amica and USAA offer many different types of car insurance discounts. 5
  6. 6. Comparing Amica USAA Car Insurance Quotes One of the best ways to do a true comparison of USAA and Amica is to compare personalized quotes. Use our free tool to compare quotes from many different top companies and see which company is the best for your personal situation. Get started finding the best car insurance now! 6
  7. 7. Amica vs State Farm Amica vs State Farm is similar to comparing 2 different kinds of giants. State Farm has been the largest automobile insurance company in the United States since 1942. Amica is not the largest insurer or even the 2nd or 3rd in size. However it has earned awards for having the “highest customer satisfaction among national auto insurers” for the past 10 years straight. In order to get a complete picture of Amica and State Farm you need to find out more information. Read on to compare Amica and State Farm in depth and then enter your zip code in for a free car insurance comparison! Amica Beginnings 103 years ago, A. T. Vigeron believed that horseless carriages were going to totally change the American way of life. He formed an automobile insurance company in 1907, within Providence, Rhode Island. In 1994, Amica moved its headquarters to a bigger corporate park close to Lincoln, Rhode Island. 7
  8. 8. How Big is Amica? Amica has 3,000 employees across the United States and has offices in all the states in the United States except for Hawaii. It’s insurance product lines have expanded from exclusively selling auto insurance to currently offering: • Automobile • Permanent and term life • Health • Annuity funds • Retirement • Marine, small to large craft • Homeowners • Condominiums • Renters • Umbrella personal liability How Did State Farm Start? In June of 1922, George Mercherle started State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company with Minnie Jones and Verna Crusades in Bloomington, Illinois. The automobile insurance focused on selling to farmers to provide them with lower rates. Mercherle’s purpose was to provide farmers with reduced premiums based on the fact that they drove less often than city residents. There were 125 agents working for State Farm by 1925. Currently, State Farm has 17,627 agents and 343 offices across the United States and in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick, Canada. 8
  9. 9. Why is State Farm the Largest US Auto Insurer? State Farm has employs 67,029 individuals to service 78.8 million policyholders. Their policies break down into these insurance categories: • Auto – $42.4 million • Property and Casualty – $27.4 million • Life – $7.8 million • Health – $1.2 million State Farm has $3.7 billion in mutual fund assets under their management and 424,914 individual mutual fund accounts. It maintains 2 million “State Farm Bank®” accounts in the United States. State Farm provides about 100 products within several types of insurance and financial services including: • Marine • Auto • Homeowners • Renters • Condominium owners • Life • Annuities • Business Property and Casualty • Surety & Fidelity Bonds • Banking 9
  10. 10. Amica And State Farm’s Customer Satisfaction Here are J. D. Power & Associates results from homeowner and auto insurance studies. The ratings display Amica first and State Farm second. All Amica’s ratings are 5. “2009 National Homeowners Insurance Study” 1. Pricing – 5, 4 2. Billing and payment – 5, 4 3. Policies offered – 5, 4 4. Contacting insured – 5, 5 5. Customer overall experience – 5, 4 “2009 National Auto Insurance Study” • Pricing – 5, 3 • Billing and payment – 5, 4 • Policies offered – 5, 4 • Contacting insured – 5, 5 • Customer overall experience – 5, 4 State Farm or Amica for Car Insurance? When deciding between State Farm and Amica for a car insurance policy it is important to remember that there are many different companies to compare. Enter your zip to start your own free car insurance quote comparison! 10
  11. 11. Esurance vs Amica Between Amica and Esurance, Amica is certainly the larger of the two. Founded in 1907, Amica is the oldest automobile insurer in the United States, has 43 offices (including their headquarters in Rhode Island), and 3,234 employees as of December 31, 2009. Esurance, launched in 1999, is smaller with just over 1,700 employees, 774,000 policies-in- force, and 10 offices operated for the sole purpose of claims. Read through this Amica Esurance comparison and then use the free tool above for your own car insurance comparison! Awards Received by Amica and Esurance When comparing the awards and ratings received, remember that larger companies usually have more experience and resources to devote to non-core business activities. Esurance • A.M. Best financial strength rating and issuer credit rating of “A-“, excellent • Website rated #1 by Change Sciences Group 2 years running for usability • Official Honoree of the Webby Awards for 2 years • 80% of customers would recommend Esurance to others 11
