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Bullet proofing your career online 41812


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Ben Woelk and Hannah Morgan co-present on the topic of online presence, safety, and careers.

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Bullet proofing your career online 41812

  1. 1. Rochester April 22-23, 2012Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY
  2. 2. Bullet Proofing Your Career Online Presented by Ben Woelk & Hannah Morgan
  3. 3. A Security Professional & A Career Sherpa• We come from very different backgrounds and training but we see the potential of the interconnected world in the same way.• There are risks, let them be calculated.• The world is different in so many ways, let’s take control by educating ourselves.
  4. 4. • Engage safely online and build a personal brand.• Don’t let fear and misunderstanding about social networks and online communication prevent you from interacting.• Learn how to prevent potentially putting yourself and companies at risk.
  5. 5. Passwords Keywords
  6. 6. Auto-Updates Skill-Updates
  7. 7. Firewalls Cubism
  8. 8. Scams Authenticity
  9. 9. Maintaining Privacy Engagement
  10. 10. 78% of EmployersCyber Criminals Your Next Boss
  11. 11. Friend? Personal vs. Professional
  12. 12. Confidentiality Building Brand
  13. 13. Stay Alert
  14. 14. Reputation and brandare safe and effective
  15. 15. @benwoelk @CareerSherpa
  16. 16. Rochester Conference evaluation link: ConferenceEvaluation Session evaluation link: SessionEvaluation