EASA Eerste Uitbreiding 2012


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EASA Eerste Uitbreiding 2012

  1. 1. EASAEerste uitbreiding 1
  2. 2. EASA – wetgevingsstructuur - Basic RegulationEssential requirements Part’sImplementing rules AMC’sAcceptable means of compliance 2
  3. 3. Basic Regulation“Grondwet voor de luchtvaart in Europa”oprichting EASAdefinities certification qualified entitywerkwijze operator •rulemaking commercial operation •standardisation complex motor-powered aircraft … •certificationessential requirements 8 annexen van de Basic Regulation 3
  4. 4. Basic Regulation Basic Regulation 8 annexenEssential requirements Part’sImplementing rules AMC’sAcceptable means of compliance 4
  5. 5. Basic Regulation – 3 versies - Annexen2001 1 AirworthinessStart 2 Uitgezonderde luchtvaartuigen – Annex 2 -2008 3 Pilot licensing P Air crew (8 April 2012)1st extension 4 Air operations O Uitgesteld (Okt 2012) 5 Qualified entities O 6 Correlation table O2009 5a Aerodromes2nd extension 5b ATM/ANS and ATC 5
  6. 6. Basic Regulation Eisen op hoog/ strategisch niveau Basic Regulation 8 annexenEssential requirementsuitvoering beschreven in Part’sImplementing rules AMC’s Acceptable means of compliance 6
  7. 7. Part’sRegelgeving per luchtvaart onderdeel:MaintenanceProductionFlight Crew LicensingCommercial Air Transport… Nieuw EU heeft specifieke eisen voor: overheid - Authority requirements organisaties - Organisation requirements 7
  8. 8. Part’sIedere Part is opgehangen aan een Cover regulation(vaak gebundeld)Voorbeeld: Cover regulation: Continuing Airworthiness EC 2042/2003 Bron:JAR’s Annex 1: Part M Annex 2: Part 145 Annex 3: Part 66 Annex 4: Part 147 8
  9. 9. Part’s Cover regulation: Air crew EC 1178/2011 Annex I Part FCL Annex II Part Conversion of National Licences Annex III Part Acceptance Licences of non EU states Annex IV Part MED Annex V Part CC Annex VI Part ARA Annex VII Part ORA incl. SMS-eisen 9
  10. 10. Cover Regulation Eisen op hoog/ strategisch niveau Basic Regulation 8 annexenEssential requirementsuitvoering beschreven in CR CR CR CR CR Part Part’s PartPart Part PartImplementing rules AMC AMC AMC AMC AMCmanier om uit te voeren AMC AMC AMC AMC AMC lidstaten en AMC’s EASA luchtvaartbedrijven Acceptable means of compliance Alternative means of compliance 10
  11. 11. Cover Regulation?Korte opleg regeling:doeldefinitiestransitie afsprakenimplementatie afspraken 11
  12. 12. Regulation EC 1178/2011 Doel Regulation lays down rules for: 1) licences of pilots (Annex II aircraft exepted), 2) certification of persons responsible for providing flight training or flight simulation training 3) medical certificates for pilots, 4) certification of aero-medical examiners, 5) aero-medical assessment of cabin crew members 6) cabin crew attestationsNog niet 7) certificates of pilot training organisations and of aero-vastgesteld medical centres 8) certification of flight simulation training devices and for organisations operating and using those devices 9) management system (ORA & ARA) 12
  13. 13. Regulation EC 1178/2011Nieuw:Part Authority Requirements AircrewSection III OversightOversight planning cycle• 24 months for certified organisations• 36 months o effective SRM o in control of changes (change management) o no level 1 findings o correctieve actions implemented• 48 months o safety performance reporting o compliance reporting 13
  14. 14. Regulation EC 1178/2011Nieuw:• alternative means of compliance• safety risk management• geregistreerde opleidingsinstellingen worden ATO• ballon- en zweefvliegopleidingen worden ATO• approval of organisations to provide CC training or issue CC attestations• flight instructor rating wordt een certificaat• examinar autorisation wordt een certificaat (+ autorisatie voor aftekenen)• Light Aircraft Pilot Licence• nieuwe ratings: oaerobatics, osailplane and banner towing, onight rating, omountain flying, oflight test rating 14
  15. 15. Regulation EC 1178/2011AfsprakenThis Regulation shall apply from 8 April 2012JAR = EASAJAR-compliant licences and certificates are deemed to have beenissued in accordance with this RegulationPilot training organisations shall adapt their managementsystem, training programmes, procedures and manuals to be compliantno later than 8 April 2014.Member State shall replace:JAR medical certificates: 8 april 2017Organisation certificates 8 april 2017JAR pilot licences: 8 april 2018Cabin crew attestations: 8 april 2018 15
  16. 16. Regulation EC 1178/2011By way of derogation Member States may decide not to apply thefollowing provisions: OPT-OUT- Annex I to VII until 8 April 2013-…-…When Member State makes use of OPT-OUT it shall notify theCommission and the Agency.(reasons and programme for implementation). 16