  12. 12. Amica • A.M. Best financial strength rating of “A+”, superior • Rated by J.D. Power and Associates as the highest in customer satisfaction for auto insurance from 2000-2009 and in customer satisfaction for home insurance from 2002-2009 • Awarded “Customer Service Champ” by Bloomberg BusinessWeek • Listed on Ward’s 50 top performing life-health insurance companies in 2009 • Received the National Commission Against Drunk Driving, Education and Prevention award • 94.3% policyholder retention rate Availability and Insurance Policies Offered Amica and Esurance both share several standard policies. Policies shared by both Amica and Esurance: • Auto • Homeowners • Renters • Health • Life • Marine Policies unique to Esurance: • Collectable cars Policies unique to Amica: • Condo • Retirement 12
  13. 13. • Disability • Excess liability • Long term care • Annuity • Personal umbrella Esurance policies are available in only 30 different states. Amica offers policies in every state except for Hawaii. Fees and Payments: Amica versus Esurance Esurance lists the following fees for policies: • Finance notification fee (when buying a car) • Installment payment fee (when paying premiums monthly) • Paper record fee (when requesting written records) • Policy fee (required by certain states for issuing and renewing policies) • Additional state mandated fees (varies by state) There are only two fees disclosed by Amica: • A $3 installment service fee if mailing installment payments • A $25 return item fee when a bank account used for an automatic payment has insufficient funds Both Amica and Esurance allow monthly or annual payment of premiums. Failure to pay premiums will result in cancellation of the policy after 2 missed payments. Make payments by: • Debit/Credit card • Automatic bank account withdrawals Amica also allows for mailing of payments to the company. 13
  14. 14. How Amica and Esurance Handle Claims Amica and Esurance both offer full online access to accounts and a 24/7 toll free number to contact a claims representative. Where the two companies differ is the time for claim settlements. Esurance • Professes to settle most claims within 15 days Amica • States it will complete an appraisal and reach an agreement for repair usually within 1 or 2 business days • Payment of claims within 3 business days, once all documentation is filed Amica or Esurance? Before making your decision between Esurance or Amica for car insurance make sure that you compare rates from many different companies to find the best deal. Enter your zip to start now! 14
  15. 15. Amica vs Progressive Comparing Amica vs. Progressive can be tough because they both have unique advantages for their policyholders. Here is customer service and factual information about each insurance company to help make your decision easier. Once you have finished this comparison of Progressive and Amica then enter your zip in for a free car insurance comparison! Amica Insurance Still Growing After 100 Years Amica turned 100 years old in 2007 and is the oldest automobile mutual insurance company in the United States. Adolph T. Vigneron established the “American Mutual Insurance of America” in Providence, Rhode Island known as Amica. Amica was founded as a company owned by its policyholders. In 1908, Amica paid out its initial dividends and has continued to pay out dividends on the majority of its policies in all the years that have followed. Today, 3,200 professionals work for Amica within 39 states across the United States. Its headquarters moved in 1994 to a bigger corporate campus close to Lincoln, Rhode Island. 15
  16. 16. Where Does Amica Provide Insurance? Amica provides insurance in every state within the United States, excluding Hawaii. Some of its products include: • Marine insurance • Homeowners insurance • Personal umbrella liability • Life insurance • Annuities • Specialty health insurance Amica’s Award Winning Customer Service J. D. Power & Associates have been researching quality and satisfaction from millions of customers worldwide since 1968. Their studies review insurance companies and other major industries. In 2009, they conducted a “2009 National Homeowners Insurance Study” and a second similar study for automobile insurance. The study used a scale from 1 to 5 with 1 being below the rest and 5 being among the best. Here are Amica’s results that are shown in order as “Homeowners, Auto”. 1. Pricing – 5, 5 2. Billing, payment – 5, 5 3. Contacting insured – 5, 5 4. Policies offered – 5, 5 5. Customer overall experience – 5, 5 16
