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Cesar perez-presentation


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Cesar perez-presentation

  1. 1. Spanish Context
  2. 2. Spanish Context Disability by Ages
  3. 3. Spanish Context
  4. 4. Care Workers
  5. 5. Care Workers
  6. 6. Care Workers
  7. 7. Care Receiver
  8. 8. Piloting process 5 Weeks Face to Face Training The group was divided in Two Fundational Competences • Technological orientation • Information seeking and management. • Communication, collaboration and participation. • Creation of content and knowledge. • Informed decision making and problem- solving.
  9. 9. Piloting process Video tutorials for common issues resolution Training support with Skype Contextualization of Virtual Learning Platform • Strengthening the foundational skills. • Day to day activities • Care management and Administration. • Peer Learning.
  10. 10. Some Results Virtual Learning Enviroment in Spanish
  11. 11. Some Results Wiki of Competencies in Spanish
  12. 12. Some Results All the care workers are developing foundational and day to day skills. They are able to: Configure and work with the tablets. Seeking information. Communicate, sharing information, and work in groups. Create Content. Use the ITC in their day to day activities. Use the ITC in their professional activities
  13. 13. Some Results
  14. 14. Some Results
  15. 15. Some Results
  16. 16. Some Results
  17. 17. !THANK YOU¡