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Bmw branding


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Bmw branding

  1. 1. BMW (Bavarian Motor Works)Nitin Rathi,Vijay Mor,Injo Navish,Komal,Vignesh ,Sandeep Gunjan,Gautam Deka,Saurabh Malik
  2. 2. Brand Image of BMW Driver focused luxury cars BMW wants its customers to drive around by themselves Use of German engineering to make driving a joyful experience. Use of latest technology and safety features. Powerful engines which are also efficient and eco friendly Aggressive designs which are also elegant at the same time. Rich and high quality interiors A car which can be used as a day to day car but can also be taken to racetracks on weekends.
  3. 3. Focus on the cars dynamic design which distinguishes it from all itscompetitors.
  4. 4. BMW wants to showcase its ED technology which cuts on emissionswithout compromising on power and driving pleasure.
  5. 5. Competitive Environment  Traditionally it was between the 3 big Germans  Audi, Mercedes and Volkswagen( in few segments ) are the key competitors for BMW.  Globally it has competition from some other brands which differ from market to market like Alfa Romeo in Italy and Lexus in US  In India BMW entered market in 2006 and became market leader in late 2010.
  6. 6. TG for BMW Young executives and businessmen who love to drive People who are passionate about there cars and are willing to pay some extra cash for quality and luxury Young, energetic and independent individuals
  7. 7. BMW commercials tis ADD BMW wants show case iets latent technologie wigdifferentiaties it from it’s competitors. ADD focuses on power and driving dynamics. 6F8&index=7The add again shows how from the starting BMW has kept its focus ondriving pleasure. ADD focuses on BMW’s safety features.
  8. 8. Print ADD that targets AUDI.
  9. 9. ConclusionThrough all these ads BMW wants convey the message thatit focuses on driving pleasure more than anything in theircars and they make these amazing cars for the people wholove to drive them.