  17. 17. Amica has maintained the “highest customer satisfaction” for “National Auto Insurers” for 8 years straight. It also has been awarded the “highest customer satisfaction” rating in the “National Homeowners Insurers” for 10 continuous years. Progressive’s Massive Growth Progressive Insurance was formed by Joe Lewis and Jack Green in 1937. It is based within the suburb of Cleveland that is a section of Mayfield Village, Ohio. Progressive employs 28,000 professionals in over 450 offices across the United States. In 1994, it exceeded $2 billion in premiums and made $14.6 billion in revenue by 2009. Progressive’s Unique Services Progressive was the first insurance company to provide these special services: • A drive-in service to submit claims. • Payments made on an installment basis instead of the industry standard of annual payments. • A 24/7 “immediate response” service that provides in-person claim service right after a claim is reported. • Premium comparisons between as much as 3 competitors by phone and on Progressive’s website. • Management of every aspect of the processing that’s required for claims and repairs. 17
  18. 18. Progressive’s Customer Satisfaction J. D. Power & Associates 2009 auto and home study also included Progressive. The rating used the same 1 to 5 scale. Here are Progressive’s results displayed in order as “Homeowners, Auto”. 1. Pricing – 3, 3 2. Billing, payment – 3, 3 3. Contacting insured – 3, 3 4. Policies offered – 3, 3 5. Customer overall experience – 3, 3 Should You Buy Car Insurance from Progressive or Amica? Well, before you rush to make a snap decision between Amica and Progressive make sure that you have done your research. There are many different car insurance companies besides just Amica and Progressive. Enter your zip to start comparing quotes from many different providers now! 18
  19. 19. Amica vs Liberty Mutual Amica and Liberty Mutual have one thing in common: the types of insurance they provide. They both provide auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and last but not least life insurance, for that inevitable knock on the door from Mr. Death. These two insurance companies are different in so many ways, but they have the same goal of providing you with the same various types of insurance for when the unimaginable happens. Check out the below Liberty Mutual Amica comparison and then use the free quote finding tool on this page to start comparing car insurance quotes today! Amica: Customer Service & History Let’s start with Amica, located in a small town called Lincoln, Rhode Island. Amica was founded in 1907, and currently employs about 3,000 people across the nation. Amica has won numerous awards from J.D. Power and Associates for customer service and claims handling. 19
  20. 20. Liberty Mutual: Customer Service & History Liberty Mutual on the other hand was founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1912. Liberty Mutual is one of those giant insurance providers, to be exact, the fourth largest insurer in the United States. They are more of an international company that employs over 45,000 people all over the world. Since there such a gigantic company there customer service suffers greatly (based on reviews from disgruntled customers). Amica Facts and Figures • Amica is relatively small compared to Liberty Mutual. • Amica provides Auto insurance, Home insurance, and Life insurance. • Amica has won numerous awards from J.D Power and associates. • Amica ranked 975 in the Fortune 1000 in 2007 • Amica has been given the highest rating from A.M Best Company of A++ • Amica was recognized as “Customer Service Champ” by Bloomberg BusinessWeek • Amica was named in the prestigious list of Ward’s 50 top performing life-health insurance companies. Liberty Mutual Facts and Figures • Liberty Mutual is the eight largest insurance provider of home and auto insurance. • Liberty Mutual ranked 94 in Fortune 500 in 2008 • Liberty Mutual was recognized for customer service excellence by J.D Power and associates. • Liberty Mutual was awarded the Corporate Excellence Award by Equip for Equality. • Liberty Mutual has offices in 900 locations across the world. 20
  21. 21. Liberty Mutual & Amica: Key Differences Liberty Mutual has 15 times more employees than Amica’s 3000. Amica is a national company rather than international like Liberty Mutual. Amica is a mutual insurance firm that consistently ranks above average in J.D Power and associates. Liberty Mutual is a private insurance firm that has a numbers advantage over Amica. Whatever firm you choose, make sure you choose wisely. Car insurance (and many other types of insurance) are important purchases that should not be done lightly and without the proper research because after all almost any type of insurance can take a big chunk of that paycheck of yours away. Start comparing not only Liberty Mutual and Amica car insurance but compare quotes from many top companies. Enter your zip to start now! 21
  22. 22. Progressive vs Liberty Mutual Progressive and Liberty Mutual are two very similar insurance providers that have been operating in the United States for many decades. Read through this Liberty Mutual Progressive comparison and then enter your zip to get your own free auto insurance comparison from many different auto insurance companies! Progressive & Liberty Mutual: Leaders in Innovation Both organizations have been responsible for innovations and pioneering practices that have changed the industry as a whole. Some examples of these innovations are proactive approaches to prevent loss and embracing changing technologies and trends such as online claims and services. Both Liberty Mutual and Progressive have excellent customer service records and the highest ratings with groups like Moody’s and A.M. Best. 22
