Building Career Stability Through Your Online Personal Reputation


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5 Questions to Build Your Brand
5 Ways to Build "it" Before You Need "it“
5 Ways to Boost Your Online Personal Reputation
5 Rules of Online Engagement
The Best Career Insurance policy ever

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  • 90% of online consumers trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trusted consumer opinions posted online
  • Building Career Stability Through Your Online Personal Reputation

    1. 1. Building Career Stability ThroughYour Online Personal Reputation
    2. 2. What We Will Look At• 5 Questions to Build Your Brand• 5 Ways to Build "it" Before You Need "it“• 5 Ways to Boost Your Online Personal Reputation• 5 Rules of Online Engagement• The Best Career Insurance policy ever
    3. 3. Social Media is…marketing & relationship building
    4. 4. Employers Will Research You
    5. 5. 86% of hiring professionalssaid candidates with a good onlinereputation can positively influencetheir application
    6. 6. Me, Inc.
    7. 7. VisionPurposeGoalValuesPassions
    8. 8. Begin Building “It” NOW
    9. 9. Colleagues/Peers Industry Experts Movers & Shakers
    10. 10. Re-kindle prior relationships
    11. 11. Attend networking events
    12. 12. Volunteer
    13. 13. Join Professional Associations
    14. 14. Attend Conferences
    15. 15. Boost Your Online Personal Reputation
    16. 16. Hubs and Feeds Hub
    17. 17. • Robust Summary, Specialties & Skills• Creatively use apps• Participate in group discussions• Update status• Respond to Q&A• Customize every invitation you send• Respond to status updates of connections• Continuously build connections
    18. 18. Cool Apps on LinkedIn • Presentations • Movies • Letters of recommendation • Resume • Samples of work
    19. 19. • Photo & key word rich bio (160 characters)• Tweet on-brand and interesting information• Participate in Twitter Chats• Follow new people• PS: Use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite for a better user- experience
    20. 20. • Join groups• Like companies• Professional networking apps – BranchOut, BeKnown, Inside Connections• List your work experience• Determine who you want to be friends with
    21. 21. • If you have something to say, start a blog • If not: read and comment on other blogs• Offer to write Guest posts for other blogs• Build a solid “About” page• Include portfolio of your work, resume, etc.Blogs can act very much like websitesand could be used as a Hub. (hint, hint)
    22. 22. • Your video can be educational and doesn’t need to be a shot of you• Interview experts or past customers• Document a case study• Creatively show your expertise, testimonials, and your knowledge in a slideshow.• Video is HOT and Google loves YouTube
    23. 23. • Create a key word rich Google Profile • Link your social profiles • Post/share a couple of relevant articles• Blends the best of Facebook discussion features with the open connectivity of Twitter• Brogan says it is where you go to find people with similar interests.• It is new and has neat features like Hangouts.• Oh, and it is a Google product
    24. 24. 5 Rules of Online Engagement
    25. 25. Know your audience
    26. 26. Align your message
    27. 27. Pull. Don’t push
    28. 28. Listen
    29. 29. Give (selflessly & generously)
    30. 30. • Side business• Real Estate• Consulting projects• Writing• Selling online• Tap into your hobbies for ideas
    31. 31. Resources• Personal Branding Blog (Dan Schawbel)• The Personal Branding Blog (William Arruda)• Personal Branding 101 (Ryan Rancatore)• Chris Brogan• Gary Vaynerchuck• “Online Reputation in a Connected World” 2010 Microsoft Commissioned Study by Cross Tab
    32. 32. Hannah Morgan | Career