Indian packaged drinking water branding


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Based hypothetical condition - As a company your want to get in to packaged drinking water segment & Amul, Eureka forbes and Bisleri is your competitor. How you should do branding of your product.

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Indian packaged drinking water branding

  1. 1. Team nameHuntersCollege Name:JGBSSandeep Gunjan 9728756470Venkat Tushar 9729485860Prashant Ghosh 9338807597
  2. 2. Market ScenarioAmul is going to enter thebottled water market. It reliesheavily on its already establisheddistribution network for marketpenetration.Eureka Forbes has launched abottled water brand Aquasure. Itintends to use its wide networkof direct sales representatives tocreate brand awareness andincrease sales.Bisleri a well-known brand andthe current market leader isplanning to setup exclusiveoutlets forbottled water.
  3. 3. Amul-Market Impact• Unknown responsefrom potentialconsumers.• Threats from local andestablishedcompetitors• Vast untapped market• Easy to push their productusing Amul-café retailoutlets , milk parlors andgroceries.• Entering into newdomain• Strong distribution system• Strong brand recognition• Quality conscious brand• Good provision forlogisticsStrength WeaknessThreatOpportunity
  4. 4. Eureka Forbes-Market Impact• Less domainknowledge.• Threats from local andunauthorizedmanufacturer.• Strong sales force• Strong presence amongthe masses as result ofdirect marketing.• Can gauge consumerresponse quicker• Entering into newdomain• New entrant in retailmarketing.• They still need toformulate enddelivery of product .• Brand Image of Aquaguard• Strong dealer salesnetwork.• 8 million household Reach• Presence in +550• Cities and town in India. Strength WeaknessThreatOpportunitySource :
  5. 5. Bisleri-Market Impact• Productproliferation .• Fast growing field• Easy to push their productusing the establisheddistribution channel.• Root selling policies.• Demand supply gap• Opening exclusiveoutlets• It’s a costly affair• .• Strong brand image• Extensive range ofproduct• Safety seal• Strong dealer salesnetwork• Strong distributionchannelStrength WeaknessThreatOpportunity
  6. 6. Strategy for PH7Collaborating with ITCExtensive Distribution channel of ITC can be usedto insure last mile reach.Push CartPush carts can be deployed at strategic locationsand tourist spots to create niche market
  7. 7. Area Problem Possible Solution EffectCategory1. Different SKU’s availabilityMarket is flooded with different SKU’s ofdifferent brand. Fighting in all category isdifficult.We would launch SKUs of 1 ,2 and20 liters respectively.1. Reaching to consumers on themove.2. Institutional and bulk salesTargeting1. Targeting 16+ to 40.2. Better opportunity exist in age group18-351. Develop a localized campaignfocused on target audience1. For launching the product pan-India, this would help targetcustomers to connect withbrand based on local tastes.2. Give sufficient reason toconsumer “why to buy it”.Branding1. Unique identification2. Visual merchandising in store.1. Would do BTL activities to helpthe brand in getting top of the mind.2. Improve in store graphics1. Leads to higher brandsalience.2. Improves brand visibility.PRICE1. Launching price2. Competitive pricing1. Rs. 13-15 in various statesdepending on taxes. Equivalent toall major competing brands likekinley and Aquafina1. this price range is affordableamong all type of consumers.2. Can stand as alternativeamong other sDistribution1. Last mile availability –such asavailable at beetle shops and atremote areas1. Collaborate with ITC. 1. Increase on-shelf visibility,hence the chances of comingin the consideration set.Consumers on the move canbe targeted.PACKAGING1. Distinctive packaging with non-taperable bottle cap.2. Handy- trendy packaging.1. Bottling differentiation.2. Easy to carry, new and trendy.1. Consumers can differentiatethe product from others basedon packaging.2. It will make easy to carry forpeople whoa re traveling.People can use it after.Problem and possible solution
  8. 8. Segmentation ,Targeting , PositioningSTP
  9. 9. Age group Attitude way of consumption Potential media touch points16-24 years Happiness , Excitement,innovativeness . Free spirit,+veOn the way, with friends ,in bunch, hotel andrestaurantsInternet (social media) , sportschannels, Reality shows,magazines, mobile (chat withfriends)24-35 years Status conscious , maturebehavior, hygiene andhealth conscious, morebrand conscious .While traveling by road/train. Basically longtravelling.Reads news paper, uses mobilesfor communicating purpose ,news channels,Customer
  10. 10. Start of solution
