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10 Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Job Search


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Use these 10 strategies to feel like you are actually in control of your job search and improve your outcomes!

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10 Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Job Search

  1. 1. To Boost Your Job Search 10 Sure-Fire Ways
  2. 2. There’s no easy button for job search But There are things you can do to improve your results. Each one of these 10 strategies builds a strong, cohesive and targeted job search designed to attract the right opportunities.
  3. 3. Use A Proactive Approach ► Identify companies you are interested in ► Connect with employees ► Monitor news and events
  4. 4. Research Your Industry & Occupation ► Know what skills are in demand ► Stay up-to-date on trends ► Follow innovative companies & people
  5. 5. Sell Yourself ► Create a micro-pitch ► Craft an accomplishment based resume ► Build an online portfolio
  6. 6. Maximize LinkedIn ► Use the right skills and keywords in your profile ► Make sure you have an “All Star” profile ► Update your status daily with industry news
  7. 7. Create A Campaign ► Target your ideal companies ► Build awareness through social media ► Email updates to your network
  8. 8. Improve Your Visibility ► Write articles or guest blog posts ► Get involved in industry forums or events ► Deliver a presentation or sit on a panel
  9. 9. Have More Conversations ► Be strategic – know who you want to meet and why ► Reach out to past colleagues ► Convert online connections into IRL meetings
  10. 10. Be A Giver - Not A Taker ► Look for opportunities to help solve problems ► Offer advice, information and assistance ► Introduce people in your network
  11. 11. Stop saying you are looking for a job ► Highlight your current skills first ► No one really cares if you are looking
  12. 12. Be Positive ► Never bad mouth past work or managers ► Learn new things and meet new people ► Practice gratitude
  13. 13. @careersherpa Connect with me! Career Sherpa Hannah Morgan