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SXSW2013: Design for Aging, Your Future-Self


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The stereotypical product image for seniors entails bigger buttons, bigger text, and bigger screens. When it comes to designing for the elderly, it is not necessary to dumb down technologies. In this talk, I'm taking a different perspective on aging: Rather than focusing on their disabilities such as loss of vision/hearing/memory, let's look into the rich dimensions of their lives, their surrounding communities, and discuss how design can contribute in this domain.

Let's move beyond usability, and introduce “Design for Aging” as a process of innovation. This presentation includes approach on design research, and my thoughts behind the emerging trends on aging. I've also included some discovery on the aging populations' inspirations, aspirations, values and challenges to their daily lives.

This talk plans to introduce you to "Inclusive Design", inspire you to take on different lenses, and offer plenty of design opportunities in the domain of aging.

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SXSW2013: Design for Aging, Your Future-Self

  1. DesignforagingCarina NgaiProduct Design LeadInflection, LLCRedwood City, CA@caweena #aging15March 11h, 2013
  2. About me:Product Design Lead / InflectionDesign Futurist / SamsungExperience Designer / Adobe
  3. The aging population in the US islarge, growing, with a lot ofinfluence socially and economically.People are now living longer;nearly 80% of the population nowlives past the age of 65.
  4. How society sees them
  5. Who they really are
  6. Who they really are
  7. Who they really are
  8. Who they really are
  9. One-third of all surgeonsare over the age of 55American College of Surgeons 2010Who they really are
  10. Aging is not tobe generalized
  11. Current landscape forthe senior products
  12. 1. Safe SurveillanceAging in place / Assisted livingSmart sensors GE-Intel QuietCare® SonambaSilverPlusBAM Labs Smart Bed
  13. 2. Memory AidsGlow Caps MedCenter Pill reminder Chumby
  14. 3. S.O.S
  15. 4. Oversimplified Tech.PDA/Tablet Concept Babysits Old People[Concepts]
  16. 5. Assistive tech.
  17. Color palette for seniors?
  18. Grandmother84 years old
  19. Grandmother84 years oldWalking cane
  20. Grandmother84 years oldWalking cane
  21. Grandmother84 years oldWalking caneTrekking poles
  22. “I am not Old”ms. Green, 64
  23. Design for ourfuture-selves
  24. DesignexerciseDesign for your future-selfExamine our perception in futureaspirations, desires & technology.Outcome:1. There are not much changes thatwe perceive in ourselves in the fu-ture.2. People generally have a positiveoutlook in their lives.3. Future desired items are amanifestation of how we view thecurrent world.- Draw a picture of yourself now on the left and when you’re 65 on the right.- List 20 items of desire of needs when you’re 65
  26. TOP 5 Insight inDesign for Aging
  27. Insight #1Look at the peripherals
  28. EmotionalWell-beingPhysicalwell-beingPersonalcommunityProfessionalcommunityReligiousgroupDoctorsNursesSpouseCareGivierPostmanGardenerFriendsCommunityCenterInterestGroupOther familymembersGrandchildrensSalonStylistsSpecialistsNeighborsSupport systemfor seniors
  29. Insight #2Rise of Sandwich Generations
  30. Open-Faced Sandwich
  31. Open-Faced SandwichSandwich
  32. Open-Faced SandwichSandwichClub Sandwich
  33. Open-Faced SandwichSandwichClub SandwichMulti-generationalFamilies
  34. Adoption of Technology isdriven significantly by access
  35. Insight #3Aging in place is morethan accessibility
  36. aka. Independent LivingSmart Homessensors, architecture, layouthome safety, accessibility
  37. =
  38. =Lifetime of cherished objectsMemoriesDaily rituals
  39. = Identity
  40. senorsramp
  41. Design for thespaces in between
  42. Design for thespaces in between
  43. Design for thespaces in between
  44. Design for thespaces in between
  45. Design for thespaces in between
  47. Insight #4Interdependence,not just independence
  48. COMMUNITYSocialize, entertain, friends
  49. Croquet club in Tokyo, Japan A weekend meet up with friends, PortugalSocial Interactions
  50. Insight #5Wellness ≠ Health
  51. Wellness is a state of completephysical, mental, and socialwell-being, and not merelythe absence of disease.More thanmHealth, monitoring, tracking...
  52. Dimensions of Wellnessphysical, spiritual, emotional,environmental, occupational,social, intellectual
  53. 1. companionship2. establishing a routine3. exercise4. less stress5. getting out6. making new friends7. expose to new interest8. security9. feel needed10. sense of purposeTop TenWellnessGoalsfor Seniors
  54. Can we translate this into....Architecture?
  55. Can we translate this into....Healthcare ?
  56. Can we translate this into....MobileTechnology?
  57. Mobile Phone
  58. Bigger ButtonsBigger Screens
  59. Bigger ButtonsBigger ScreensEmotionalSocial
  60. Aging is not a disability.
  61. It’s a part of normal life cycle thatwe will all experience.
  62. See beyond the cliché...
  63. to design for PEOPLE,not users...
  64. to build a future that you wouldlike to be in as well.
  65. Special thanks to: Inspired by:Dhana DhanasarnsombatSamsung UXCAUSASean DonahueResearch Centered Design,USA
  66. THANK YOU. Carina Ngai@caweena #aging15