Mongolia analysis


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Mongolia analysis

  1. 1. The EconomistSpecial Edition _ June 11Predicted 15-20% annual growth rate in next 10 years.The report, written by economists Willem Buiter and Ebrahim Rahbari_ Feb 2011Forget China. The fastest growing country over the next 20 years will be its central Asianneighbour Mongolia, according to a report released by Citigroup.Global Finance _ Coming from cloud (Article)“Mongolia’s economy and its financial markets are beginning to show increasing strength”World bankDoing business 2010 (Report)“Mongolia has the potential to be a top performer in starting a business.”
  2. 2. MONGOLIAMONGOLIA Sandeep Gunjan | GPM | MBA 1st year
  3. 3. Fact File Mongolia Capital: Population: Area: Parliamentary GOV. Language: Major Religion: Literacy Rate: Annual Budget: Interesting Facts Agriculture: Officially Taiwan considers Mongolia to be part of their Natural Resources: territory. Verbs comes last in Mongolian language Source CIA: world fact book
  4. 4. Fact File Mongolian Economy GDP size: GDP Growth Rate: GDP per capita (PPP) Trade Balance: Currency name : Exchange Rate: Inflation rate: Unemployment: Export: Import: Source World bank Report Feb 2011
  5. 5. Some more data32000 GDP Contribution2980027600 Agriculture2540023200 21.221000 Service18800 49.316600 Industry14400 29.51220010000 Source
  6. 6. Fact File Mongolian Business MarketMajor Business sector: & Companies Big Mines Area: Oyu Tolgoi- Copper gold MINES: Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. ( Canadian) Ovoot Tolgioi- Coal Rio Tinto ( Australian) Dornod – Uranium DAIRY Suu Milk Shareholding Co. Monsuu Co. Ltd Erdenet Khaan Suu Dairy Co. Ltd TELECOM KT( Korean, 40% Mkt. share) AVIATION MIAT Mongolian Airlines ( National ) Aero Mongolia BANKING: The Mongol Bank (Regulatory Bank) Interest Rate XacBank 11.5%s Khan Bank Golomt Bank Source Reuters _ Mining Asia (special Report_ Oct. 2010)
  7. 7. SWOT Analysis MongoliaS WTRENGTHS EAKNESSES Corruption & bureaucracy Political stability & absence of Internal High inflation rate. violence. factors Lack of economic diversification. Mongolia has a highly Low population favorable investment climate. Lack of effective and transparent legal system.O TPPORTUNITIES HREATS Managing the massive inflow of External Investment opportunity foreign investment factors Telecommunication Political stability threat outside Dairy development country Infrastructure development Risk of over reliance on commodities Positive Negative
  8. 8. Recommendation For Investors With a vast amount of untapped mineral wealth, Mongolia could become a key investment target for global mining companies. -------- Can be good investing opportunity. The mobile phone market has been the fastest growing segment in the telecommunications industry with growth rates over 50% per year. The number of mobile subscribers is expected to reach at least two million in 2010.