CIS532 Week 4 Assignment


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  • Good afternoon class. My name is Stephen Andrew and today's discussion is on Software Modeling as it relates to a new user registration on eBay
  • The scenario that was created in iRise shows that when a user starts at eBay’s home page, they have the option of either logging in if they already have an account or registering a new account.
  • Clicking on the Sign in or Register button creates one of two actions. The user is either sent to the log-in screen or they start creating a new account on eBay.
  • If a user already has an account, the user will enter his or her user id and password. If the user cannot remember the password, they have the option of clicking on the Forgot your password link which will send an email to the account holder with a link to rest the password.
  • If this is a new user on eBay, an account has to be set up with information such as the user’s name, address, preferred screen name and a password which the user must enter twice in order to validate it.
  • When the user logs into eBay they have options such as to buy, sell, seek help or browse the categories on items that are on eBay. The user chooses to buy an item and clicks on the Buy link.
  • When the user gets to the Buy screen, there are categories such as Antiques, Art, and Business & Industrial, Each of these categories also have subcategories from which the user can browse to buy an item.
  • The user is interested in purchasing a pallet fork and clicks on the purchase button at the bottom.
  • The user can now view what is in the shopping cart and can remove the item if not interested in purchasing or can proceed to checkout.
  • Since the user is interested in purchasing the item, he clicks on proceed to checkout and verified billing and shipping info. If the information is no correct, he can click on the Blue Link labeled Edit to make corrections. The user will also enter credit card info for the purchase. Once the user has verified all of his info, he clicks on Purchase.
  • This conclude my discussion on a new user purchase on eBay. Have a great week everyone!
  • CIS532 Week 4 Assignment

    1. 1. CIS532 – Software Modeling Stephen Andrews
    2. 11. Thanks for shopping on eBay Have a great week!