  11. 11. •Pure and hygienic waterWhat are the rationalbenefits of my offering.•Feeling of satisfaction, happiness, courageWhat are the emotionalbenefits•Purity, hygiene, satisfaction, excitement, honestyActually selling :•All who are seeking for Devine purity, excitement freedomTarget Group•Innocence , honest, healthy, trust and transparencyPersonalityIdea finding Process
  12. 12. Consumer desire:Purified water,HygieneOffering:Refreshment on move,ExcitementHeavenly inside (Idea)Idea finding process Continued…
  13. 13. Media PlanningDeveloping the media Plan
  14. 14. MARKETINGAIMDEVELOPINGMEDIASTRATEGYIMPLEMENTATIONAANALYSISSelect individual sites.Selecting the media within theclass.Deciding the media plan.Selecting and advertising meanSelecting the surrounding andsitesBudgetEvaluation of media plan andtracking.Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Process
  15. 15. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Marketing Aim• Create recognition, visibility and trust and achievehigher sales.Marketingstrategy plan• Will touch all those who are seekinghappiness, feeling ofsatisfaction, excietment, honesty to get brand recall.CommunicationPlan
  16. 16. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Developing Media Strategy• will market it through Mass Media by using print , internet and BTL., television(For future use), FM, Railway station, Bus stand , Road hoardingsSelecting the Broadmedia classesInternet Print Outdoor
  17. 17. Creative SolutionDesigning and implementing Media solution
  18. 18. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.• Web based application would beavailable for consumers whereunique identification numbergiven in the product can be usedto check for authenticity. Thisfacility can also be accessed usingmobile phones (SMS).• Reason: To gain trust of thecustomers.Design of bottleUIF
  19. 19. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.ImplementationMedium Internet• Vehicles:-• Facebook (PH7 Brand Page)• Yahoo Homepage Expando• Individual brand website• Content SEO/SEM (For Individual site, blog)key words used: who live in India,who live in Patna, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar,Indore, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Muzaffarpur, Gaya,Munger, Calcutta or Chennai ,between the ages of 16 and 35 inclusive, in one ofthe categories: Food & Dining, Gaming (Social/Online), Traveling, Entertainment(TV), Environment, Newlywed (6 months), Newlywed (1 year), Away fromHometown, Mobile Users (All), Movie/Film (All) or Sports (All)
  20. 20. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Yahoo Home page Expando
  21. 21. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Individual Brand websiteHeavenly inside
  22. 22. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Implementation Continue…Medium Outdoor• Vehicles• Railway station• Bus stand• Road dividersMetro cities :- New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad,Mumbai, Calcutta and ChennaiTier one cites. Patna, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar,Tier two cites : Muzaffarpur, Gaya, Munger,
  23. 23. Keep railwayPremises cleanAnd feelheavenlyinside!!1. Railway station 2. Bus stands 3. Highways123
  24. 24. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Implementation Continue…Point of purchase• In store display• Place PH7(product) at specific places not withother similar kind of products• Posters in small shops• Point of purchase Display
  25. 25. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Implementation Continue…Print• Newspapers• Hindi (Hindustan , Dainik bhaskar)• Bengali (Anand Bazar patrika,)• Tamil (Dhinamalar, Dinathanthi)• English (Hindustan times, Telegraph, Hindu
  26. 26. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.BTL ActivityGiving incentives on achieving sales target, wall painting on howIndian society changed by good people
  27. 27. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Analysis• Evaluating the media plan and tracking.Pre and post brand recall test.Checking consumer acceptance Effect on sales.
  28. 28. Metro CitiesTier one citiesTier two citiesMumbai Delhi Hyderabad Chennai PatnaBhopalMuzaffarPur Durgapur Indore TotalHoardings (size=11feet* 8feet) 1200000 1200000 1200000 1200000 60000 60000 30000 90000 120000 4860000Hoardings (size=3feet*2feet) 420000 420000 420000 420000 210000210000 126000 147000 126000 2499000MINT TOIECONOMICSTIMES HINDUSTANNews Paper *2 4000000 8000000 6000000 4000000 22000000FB Application development 200000 200000Individual Website, BlogManagement 350000 350000Total 29909000Total Budget
  29. 29. Annexure