  23. 23. Services Offered by Liberty Mutual & Progressive Progressive and Liberty Mutual both offer a host of similar services that center around the property and casualty aspect of insurance protection. Some of the services offered by both organizations include: • Homeowners Insurance • Automobile Insurance • Commercial Automobile Insurance • Life Insurance • Online Services Liberty Mutual History Liberty Mutual has been in operation longer than Progressive, operating since 1912, and while not as big as Progressive in the automobile insurance arena, Liberty Mutual is the fifth largest property and casualty provider in the nation. Liberty Mutual began as the Massachusetts Employee’s Insurance Association, and since opening its first branch office in 1914 they have grown to become a leading provider in auto, life, home, and business insurance. Liberty Mutual ventured into the finance arena for many years, but in 2001 sold its financial companies and focused all of its resources on property and casualty protection. Progressive History Progressive’s history is similar to that of Liberty Mutual’s, beginning with just two founders, and expanding steadily over the years to become an industry giant. Originally known as the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company, by 1987 Progressive had taken in over a billion dollars in premiums and went public in the very same year. In 1992 Progressive was recognized as the largest provider of auto insurance sold through independent agents in the country, and is still one of the largest providers United States. While Progressive has grown into 23
  24. 24. a publicly traded stock, Liberty Mutual has remained a mutual company in the hands of the policy holders. Progressive or Liberty Mutual? Both organizations have proved to be pioneers in the insurance industry with innovations going far beyond the online services that both utilize to make claims and services more convenient for customers. Liberty Mutual has long been known for its dedication to preventing loss or damage through workplace and home safety training, driver education, and various forms of training and safety videos. Progressive has also blazed several new trails in the insurance industry such as being one of the first organizations to allow its customers to pay their premiums in installments, allowing drive- in claims, and offering their Immediate Response Claims Service®. Should you choose Progressive or Liberty Mutual for your auto insurance needs? Well, no one company is right for every single person so start comparing many different car insurance company quotes by entering your zip now! 24
  25. 25. Progressive vs USAA The Progressive and USAA insurance companies are two well known and highly respected insurance providers with a long history. Both providers offer the more common insurance aspects such as property and casualty, but that is where the similarities end. USAA is a membership based organization catering to military personnel and their families, while Progressive is open to just about anyone, and USAA offers additional financial services as well as traditional insurance protection. Read through this USAA Progressive comparison and then use the free tool on this page to do your own car insurance comparison! USAA History USAA has a slightly longer history than Progressive, starting in the 1920′s, and is exclusive to active or retired military personnel, their spouses, widows, and children. USAA began with a few Army officers pooling their resources to provide quality coverage for their fellow soldiers and officers. USAA has expanded to include every branch of the military including officers and enlisted members, as well as expanding their range of services to include banking, investments, and asset management. The USAA offers several mutual funds, IRA’s, college savings programs, and different types of wealth management advice for its members. 25
  26. 26. Progressive History Progressive began in 1937 as the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. Two lawyers just starting their careers decided that an insurance company was a good investment, and in order to provide the type of service they had envisioned, they would need some innovative strategies. T hese principles have propelled the Progressive organization from those days forward into one of the largest auto insurance sellers through independent agents in the United States. Progressive is now one of the most visible providers in the nation, they have continued to lead the way with industry firsts including drive-in claims, price comparisons, and their trademarked Immediate Response Claims Services. Progressive was also one of the first providers in the country to allow customers to pay their premiums in installments. Similarities of USAA and Progressive While there are many distinct contrasts between the two, Progressive and USAA do have some core similarities such as: • Auto Insurance • Home and Property Insurance • High Ratings with A.M. Best and Moody’s • High Customer Satisfaction Ratings 26
