Launching a 1to1


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Launching a 1to1

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Launching a 1to1

  2. 2. Let’s start with WHY?“HOW do we create a21st Century LEARNINGEnvironment for OURSchool?”
  3. 3. 2 Year Old + iPad = Learning
  4. 4. How IT is deployed?Deploying IT for Deploying IT forBusiness Learning• Monetary or revenue • Creative exploration driven • Highly collaborative,• Cost Reduction - interactive + ad-hoc Productivity • Software solutions are• Highly Restrictive + expressive locked down • Student centric• Software solutions are experience functional • Ownership• Network Centric• Total cost of ownership
  5. 5. Positives about the iPad?EDUCATION PRACTICAL• Augment the curriculum currently on • Lightweight and truly portable size. offer. • No hold-ups with students not being• An assistive teaching device. able to login.• Anytime, anywhere learning e.g. • Carry less. instant access to Internet, emails, • Software licensing could be handled by contacts, calendar research … the student.• Tailored to eBooks for purchasing ... • Should be little need for students to• Lightweight and highly mobile. charge the device in the course of a• No screen barrier between the typical school day. teacher and learner. • For most students, an iPad will provide• New software is constantly being the majority of their IT in Education developed for iPad. needs.• Tactile and conducive to human • The device ends the disconnect behaviour. between home and school.• The device is intuitive and easy to • The device is suitable for collaborative master which means teaching staff teamwork. are more likely to incorporate • Repairs are handled with a complete technology tools into teaching. swap/replace.
  6. 6. Positives about the iPad?TECHNICAL• No issues with software drivers.• 10 hours battery life• Reduction of traditional labs & associated infrastructure• Apple effectively manages and tests all software.• HTML5 becoming an industry standard.• iTunes Store as a Software Vault• The device has powerful capabilities which will be unlocked as more software is developed.• There is a vast array of free educational software.• The device can be deployed or redeployed down the track to any year level.
  7. 7. In terms of a device....Access Create Distribute Collaborat e
  8. 8. What to consider for your 21st Century Learning Environment Plan with all stakeholders. Develop a school that can flow with Government policy. Engage students. Engage teachers. Develop a school that can flow with technology changes. Look for “teachnology”.
  9. 9. Ingredients to SucceedWhat to consider for your iPad Programme1. Everyone has ownership.2. Develop the access-create-distribute-collaboratemodel.3. Support students.4. Support teachers.5. Future-proof so you can flow with technologychanges.6. iPad is a great example of “teachnology”.
  10. 10. Let’s look at HOW?SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER: Wireless Performance? Insurance? Protective Cover? Managing Apps? Parent Funded? ICTPD? BYO Model? 3G Access? Price? Access for staff? Acceptable use? NSSCF? Colour? MDM?
  11. 11. How to implement 1:11. Drop some breadcrumbs2. Gather pricing etc...3. Survey EVERYONE4. Report back5. Purchase trial equipment6. PD for staff7. Hold information events8. Develop policy + procedures9. Quote update + place order10. Take delivery
  12. 12. Modern Organic PD • Create ideas + SHARE • Examples of substance! • Time for creative exploration • Does this affect me personally? • Highly collaborative + ad-hoc • Empowerment e.g. learn iTunes!, … • In class • School clusters • PD … Remove restrictions
  13. 13. Importance of creationBloom’s E.G.: video narrative, podcast, blog,Taxonom reprogramming, doco, brochure,y animation...(Revisedin 2001) Source:
  14. 14. Some useful links + ideasLinks:How to deploy iPod touches/iPads? Check out Tony Vincents site: App for High School + Kids Winner: listed by Learning Area: iPod touch in Education website: iPad in Education website:• Visit other schools who are further down the 21st Century Learning Model path.• Trial iPads at your school.