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Ex mex


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Ex mex

  1. 1. EX MEX From Migrants to Immigrants Jorge G. Castaneda<br />By Liliana Carrillo <br />
  2. 2. In the book Ex Mex by Jorge G. Castenada be lets you feel the immigrant experience; form the adventure of crossing the border to the life in the U.S. With details he points out the struggles of crossing the border and fears. In the first chapters he explains how immigration patterns have changed during the mid 1990s, resulting in stricter border patrol. <br />
  3. 3. When Crossing the Mexico- U.S. Border <br /><ul><li>Death
  4. 4. Dehydration
  5. 5. Snake bites
  6. 6. Rape
  7. 7. Sun exposure
  8. 8. Kidnappings </li></li></ul><li>Life in the USA: <br />When the immigrants they usually start with very low pay or minimum wage. Many Mexicans come to the USA to pursuit the American Dream of WORKING. <br />The immigrants work hard and send money back to their family members in the Mexico. The immigrants feel like all their suffrage of border crossing is worth it as long as they can support their families. Many immigrants leave Mexico, due to being poor, or having very little money. USA supply and demand of workers is mostly why many immigrants are working in what they consider a stable job. <br />