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Consumer innovativeness


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Consumer innovativeness

  1. 1. Consumer Innovativeness Presented By: Sandeep Gunjan Varun Rai Vijay Mor Nitin Rathi
  2. 2. Consumer innovators: personality traits• Consumer innovativeness• Dogmatism• Social character• Need for uniqueness• Optimum stimulation level• Sensation seeking• Variety or novelty seeking
  3. 3. Consumer innovativenessThe degree consumers are willing to adoptnew product ,new services or new practices• With high Consumer innovativeness willingness to adopt change : These consumers often crucial for success of new product
  4. 4. DogmatismDegree of rigidity towards unknown(,unfamiliar productor information that is contrary to his or her ownestablished beliefs.lowConsumer low in dogmatism (open minded) are morelikely to prefer innovative products to established one.HighConsumer in high dogmatism are more accepting ofauthority based ads for new products or services thatcontain an appeal from authoritve figure
  5. 5. Consumer with lowdogmatism are ready touse new product
  6. 6. Social characterInner direct vs other directInner direct:Consumer tend to rely on their own “inner” valuesor standards in evaluating new products and areinnovators. They also prefer ads stressing productfeatures and personal benefits.Other –directedConsumer tends to look to others for direction andare not innovators . They prefer ads that featuressocial environment and social acceptance.
  7. 7. Need for uniquenessTraditionalism or conventionality is avoidable:HighThese people avoid conformity ,seeks to beunique.
  8. 8. Sensation seekingRisk taking for the shake of sensationalexperience or willing to take physical and socialrisk for the sake of such experience
  9. 9. Optimum stimulation levelPerson with high OSLs• Willing to take risk , to try new products, to be innovative to seek purchase-related information and to accept new retail facility• Eg; innovators are people with high OSLs: thus innovators are always willing to try out new products and services and seeks information about various product before purchasingPerson with low OSLs• Do not feel the need to try out new products.• People seeking for less innovativeness
  10. 10. Variety or novelty seekingvariety is the spice of lifeThere appear to be many different type of variety seeking:-Exploratory purchase behavior:- (e.g. switching brands toexperience new and possibly better alternatives),such asshampoos ,chocolatesVicarious exploration(E.g. where consumers secureinformation about a new different alternatives and thencontemplates or even daydreams about the option) such assports car ,modified bikesUse innovativeness(e.g. where the consumer uses an alreadyadopted product In anew or novel way) e.g. sneakers