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SXSW proposal sample


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Published in: Design
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SXSW proposal sample

  1. 1. CURRENT SUPPORT SYSTEMFOR SENIORS Personal communityIn designing for seniors, I tried to learn from the people whohave an impact in their daily lives, and identified stakeholders. Salon Stylists Interest GardenerThe US aging population Other family members Groupis large, growing, with a Care Friends Postman Givierlot of influence socially Spouse Neighborsand economically. Physical Grandchildrens Emotional well-being Well-beingPeople are now living Nurseslonger; nearly 80% of the Doctors Religiouspopulation now lives grouppast the age of 65. Specialists Community Center Professional community 2/5
  2. 2. 1DESIGN PRINCIPLESFrom my research, I generated several guiding designprinciples to inspire and focus the solutions throughout the Design forproject and for anyone who are designing for seniors. your future-self 2 3 Simple pleasure in everyday rituals 4 Home contains a lifetime of cherished objects that support our identities Independence to Interdependence 3/5