  27. 27. Progressive & USAA: Key Differences Both of these organizations offer a full range of online services, but Progressive is the leader by far in this arena. Progressive gives customers the ability to shop up to three other providers over the phone, in person, or online, and get a quote right then and there instead of having to compile and compare the data yourself. Progressive also offers the flexibility of completing the entire process online or with the assistance of a live representative, and you can even meet with an independent agent if you choose. USAA and Progressive both operate nationwide, but due to their different customer bases and types of services, the number of customers for each is significantly different. USAA has the smaller customer base of the two, with just over seven million, which is to be expected with an exclusive membership structure. Progressive has grown into a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded organization, while USAA has remained in the hands of the policy holders. Although they have many different aspects, USAA and Progressive have both grown from very humble beginnings to become much more than any of the founders could have imagined. Be sure to compare both Progressive and USAA car insurance quotes along with quotes from many different companies. Enter your zip to start now! 27
  28. 28. AAA vs Nationwide Are you comparing AAA vs. Nationwide for car insurance? It’s a good idea to first learn some facts and company ratings so you can make an informed decision. Read through this Nationwide and AAA comparison and then use the free tool on this page to compare car insurance rates from many different companies! Over 100 Years Of AAA The AAA company used to be called the American Automobile Association. AAA was created in March of 1902 to lobby for roads to be fixed and built. Its purpose was to make driving safer across the US. In 1905, AAA published its first US road maps. AAA started in Chicago, Illinois with about 1000 original members. Currently AAA is based in Heathrow, Florida. AAA has 50 million members in North America including its nonprofit auto lobbying group and service organization. Its road services include travel guides, emergency automobile assistance and maps for the states in the US. 28
  29. 29. AAA Products AAA is different from any other insurer because its automobile insurance is exclusively provided through its 69 clubs that are located in state regions across the US. AAA’s automobile insurance is called the Automobile Club Group or ACG. ACG insurance products include: • Automobile • Life • Travel • Homeowners • Dental • Medical AAA Special Discounts You can receive a discount on your premium if you buy your life, automobile and homeowners insurance from AAA. Also, AAA will give its members a $250 discount on their deductible in an automobile collision when the other car is also an AAA member. How Does AAA Insurance Rate In Customer Satisfaction? J.D. Powers & Associates conducted a “2009 National Homeowners Insurance Survey” on the major insurance companies. It ranked companies on a scale of 1 meaning less than the rest of the companies to as high as 5 for being among the best. Here are the results for AAA: 1. Policies offered – 4 2. Contacting the insured – 3 3. Pricing – 4 4. Billing and payment – 3 5. Customer overall experience – 3 29
  30. 30. Nationwide Insurance Still Growing Nationwide started out in December of 1925 in Columbus, Ohio and became a public corporation over 72 years later in 1997. It was initially named the “Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company”. Nationwide Products And Services Nationwide insurance company is the 6th biggest auto insurer according to its recorded premiums. Their insurance products and financial services include: • Homeowners • Automobile • Renters • Life • Motorcycle • Farm • Banking • Annuities • Mutual funds • IRAs • Mortgage loans Nationwide’s Unique Insurance Discounts You can receive a discount on your homeowners and car insurance if they are both with Nationwide. Also, you can get as much as 20% off your premiums if all the cars your own are insured by Nationwide. More discounts are offered when you remain free of accidents for 5 years and if your teenage child maintains an average grade of “B”in school. 30
