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Montivero carina power point_ingles.doc

  1. 1. THE WINE MAKING PROCESS Parts of the grapeMontiveroCarina
  2. 2. HARVESTING The harvesting of wine grapes (Vintage) is being one of the most crucial steps in the process of winemaking.Montivero Carina
  3. 3. MECHANICAL HARVESTING Mechanical harvesting of grapes is being one of the major changes in many vineyards in the last third of a century.Montivero Carina
  4. 4. CRUSHING AND PRESSING This is taking place depending on the enologist. Is an Optional procedure where the grape is crushed just before barrelling for fermentation, in order to liberate the contents of the berriesMontivero Carina
  5. 5. FERMENTATION The primary fermentation is taking place with natural yeasts and secondary fermentation in large stainless steel or oak barrelsMontivero Carina
  6. 6. CLARIFICATION The winemakers are using this process of adding a substance that bonds to particles in the wine and then sink to the bottom of the containers to removed them before bottlingMontiveroCarina
  7. 7. BOTTLING The wine bottles are being seal with a cork, although alternative wine closures such as synthetic corks and screwcaps. which are less subject to cork taint, are becoming increasingly popular The final step is adding a capsule to the top of the bottleMontivero Carina
  8. 8. ANGING OF WINE The aging of wine is improving wine quality