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Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire


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Speaker: Sandy Bonilla

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire

  1. 1. The Southern California Mountains Foundation Urban Conservation Corps of the Inland Empire (UCC) A State Certified Conservation Corps Helping to Improve the Lives of Youth and the Environment
  2. 2. The Urban Conservation Corps Urban Forestry Program operates in the City of Bernardino
  3. 3. The program is designed to address multiple interconnecting problems in the urban community
  4. 4. From poor student achievement to youth violence to unemployment to advocating for trees and parks
  5. 5. To develop this type of urban forestry program, we developed a new paradigm. One that looks at Urban Forestry…
  6. 6. a Social Value
  7. 7. “Managing Trees to develop Positive Youth”
  8. 8. With Urban Forestry as a Social Value, we can engage a broader group of stakeholders and funders to fund urban forestry programs with both a social and environmental context
  9. 9. For example, we receive funds from HUD to train youth and young adult residents in public housing about tree care and planting
  10. 10. Public Housing Young Adults Learning About Tree Care
  11. 11. Another example, we receive funds from the California Gang, Intervention, Prevention (CAL GRIP) state funded program to train at risk youth and at risk young adults in vocational training in landscaping, urban forestry and parks maintenance Before…… After……
  12. 12. Gang Prevention & Early Intervention Vocational Tree Care Training
  13. 13. When Urban Forestry is Defined as a Social Value Who Benefits?
  14. 14. TREES Because they become integrated into the social service system of a city and become part of a solution to a problem
  15. 15. YOUTH Because of the Psycho-Social Benefits they get from managing trees and learning new skills
  16. 16. COMMUNITY Because more trees and youth are cared for in the community