  31. 31. Nationwide’s Customer Service Rating Nationwide was also reviewed in the “2009 National Homeowners Study” conducted by J. D. Powers & Associates. Here are the ratings: 1. Pricing – 3 2. Insured contact – 3 3. Payment and billing – 3 4. Policies offered – 3 5. Customer overall experience – 3 Nationwide or AAA Car Insurance? When deciding between AAA car insurance and Nationwide car insurance remember that there are many different companies to compare. Enter your zip code in to start with your free car insurance comparison today! 31
  32. 32. AAA vs Liberty Mutual Is AAA or Liberty Mutual car insurance the best? Read through this Liberty Mutual AAA comparison and then use the free tool on this page to start comparing car insurance quotes from many different car insurance companies! AAA & Liberty Mutual: History AAA (American Automobile Association) sells only to members of the AAA auto club and is a stock company divided into regions. LMG on the other hand began its business in 1912 issuing workman’s comp policies. Since that time it has grown into an international mutual insurance conglomerate and is the 5th largest insurance company in the U.S. Liberty Mutual enjoys an A.M. Best Company rating of “A” with AAA receiving a “B++”. Liberty Mutual is licensed in all 50 states with the types of coverage offered varying from state to state, AAA‘s coverage offerings vary with each of its individual regions. While LMG is a global corporation, its 3 main subsidiaries are Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Employees Insurance Company of Wausau, and Liberty Mutual Life Assurance Company of Boston. The top 3 of AAA are AAA Mid Atlantic Insurance Co., AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Co., and AAA Texas County Mutual Insurance Co. of N.J. 32
  33. 33. Liberty Mutual & AAA: Lines of Insurance Both AAA (American Automobile Association) and Liberty Mutual Group (LMG) offer auto and homeowners insurance with AAA adding inland marine coverage and LMG offering a wide range of additional insurance including personal injury and life for individuals or families and commercial property, specialty risk and workers comp for businesses. The bulk of business for both AAA and Liberty mutual is insuring private automobiles. Liberty Mutual & AAA: Financial Strength AAA’s assets have been steadily climbing to a recent estimate of about $425 million with its total premiums around $234 million. Liberty Mutual has assets estimated at $78 billion. Both companies have shown a steady and continuous growth over the last 5 years. AAA & Liberty Mutual: Car Insurance Quotes Why not compare quotes from not just AAA and Liberty Mutual but many other top auto insurance companies too? Enter your zip to start comparing quotes now! 33
  34. 34. State Farm vs Liberty Mutual Even through State Farm is the number one insurance provider (by sales volume) it does not mean that Liberty Mutual should be ignored. State Farm vs Liberty Mutual is a worthwhile comparison between two well founded companies. Read on to see how Liberty Mutual and State Farm stacks up and then enter your zip code into the free quote finder tool to get your own car insurance comparison! Why Is State Farm The Largest In The US? State Farm has been the biggest auto insurance company since 1942. It covers the largest amount of homes and automobiles within the United States. State Farm has about 68,000 employees that serve 75 million policyholders within the US and Canada. It has provided 40 million automobiles with insurance as of 2005. State Farm was created in 1922 by George J. Mecherle. He was a retired farmer and salesman. State Farm began as a mutual auto insurance firm that was owned by the policyholders. It first sold car insurance to farmers. Today, it is headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois and has 17,000 agents across the US and Canada. 34
  35. 35. State Farm’s Range Of Products State Farm has grown from selling automobile insurance to offering insurance for: • Homeowners • Condominiums • Mobile homes • Renters • Home business • Medical • Medicare Supplemental • Long term care • Motorcycle • Whole life • Fixed and variable annuities State Farm also offers retirement planning and banking for personal accounts. How Does State Farm Rate With Consumers? Recently in 2009, J. D. Powers and Associates did a customer service study on insurance companies including State Farm. On a scale of 1 as “poor” and 5 as “among the best” here were the customer service results: • Prices – 4 • Payment and billing – 4 • Policies offered – 4 • Insurer contacted – 5 • General overall experience – 4 35
  36. 36. How Big Is Liberty Mutual? Liberty Mutual is the 4th biggest provider of property and casualty insurance within the US according to their number of premiums recorded in 2008. It started in 1912 as the “Massachusetts Employees’ Insurance Association” or called MEIA after a state law required employers to have workers compensation insurance. In 1914, Liberty Mutual wrote its first automobile insurance policy. Liberty Mutual is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and has many different offices across the US and all around the world. Today, Liberty Mutual employees 45,000 individuals in over 900 offices located around the globe. It insures 4.2 million automobiles worldwide. Liberty Mutual Group has complete or partial ownership of local insurance businesses in: • Argentina • Brazil • Chile • China • Hong Kong • Columbia • India • Poland • Portugal • Singapore • Spain • Thailand • Turkey • Venezuela • Vietnam 36
