Mahindra logan Vs swift desire


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Mahindra logan Vs swift desire

  1. 1. Mahindra Logan Vs Swift Desire Submitted By: Kanupriya Sethi Sunny Dahiya Sandeep Gunajan
  2. 2. Market Segmentation & Positioning Segment Type Length A3 Mid Size 4001mm-4500mm Segment Price Premium INR 5,00,000 -15,00,000Mahindra Logan :- Targets customers who plan to upgrade from a small car to entry level premium segment. At launch, Mahindra Logan was positioned at theentry level A3 segment, with pricing and space as the primary selling factors.This is clear from the initial positioning of Logan as:• First ‘wide body’ car in India• Largest boot space in its category• Widest cabin room space in its category Swift desire is first car from Suzuki that was conceptualized for the Indian market. Itis not yet sold in Europe or for that matter any of the global markets where Suzukioperates.
  3. 3. • Mahindra Logan is rated poorly by customers along most dimensions, except spaciousness. Swift desire leads every where .• the company has emphasized on spaciousness as one of the main factors. spaciousness has a limited appeal to customers after some level.• It faced a further dent in its image when it ended up being widely used as a preferred vehicle by taxi operators.