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Air freight vs sea freight – which one to choose


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Air freight vs sea freight – which one to choose

  1. 1. Air Freight vs Sea Freight – Which One to Choose?Presently, it is hard to imagine business without the need for either sea or air freight. These are the twomajor ways to move the goods from one point to the destination. Sea freight refers to the transporting ofthe goods over the major water ways while air freight utilizes the air lines. This could either be use of thenormal kind of passenger planes or dedicated air cargo planes. While sea freight has been used forsome time, air freight is a newer option but quickly gaining popularity. Each of these has moments whenit is more convenient and this depends on your needs at the time. Your needs determine whether you willuse air cargo service or chose the sea.There are several differences between the two aside from the form of transport. These differences in thelong run determine the most suitable option between air cargo service and shipping. First of all whendeciding which method to use, the first consideration is reliability. This is determined by which methodgreatly guarantees you safe delivery at the expected time. Air freight offers this as given the shorter timeit takes on delivery there are little chances of your goods getting damaged. The air cargo service staff isalso highly trained to handle a wide range of good even the most delicate and perishable. Air freight alsooffers you the advantage of lesser succession time. Succession time refers to the time of getting goodsfrom one point to the required destination. The lesser time the good are in transit the lesser danger theyface.When it comes to cost, air freight is significantly expensive compared to sea freight. However, it is withgood reason. Looking at the facilities availed to you by the air cargo service and the guarantee of quicktimely delivery, the extra cost is made up by the profits you make and the inconvenience you are savedfrom. However, if you have no qualms waiting for the shipment and you are operating on a tight budget,you can work with the sea freight. When it comes to which of the two best deals with excess baggage,then sea freight will come tops. Aside from general charges being lower, compared to air freight,shipping offers more space and can handle a larger volume of goods. It is important to note that air cargoservice charges goods according to weight while in shipping it is according to volume.The advantage of using air cargo service is that you get to enjoy the services of air freight forwarders.Air freight also has less logistics to cover and mostly there are few destinations to stop over. Whendealing with both air freight and sea freight, it is important to get the services with a good reputation. Youshould also be provided with means of real time tracking of your cargo. Most air cargo service providersoffer this allowing you to be up to date with the progress of your goods. Insurance is also anotherimportant aspect you should consider and you can confirm with the air cargo service to see if this isprovided.Address: Cargo Force Ltd | 124 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DX, Tel No: +44 (0) 203 239 9864