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Turning you into a brand


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Like it or not, you already are a product and a service! Your personal brand is the focus, messaging and differentiation you need to stand out from the sea of job seekers. Tom Peters wrote in 1997:

“We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

No, it isn’t a fad, it is here to stay and the message is stronger than ever! Do you know what your brand is? In this session you’ll explore:

* The 4 Ps of marketing and how they relate to your brand.
* What 5 questions should you be asking yourself to define your brand.
* 5 key steps to define/refine your brand.
* Craft your unique value proposition by answering just 3 questions.

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Turning you into a brand

  1. Turning YOU into a Brand Hannah Morgan Career Sherpa: Guide to lifetime career navigation Reputation Management | Social Media Strategies | Job Search
  2. • The 4 Ps of marketing and how they relate to your brand.• What 5 questions should you be asking yourself to define your brand.• 5 key steps to define/refine your brand.• Craft your unique value proposition by answering just 3 questions.
  5. Vision Purpose Goal Values Passions www.careersherpa.net
  6. What is one world problem or one area within your life you would like to see transformed?
  7. At your funeral, what would theysay you accomplished?How did you touch their lives?What difference did you the world?
  8. List and prioritize all your goals! Which are most important?
  9. What are your values?
  10. What are you passionate about?
  11. Feedback SWOT What makes you unique Communication Evaluation/Modification
  14. Strengths WeaknessesBusiness development, sales New to the areaNot afraid to cold call Slow to close salesTechnology, Real Estate, City government No certification/formal education in theseProblem solving, listeningHistoric preservation Opportunities ThreatsCommunity colleges Long sales cyclesCounty/City Economic Development Commission only jobsSCORE, SBDC, SBAProfessional Services
  15. What Makes You the BEST choice?
  16. • Clear – be clear about who you are and who you are not. • Consistant – share your brand across all communications vehicles. • Constant – strong brands are always visible to their target
  17. Evaluate Based on Outcomes • Reassess • Tweak •
  18. Every Employer Has a Problem. What is your unique promise of value?• Price What problem to do• Time you solve?• Convenience• Functionality• Originality• Style• Benefit How do you• Effort meet/exceed needs?• Ease• Access• Security• Emotion• Ethics How do you make a• Reputation difference in the world?
  19. What problem do you solve? What do you do?
  20. What are your personal characteristics
  21. Who will benefit from your service? • Who is your target? • Company? • Industry? • Department? • Customers?
  22. Value PropositionI help____________________________ (target audience)by ______________________________ (personality trait)_________________________________ (problem you solve)
  23. • I help business process outsourcing companies by quickly performing accounts payable reporting without error for faster payment.• I help new job seekers understand how to look for work better.• I help customer focused businesses by cheerfully resolving calls the first time, making more customers happy.• I devise emergency and evacuation processes to keep municipalities safer.
  24. The Best Guide for Your Career• Your demonstrable promise of value• Proof of your integrity and character• Consistent and part of every aspect of your career campaign• The way you demonstrate your worth to the marketplace.
  25. Resources