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Mid presentation


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This is the presentation I gave to my examiner and fellow classmates on March 19 2013.
I showed some demos during the presentation which can be viewed here:
-Guided Conversation:
-Guided Conversation (French):

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Mid presentation

  1. 1. Mid-Presentation Alexis Morin - Interaction Design Masters Thesis 1 9 March 201 3Cultural Integration through Language Learning Kulturintegration durch das Erlernen von Sprachen Lintégration culturelle par lapprentissage des langues 透過語言學習整合文化 Kulturell integration genom språkinlärning Integración cultural mediante el aprendizaje de idiomas
  2. 2. What Ive done Prototypes, mappings, DLQWhere I am User opportunity, loose endsWhats coming Maps, Journeys, Wireframes, UIsChallenges Balancing things, keeping it real
  3. 3. You can express anything in any language. -LANG 200, Concordia University Photo: visualpanic
  4. 4. MappingsWorking PrototypesBrandingPeople Journeys
  5. 5. What Ive done.As a map.
  6. 6. Daily Language Quests
  7. 7. Interact with natives Photo: TheeErin
  8. 8. Interactive Laps
  9. 9. Lockscreen Flashcards
  10. 10. User Interests Profiling
  11. 11. Guided Conversation Photo: Taekwonweirdo
  12. 12. Listen to a dialog Find a friend,Answer Short Quiz Practice Ordering Learn a new word Local Food Set your mobile Learn a local to the local language expression Learn a word or sentence with a native speaker
  13. 13. What Ive yet to do for this part
  14. 14. My project has a name, too!
  15. 15. So thats where I stand.
  16. 16. Whats ahead+Challenges
  17. 17. Thanks! Kiitos Спасибо 多謝 Salamat po 감사합니다 Process blog