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Don’t Let Someone Else Tell Your Career Story


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Ideas for building online visibility

Your career is too important to be a well-kept secret. Today’s hiring managers are searching online to find their next great hire so it’s time for you to take control. This presentation will look at tools and tips for you to document your career story so that it will stand out and catch the attention of your potential new boss. From portfolios to social networking, you owe it to yourself to showcase your marketable assets. We’ll break down the elements of a compelling career story, brainstorm ideas for what to include and browse creative examples to inspire you to take action.
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Don’t Let Someone Else Tell Your Career Story

  1. 1. Don’t Let Someone Else Tell Your Career Story: @CareerSherpa Ideas for building online visibility
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover Why YOU have to speak up Personal Websites Infographic Resumes Tools Social Media Updates Benefits (Who & Why)
  3. 3. Google Is Your Resume 92% Employers Search Social Media
  4. 4. Your Story Is Already Out There
  5. 5. “60% [of recruiters] are looking for information that supports job seekers qualifications for the job. For some occupations, this could include a professional portfolio.” Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Officer at CareerBuilder
  6. 6. HR & Hiring Managers Say…
  7. 7. Online Portfolio Content
  8. 8. About/Bio
  9. 9. Resume/Experience
  10. 10. News/Blog
  11. 11. Specialties/Services
  12. 12. Portfolio/Projects
  13. 13. Contact
  14. 14. Visuals Support Your Qualifications
  15. 15. Website Elements With the Best Response from Employers 27% 26% 22% 19% 0% 10% 20% 30% work experience pictures biography personal interests
  16. 16. content without images content with images Skyword
  17. 17. Social Science Research Network
  18. 18. Match frequently used words from job postings… Another Way To Use Visuals
  19. 19. “Create and/or deliver presentations…”
  20. 20. “Conduct research …”
  21. 21. “Resolve customer issues…” “If you were stuck in a cubicle laden with landmines and bombshells exploding all around you; reinforcements on resource and business objectives are scattered to the floor and the phones are ringing like sirens… there is only one heroine I would call to harness the bearing, tact, initiative, eagerness, understanding, courage and forward thinking to get the job done. Her name is Natalie Tarpinian- ALIAS: Best In The Biz”
  22. 22. “Manage project details…”
  23. 23. “Troubleshoot…” t).jpg
  24. 24. Still Nothing…
  25. 25. Ideas
  26. 26. Personal Websites
  27. 27. LinkedIn
  28. 28. 5 Things To Do On LI Today • Embed media (docs, pictures, video) • Link to personal website • Write a blog post once a month • Update status once a day • Create a SlideShare presentation about YOU!
  29. 29.
  30. 30.
  31. 31. WordPress nonprofits,
  32. 32. Weebly Wix MoonFruit SquareSpace
  33. 33. th
  34. 34. Infographic Resumes
  35. 35. Easily Convert LinkedIn Kelly &
  36. 36. Quick Points Do • Buy your domain name. • Use multimedia. • Include link to portfolio on resume, email signature, LinkedIn. Don’t • Require files that need to be downloaded. • Make your site overly complicated, confusing. • Try to be all things to all people.
  37. 37. Share & Promote
  38. 38. 7 Outstanding Reasons to Hire Michelle Chance-Sangthong. My Visual Resume. Chris Shade Presume: What do I do?
  39. 39. Be Bold. Take Risks • Share in status updates on social media • Send directly to hiring manager via Email • Present In-Person while networking • Publish a SlideShare presentation • Embed all visuals in LinkedIn • Include in email signature
  40. 40. Benefits
  41. 41. 51%received new customers or clients 48% 53%received new job opportunities received new professional recognition Of those who DID have a personal portfolio/website
  42. 42. is more valuable to their long- term career than a resume.63% 85% will become more important over the next 5 years when it comes to career success. A Personal Website…
  43. 43. Who Should Be Online?
  44. 44. Connect with me! @CareerSherpa