  17. 17. Roadmap EC 1178/2011 JAR-compliant licences and certificates are deemed to have been issued in accordance with this Regulation JAR = EASAAdapt MS, training programmes, procedures andmanuals 8 April 2014OPT-OUT (Part ARA & ORA) 8 April 2015Training organisations for PPL, LAPL, PL Balloon & PL Sailplane, FlightTest Rating adapt MS, training programmes, procedures and manualsOPT-OUT 8 April 2013 Planning Afgifte nieuwe certificaat 8 April 2017Annex I to VII Aanpassingen gereed Audit uitgevoerd / findings verwerkt Implementatie voltooidTraining commenced prior to application EC1178/2011 shall be given credit if completed by 8 April 2016 17
  18. 18. Roadmap EC 1178/2011OPT-OUT (Part MED)MED Requirements Cabin Crew 8 April 2014MED Requirements LAPL 8 April 2015OPT-OUT (Part FCL) 8 April 2015PL: powered-lift aircraft, airships, balloons & sailplaneLAPLRatings: aerobatic, sailplane/banner towing, mountain, flight testMulti-crew cooperation instructor for helicopters (MCCI)Mountain rating instructor (MI)Flight test instructor (FTI)OPT-OUT (Part CC) 8 April 2015RecordkeepingCC for commercial helicopter operations 18
  19. 19. Roadmap EC 1178/2011OPT-OUT (ARA & ORA) 8 April 2014Non JAR ATO & Non JAR AeMCOPT-OUT (ORA) 8 April 2014No SRM for FSTD qualification holdersnot being ATO or AOCOPT-OUT (Part Conversion National Licences)Not convert non-JAR licenses until 8 April 2014OPT-OUT 8 April 2014Part Conditions Acceptance Licences Non EU StatesAcceptance licence for non commercial operation 19
  20. 20. Regulation EC 1178/2011De bal ligt bij ons allen.U bent mede verantwoordelijk voor de invoering.Bestudeer Volg de sites van•EC 1178/2011 •EU•Parts •EASA•AMC + GM •ILT Zet uw vragen op papier/mail. Volgende bijeenkomsten gaan in op de inhoud en komen wij terug op uw vragen. 20
  21. 21. EASAEerste uitbreidingDank voor uw aandacht ! 21
  22. 22. Basic Regulation EC 216/2008Article 3:(h) ‘operator’ shall mean any legal or natural person, operating or proposing tooperate one or more aircraft;(i) ‘commercial operation’ shall mean any operation of an aircraft, in return forremuneration or other valuable consideration, which is available to the publicor, when not made available to the public, which is performed under a contractbetween an operator and a customer, where the latter has no control over theoperator; 22
  23. 23. Annex 2 Vliegtuigen:a) historisch: (i) non-complex aircraft (design < 1 January 1955, production stopped < 1 January 1975) or (ii) aircraft with historical relevance (noteworthy historical event, development of aviation, armed forces)(b) experimenteel: research, experimental or scientific purposes, and produced in limited numbers(c) amateur: 51 % built by an amateur for own purposes and no commercial objective(d) militair: that were in service of military forces, unless design adopted by the Agency(e) micro-lights: aeroplanes, helicopters and powered parachutes no more than two seats, maximum take-off mass …(f) gyroplanes: single and two-seater gyroplanes with a maximum take off mass <560 kg;(g) light gliders with a maximum empty mass <80 kg single-seater or <100 kg two-seater(h) replicas: meeting the criteria of (a) or (d) above, where structural design similar to original(i) unmanned: with an operating mass <150 kg(j) any: which a maximum empty mass < 70 kg 23
  24. 24. Cover Regulation EC 1178/2011Part FCLSubpart BLight Aircraft Pilot LicenceFCL.105 LAPL — Privileges and conditions(a). Privileges: act without remuneration as PIC in non-commercial operations on theappropriate aircraft category.FCL.105.A LAPL(A) — Privileges and conditions(a) Privileges: act as PIC on single-engine piston aeroplanes-land or TMG with a maximumcertificated take-off mass of 2 000 kg or less, carrying a maximum of 3 passengers 24
  25. 25. Basic Regulation EC 216/2008Article 3 -j:Complex motor-powered aircraft’ shall mean:(i) an aeroplane:— with a maximum certificated take-off mass exceeding 5.700 kg, or— certificated for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than nineteen, or— certificated for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots, or— equipped with (a) turbojet engine(s) or more than one turboprop engine, or(ii) a helicopter certificated:— for a maximum take-off mass exceeding 3.175 kg, or— for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than nine, or— for operation with a minimum crew of at least two pilots, or(iii) a tilt rotor aircraft; 25
  26. 26. Cover Regulation EC 1178/2011Air crew Annex I Part FCL Annex II Part Conversion of national licences Annex III Part Acceptance Licences of non EU states Annex IV Part MED Annex V Part CC Annex VI Part ARA Annex VII Part ORA 26
  27. 27. Annex VPart Cabin Crew CC.GEN.030 Documents and record-keeping To show compliance with the applicable requirements as specified in CC.GEN.025(b), each holder shall keep, and provide upon request, the cabin crew attestation, the list and the training and checking records of his/her aircraft type or variant qualification(s), unless the operator employing his/her services keeps such records and can make them readily available upon request by a competent authority or by the holder. 27