  37. 37. What Does Liberty Mutual Sell? Liberty Mutual has a wide variety of national and international insurance products. Here is a sample: • Personal liability • Automobile • Motorcycle • Identity fraud expense • Homeowners • Condominium • Renter • Universal life • Single or flexible payment annuities How Does Liberty Mutual Rank In Customer Satisfaction? J.D Powers & Associates included Liberty Mutual in its 2009 customer service study. Using the identical range of 1 to 5, here is how Liberty Mutual fared: • Prices – 3 • Payment and billing – 3 • Policies offered – 3 • Insurer contacted – 3 • General overall experience – 3 Despite the average ratings, Liberty Mutual has a 91% renewal rate among its customers. 37
  38. 38. Liberty Mutual or State Farm? Do your own personalized comparison of car insurance quotes to decide of State Farm car insurance or Liberty Mutual car insurance or some other company altogether is the best choice for your car insurance needs. Enter your zip to start comparing quotes now! 38
  39. 39. Allstate vs Farmers Allstate vs Farmers insurance can be a tough choice. Allstate is regarded as the number 2 biggest insurance provider while Farmers is ranked number 3. Allstate has more than 37,000 employees serving its 17 million insurance policyholders. Farmers provides approximately 15 million policyholders with insurance that are served by about 20,000 employees. Selecting between these 2 leading competitive insurance firms becomes a lot easier when you have factual information to make a fair comparison. Read on to complete this Farmers Allstate comparison and then enter your zip in to start your free car insurance comparison! 39
  40. 40. Allstate Insurance Keeps Growing Over 7 Decades Allstate’s headquarters are in Northbrook, Illinois and has been selling insurance since 1931 as a part of Sears, Roebuck and Company. Today, Allstate runs 15 companies around the United States and in Canada. It products include: • Homeowners insurance • Automobile insurance • Condominium insurance • Renters insurance • Life insurance • Long term care insurance • Estate planning products • Mutual fund investments Allstate also has an accident-free discount option if there are no “moving violations” within the previous 3 years. How Does Allstate Rank In Customer Service? Several studies have been done on Allstate’s quality of customer service. Here the results of a couple of major consumer reporting companies. J.D Powers and Associates nationwide insurance report in 2008 classified Allstate as a strictly average insurance provider. Allstate’s pricing rated below average but the policies it offered and their payment and billing system were showd as above average. Their average rating was determined on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 as poor and 5 as among the best. • Prices – 2/5 • Insurer contact – 3/5 40
  41. 41. • Customer general experience – 3/5 • Payment and billing – 4/5 • Policies offered – 4/5 A.M. Best ranked Allstate as a superior A+ provider and Standard and Poor’ gave an AA- very strong rating. Farmers Insurance Group Of Companies: 80 Years To Prosperity In 1928, Farmers Insurance began by 2 rural residents of Los Angeles, California. It was initially called the Farmers Automobile Inter-Insurance Exchange. It is still based in Los Angeles, although Farmers has a parent company called Zurich Financial Services in Sweden. Today, Farmers Insurance provides insurance products in 41 states within the US. Here is a sample: • Auto insurance • Collectible auto insurance • Whole life insurance • Homeowners insurance • Renter insurance • Motorcycle insurance • Boat insurance • Commercial real estate insurance 41
  42. 42. Farmers Customer Service Rating Farmers Insurance has shown below average to average ratings in recent studies. According to Consumer reports Farmers insurance has one of the worst companies to pay on its claims. It was described as being “tight fisted” by Consumer Reports as well. A customer satisfaction study performed by J.D. Powers & Associates in 2008 showed Farmer’s ratings as the following: • General experience – 3 out of 5 • Prices – 2 out of 5 • Insurer contact – 3 out of 5 • Payment and billing – 2 out of 5 • Policies offered – 3 out of 5 Out of a total score of 13 with a potential of 20, Farmers customer satisfaction ratings showed average to below average compared to other insurance companies. Farmers or Allstate? Should you buy car insurance from Farmers or Allstate? Well, no one company is the best for everyone so why not shop them all? Enter your zip for your free car insurance comparison now! 42