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Drugs, tobacco and alcohol


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Presentation given to secondary students in an Inuit school

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Drugs, tobacco and alcohol

  1. 1. Drugs, alcoholand tobaccoBy Nursing StudentsValérie ValiquetteKim FennerStéphanie McKeown
  2. 2. Drugs What drugs do you know ?
  3. 3. Marijuana(pot, weed, grass, cannabis, hash) Over 400 chemicals in smoke, some causing cancer. Can make you psychologically and physically addicted. It can affect motor skills, limit inhibitions and interfere with concentration and learning. Short-term use: Drowsiness, paranoia, anxiety or panic. Increase appetite, short term memory problems and hallucinations. Long-term use: Reduce motivation and concentration. Problems at school. Respiratory problems.
  4. 4. Cocaine(Coke, Freeze, Stardust, Powder) This drug is not regulated, so you never know what you’re snorting. May cause permanent damage to heart, lungs and brain and sinuses. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, anxiety, breathing difficulties and hallucinations. Injecting cocaine can exposed the user to HIV, hepatitis C and many infections. There is NO antidote that can reverse cocaine’s effects – An overdose can be fatal.
  5. 5. Cocaine’s effects on brain
  6. 6. How to say no It is not always easy to tell your friends you don’t want to drink or use drugs. You know you have the right not to feel like it, but you also don’t want to feel rejected or be left out. ROLE PLAYS
  7. 7. Situation #1Your friends have gotten together for yourbirthday. They raise a glass in your honorand pass around a joint. But that is not reallyhow you wanted to celebrate yourbirthday.What would you say in this situation ?
  8. 8. StrategiesSuggest something else:- Watch a movie- Go outside- Play a game- Listen to some music
  9. 9. Alcohol1. In what kind of occasions does a persondrinks alcohol ?2. Do you know some effects of alcohol ?3. Did you ever drink alcohol ?
  10. 10. Excessive Drinking (At a party with your friends)Consequences Physical : Nausea, vomiting and fainting. Risky sexual behavior:- Unprotected sex- Unplanned pregnancy- Increased risk of Sexually Transmitted Disease Violence:- Alcohol facilitates the expression of violence- Could be assailants or victims
  11. 11. Excessive Drinking (Long-term use)When adolescents gets drunk, even just once, theyare at risk for serious physical dysfunction. Gastrointestinal bleeding Cardiac arrhythmia Stroke (Cerebrovascular accident)Your brain is still developing so you’re more at risk for braindamage. Respiratory depression that can lead to coma and death
  12. 12. Organs affected by excessivedrinking:-Brain-Eyes-Throat-Lungs-Heart-Stomach-Liver-Muscles-Intestin-Male genitals-Women genitals-Bones
  13. 13. Situation #2Its party time! Everyone is gathered tocelebrate the school basketball teams bigvictory. Lots of students are “gettingwasted” and insist that you join them. Butthat’s not how you want to celebrate.What would you do ?
  14. 14. StrategiesRefuse to drink or take drugs, and show thatyou can have fun without them."Dont worry about me. Im having a blast!"
  15. 15. Alcohol during pregnancy Fetal alcohol syndrome- Abnormal facial features- Brain damage (intellectual impairment)- Growth retardation More at risk for:- Miscarriage- Premature birth- Stillbirth (death of the baby before he’s born) Pregnant woman should NOT drink alcohol ** The effects of alcohol exposure on the fetus last a lifetime **
  16. 16. TobaccoWhat do you think a cigarette contains ?
  17. 17. How to make a cigarette?
  18. 18. Consequences of smoking Addiction Lung cancer Mouth & Throat cancer Heart attack High blood pressure More at risk of respiratory infections Trouble sleepingWomen: more at risk for miscarriageMen: more at risk for erectile dysfunction
  19. 19. Tips to help you quit smoking Quitting is a process and may take many tries. You should start by decreasing the amount of cigarette you smoke per day. Give yourself realistic goals every week. Chew gum when you crave for cigarette. Do exercise, walk outside, everything that can change your mind instead of smoking. Change your lifestyle. Go to the clinic, they can help you in your process.
  20. 20. QuizDrugs:- Name two consequences of taking marijuana.- What drug has no antidote to reverse its effects and can be fatal?
  21. 21. QuizAlcohol:- True or False:1- When I drink alcohol, I’m more at risk forhaving STD.2- A pregnant women can take alcoholand it’s not dangerous for the baby.3- Alcohol can cause braindamage, especially to teenagers.
  22. 22. QuizTobacco:- Name 2 things that are in a cigarette.- Name 2 tips to help you quit smoking.
  23. 23. Have a great day !