  30. 30. 1. People dont ask just for water, they demand for brand.2. Margin at the retail level varies from 15-20%.3. For pushing new products, BTL activities, higher margins for retailers and creatingbrand awareness among the consumers is a must.4. Major of the consumers are of the age 16-40 but purchasing is more prominent amongstudents and service men of the age 16-35.5. Only major brands like Kinley and Aquafina are pursuing BTL activities.6. Minimum amount of in-store graphics are being done by the major players.7. No BTL or in-store graphics are being done by local players8. There are minimal promotional schemes or rebates are there for the retailers.9. Kinley is the most sought-after brand among the consumers.Research FindingsNo. of shopkeeprs interviewed: 4No. of Distributors interviewed: 1
  31. 31. Online MarketingFacebook: 14.7 unique users Estimated reach population: 14,424,940 people, estimated total cost per day : Rs 8000.00 approxSite development and maintenance cost: Rs. 12500.for 3 months ( including maintenance)Online Google advertisement : around Rs.22000 .00per month (CPM)Yahoo:- 300 million users in IndiaTwitter :- 4.1 Million unique users
  32. 32. • SPARR unravels the pecking order, in terms of readership, for the varioussection in a daily stands like this. While the front page stands at the topof the heap, city news readership ranges between 64 to 81percent, national news consumed by 59-75 percent, international newsby 39-66 percent, sports news attracts anywhere between 43 and 65percent, while the much respected editorial section stands at 24 to 46percent. business news as is obvious ,stands at the tail and with thelowest readership among all.Media Research User Council Section, pullouts, attitudinalreadership Research (SPARR)
  33. 33. Source: Paper readership in Bengal
  34. 34. Link: Circulation of Big Daily Newspapers in Madhya Pradesh(2005-2006 to 2010-2011)Title Registration Number Language Place of Publication Claimed Circulation2010-11BPN Times MPHIN/2008/26031 Hindi Gwalior 92725Dainik Bhaskar 1946 Hindi Indore 251933Dainik Bhaskar 1718 Hindi Bhopal 212141Dainik Bhaskar 17360 Hindi Gwalior 96408Dainik Bhaskar 45220 Hindi Jabalpur 165180Dainik Jagran 1573 Hindi Bhopal 78955DB Star MPHIN/2008/25895 Hindi Indore 83790DB Star MPHIN/2008/25644 Hindi Bhopal 89208Hari Bhoomi MPHIN/2008/24240 Hindi Jabalpur 91915Nai Duniya 1566 Hindi Indore 203280Patrika MPHIN/2008/26649 Hindi Bhopal 185965Patrika MPHIN/2008/25134 Hindi Bhopal 203899Patrika MPHIN/2009/32102 Hindi Jabalpur 97795Raj Express MPHIN/2005/14289 Hindi Bhopal 134374Raj Express MPHIN/2007/22023 Hindi Jabalpur 97242Raj Express MPHIN/2007/22269 Hindi Gwalior 112721Raj Express MPHIN/2006/17048 Hindi Indore 136723Source : Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. (13416)News Paper readership in Madhya Pradesh
  35. 35. Lin: k Circulation of Big Daily Newspapers in Bihar(2005-2006 to 2010-2011)TitleRegistrationNumberLanguagePlace ofPublicationClaimedCirculation2006-07Aj 33443 Hindi Patna 135126Hindustan 44348 Hindi Patna 468186Jagran Dainik BIHHIN/2000/03097 Hindi Patna 2656092007-08Aj 33443 Hindi Patna 128051Hindustan 44348 Hindi Patna 496730Jagran Dainik BIHHIN/2000/03097 Hindi Patna 2649972008-09Aj 33443 Hindi Patna 149339Hindustan 44348 Hindi Patna 503131Jagran Dainik BIHHIN/2000/03097 Hindi Patna 3070362009-10Aj 33443 Hindi Patna 147416I-Next BIHBIL/2008/27171 Bilingual Patna 83439Jagran Dainik BIHHIN/2000/03097 Hindi Patna 3563282010-11Aj 33443 Hindi Patna 154076Hindustan 44348 Hindi Patna 531761Jagran Dainik BIHHIN/2000/03097 Hindi Patna 378405Sonebhadra Express 39604 Hindi Patna 88400Source : Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. (13416)News Paper readership in Bihar
  36. 36. Link: : Source : Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Govt. of India. (12849)Claimed Circulation of Big Daily Newspapers in Tamil Nadu(2005-2006 to 2008-2009)TitleRegistrationNumberLanguagePlace ofPublicationClaimedCirculation2008-09Chennai Times TNENG/2008/26393 English Chennai 206896Daily Thanthi 8117 Tamil Coimbatore 86461Daily Thanthi 1004 Tamil Chennai 322350Daily Thanthi 11890 Tamil Tirunelveli 104737Deccan Chronicle TNENG/2005/14987 English Chennai 304256Dinakaran 33699 Tamil Coimbatore 148716Dinakaran 30424 Tamil Chennai 246487Dinakaran MaduraiEdition33700 Tamil Madurai 133421Dinakaran SalemEdition33800 Tamil Salem 107362Dinakaran TrichyEdition33753 Tamil Thiruchirappalli 148487Dinamalar 33618 Tamil Chennai 128436Dinamalar 53772 Tamil Coimbatore 112012Dinamalar 11853 Tamil Thiruchirappalli 85016Dinamalar 33722 Tamil Madurai 143333The Hindu 1001 English Chennai 1420368The HinduBusindhiess Line55320 English Chennai 178520The New IndianExpress1002 English Chennai 103247The Times of India TNENG/2008/24638 English Chennai 21016News Paper readership in Tamil Nadu
  37. 37. Marketing strategy.Communication/ creative strategy.Offline and online strategy.Cost of production analysiscap cost 0.25bottle cost 2Treatment cost 0.18label cost 0.2carton cost 0.5Transportation cost 0.2Hologram cost 0.15Other cost (tape and case) 0.25Total(cost including tax labour and marketing) 3total cost 6.73selling cost to distributors 9Margin 2.27