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Your LinkedIn Network: Make it work online & IRL


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LinkedIn is THE professional social network for job search and career management. It is used by more than 90 percent of recruiters and hiring managers to source and vet candidates. LinkedIn is also a powerful tool for connecting with professionals, and an important resource for your professional development.

In this high energy presentation, you will learn:
• What you need to do to build luring, branded profile
• How to use groups and Find Alumni functions to grow your contacts
• What you can do to stay top-of-mind with your network on LinkedIn

So whether you are just building your LinkedIn presence or you want to kick it up a notch, you’ll walk away with information you need to begin enhancing your professional network, online and in person.

Presentation for RIT School of Communicating, Communications Connections event

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Your LinkedIn Network: Make it work online & IRL

  1. 1. Your LinkedIn Network: Presented for Make It Work Online & IRL @CareerSherpa
  2. 2. First, Let’s Redefine Networking!
  3. 3. Building mutually beneficial Relationships
  4. 4. Let’s Do It With Purpose
  5. 5. What Do You Need? Informational MEETING – Career Advice • What types of entry level jobs to look at • What other industries/companies to look at • How did they get started in their career – Company Information • What do they like about the company • How did they get their foot in the door • How do jobs get filled
  6. 6. What Can You Give? – Gratitude – Updates on your progress – Share news & things you’ve learned in the industry – Make introductions
  7. 7. is a virtual, professional networking event that is on 24/7
  8. 8. accelerates and scales the relationship-building process
  9. 9. Your goal is to build Mutually Beneficial, Long-Term relationships using
  10. 10. builds awareness of who you are and what you offer
  11. 11. is a great first step… But you need to connect IRL
  12. 12. But before you start reaching out…
  13. 13. Jobvite 2015 Employers Are All Over Social
  14. 14. Search for candidates 95% Contact candidates 95% Keep tabs on potential candidates 93% Vet candidates pre-interview 93% Post jobs 91% Jobvite 2014 And Use To:
  15. 15. So Give People Something To See Don’t forget your header image! 1400 x 425 Add your LinkedIn URL to your email signature and resume
  16. 16. Headline, Summary, Skills • 120 characters for your headline • 2000 characters for your summary • 50 skills & expertise 3Most Important Areas
  17. 17. Use A Smart Headline Do these people all look the same? What key words would a recruiter use to find you? Use them in your headline!
  18. 18. LinkedIn = Online Portfolio
  19. 19. Embed Media & Files
  20. 20. LinkedIn Student Checklist (official LinkedIn resource)
  21. 21. Now You’re Ready to Grow Your Network 100+
  22. 22. You’re Already Connected  Professors  Family  Friends  Parents of Friends  College Career Center  Alumni  Campus Groups  Professional Associations  Clubs or Meet Ups  Twitter Chats  LinkedIn Groups
  23. 23. Find Alumni
  24. 24. ALWAYS PERSONALIZE Your Invitation to Connect
  25. 25. Avoid mobile & short cuts From Profile
  26. 26. Mobile Hack   
  27. 27. 1. “It was nice meeting you at the ____ event. I enjoyed talking to you about and would value staying in touch.” 2. “I am a fellow member of the ____ LinkedIn group and I learned a lot from your comments about ____. I’d love to stay in touch so I can learn more.” 3. “It’s been a long time since we talked- I hope you are doing well. I see you are now working at ____ company, how is that going? Glad to be back in touch.” sample Invitation Wording
  28. 28. 4. “I was looking at your profile and I see you are a fellow alumni of ____ university. I also noticed we have some similar interests. I’d enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about ______________.” 5. “I was looking at your profile and I am very impressed with your accomplishments in _________. Let’s connect. May I reach out to talk to you about how you accomplished ____?”
  29. 29. Stay Top Of Mind
  30. 30. Engage With Your Connections
  31. 31. Monitor LinkedIn Every Day • View status updates from your network on your home page
  32. 32. Comment Or Share Connection Updates TIP: Don’t just “like” a status update. Add your thoughts!
  33. 33. Comment on Their News
  34. 34. BONUS: You can send messages & connect with group Join Groups
  35. 35. Ask Questions In Groups Recruiters search groups for talent
  36. 36. Requesting A Meeting Will… • Build a closer relationship • Tap into their knowledge/expertise • Establish trust/familiarity • Showcase your skills/expertise • Lay groundwork for future meeting
  37. 37. Prepping for an IRL Meeting
  38. 38. Common Interests Areas of Expertise Job Market What you’ll talk about
  39. 39.  You are interested in learning from them  “Top of mind” awareness of your talents What do I want to communicate?
  40. 40.  What do you have in common?  What 2-3 skills do you want to be known for? What's the best way to introduce myself?
  41. 41.  What trends do you see in the future that will affect your organization and industry?  What are the qualities of people who perform best in this business? What questions do I ask?
  42. 42. Going to an event?
  43. 43. Have Business Cards Name Role/Function/Job Title Tag line (value proposition) Phone, Email LinkedIn URL Online portfolio/social media
  44. 44. Always follow up
  45. 45. Ways to Show Appreciation  Pay for their coffee/tea/drink  Email/share an interesting article  Introduce them to someone you know  Offer to share what you know  Lend or give a book  Look for opportunities to promote them or their company  Repeat
  46. 46. Give to Get
  47. 47. Networking may not be immediately gratifying If you are only wishing for a job offer
  48. 48.  Daily share information or connect with someone on LinkedIn  Attend 1 event or meeting (online or in- person)  Identify 5 people to meet over the next week or month Actions
  49. 49. Connect with Me! @CareerSherpa