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B.sc computre sci

  1. 1. CareerMINE The career opportunities available for a person who has accomplished his graduation in the field of compute science are quite ample these days. One can say this mainly because of the fast growth of IT in our country. In fact, IT has progressed to such a level that, aspirants have the option to choose the jobs of their preference. More on the employment opportunities at hand for aspirants of B.Sc Computer Science is given below. LOGO
  2. 2. CareerMINE Career in Private sector after B.Sc in Computer Science The career opportunities at hand for aspirants with firms of the private sector are quite huge. Many major national and multinational firms take in aspirants who have accomplished their graduation in computer science. The top IT firms in India such as Wipro, TCS and Satyam etc offer aspirants very attractive packages. Jobs for professionals in the field of computer science can also be got with management consultancy organizations, power plants and other organizations that use computers and computer-aided systems. Teaching is also another option available for aspirants to consider.Company Logo
  3. 3. CareerMINE A few other job profiles available for students of computer science encompass:1. Programmer or Software Engineer. 10. Management.2. Computer Scientist. 11. Administration.3. Computer Engineer, Hardware Designer, Logic 12. Sales, Marketing. Designer. 13. Research Staff Member.4. Systems Engineer, System integrator. 14. Computer Scientist.5. Systems Analyst. 15. Professor.6. System Administration.7. Technical Support, Support Engineer.8. Technical Writer.9. Consultant.Company Logo
  4. 4. CareerMINE Government Career after B.Sc in Computer Science It is possible for a graduate student of Computer Science to get employed as scientific officer, technical officer, and scientific assistant and as Network operators with public sector firms. If they are interested in teaching, students can get the NET degree and get jobs in a college or university. Because of the availability of many public sector jobs, students have the option to choose from any of the available ones. It will also be needed for aspirants to be present for an admission test to get these jobs. Once they get into the job, they can appear for departmental exams and try for promotion to higher designations.Company Logo
  5. 5. CareerMINE Career Abroad after B.Sc in Computer Science Applicants can get jobs with well known software companies abroad. These firms take in students of Computer Science as and when they finish their studies. Firms of the Middle East and Europe offer excellent career opportunities for graduates of computer science. The career opportunities are especially available with manufacturing industries. Jobs for aspirants can be got with areas such as: 1. Cabling 5. Microprocessor System Design 2. Cellular Telephones 6. Satellite Television 3. Design 7. Software Development Sectors 4. ManufacturingCompany Logo
  6. 6. CareerMINE Long term Career roadmap for B.Sc in Computer Science Students of B.Sc Computer Science can go for jobs as soon as they finish their studies or they can go for their higher education. One must realize that the career opportunities for a person will increase with the increase in qualification. In fact, the job opportunities available for students who have an M.Sc in Computer Science, an MBA or MBA degree will be much higher and the options available will be vast. But this doesn’t mean that the career opportunities available for B.Sc students will be less. Aspirants can start their work as trainees and get promoted to higher job profiles such as senior programmers or project mangers within time. With enough work experience and qualification, they can also command their own salaries.Company Logo
  7. 7. CareerMINE Scope after B.Sc Computer Science B.Sc Computer Science is a three year undergraduate course in computer science. As IT industry is rapidly developing all over the world, candidates who have completed this course can find lot of job opportunities in the IT field. Both private and public sector firms are providing IT jobs for these graduates. There are also different higher degree or diploma courses are available for these graduates, if they want to pursue higher studies after their graduation.Company Logo
  8. 8. CareerMINE Scope for Higher Studies after B.Sc Computer Science Various higher studies options available after B.Sc computer science is given below •Master in Business Management in Computer Management •Master of Computer Management •Master of Philosophy in Computer Science •Master of Science by Research in Computer and Information Science •Master of Science in Applied Mathematics with Oenology and Computer Programming •Master of Science in Computer Communication •Master of Science in Computer Science and Technology •Master of Science in Computer Science •Master of Science (Honors) in Computer ScienceCompany Logo
  9. 9. CareerMINE • Master of Science in Operation Research and Computer Applications • Master of Science in Statistics and Computer Applications • Master of Science and Technology in Industrial Mathematics with Computer Applications • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Information Science • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Applications • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Programming • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Accounting and Auditing • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Hardware • Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Computer Science • Post Graduate Diploma in Computational Linguistics • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Interior Space • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer aided management • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Education • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer ScienceCompany Logo
  10. 10. CareerMINE Other Certification Courses after B.Sc Computer Science The best certification courses available for B.Sc Computer Science graduates are given below.  Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)  Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)  Cisco Certified Voice Professional (CCVP) Career Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Science Wide range of career opportunities is available for B.Sc Computer Science graduates in the IT field. Some of the job profiles available for these graduates in this field are given below 1. System integrator 2. Hardware Designer 3. Logic Designer 4. Systems Analyst 5. System Administrator 6. Computer programmer 7. Computer ScientistCompany Logo
  11. 11. CareerMINE Fee structure of B.Sc in Computer ScienceComputer is a need of the present era. No matter which field we talk about, computers and its applications are almost everywhere. Almost every field has computers associated with it in some way or the other. That is the reason that computer course are so prominent. Learning computer is very important in the present era and especially because of its wide uses.The uses of computer in our day to day life have made it a very important thing in the market. The course B.sc in computer science includes study of this computer, its hardware along with some programming language that the computer understands. The course includes study of various part of computer, along with various languages.B.sc in computer science has plenty of scopes in the market. Probably that is why so many students go for this course every year. The course can place one in various corporate worlds, and multinational companies including IT giants. The wide career prospects and various career opportunities have made the demand of this course so high. Company Logo
  12. 12. CareerMINE To meet this high demand, several colleges, both private and government based, are working towards offering this course. The fee structure of this course ranges from 5000-6000 to 30000. Many renowned and popular universities of India like VIT, Manipal University, Delhi University, University of Calcutta, Tamil Nadu University and many more offers this course to the aspiring candidates. The fee of this course in university of Calcutta is in between 5000-6000. University of Delhi charges around 10000 for this course. VIT charges a whopping 30000 per semester for this course. All these colleges offer no relaxation and concession to the candidates who belong to poor background or backward class. However, VIT does offer some scholarship for the ones that bring outstanding result in the academics. The scholarship is in form of fee relaxation.Company Logo
  13. 13. CareerMINE M.Sc. in Computer Science It will not be wrong to say that the present world is greatly dominated by the computer ethnics. Computer forms an important and vital part of this modern era. The inclusion of computer is seen almost in every field. The use of computer has been basically done to make the work easy and comfortable for us. That is the reason that computer is being widely used all over the world. Seeing the wide availability and use of computer all over the world, courses related to computers are also getting popular. In the same way, M.Sc in Computer Science is also very popular. Under the course of M.Sc in Computer Science, one has to study the various basic functioning of computer and its basic application. Apart from that, various programming language also forms an integral part of the syllabus of this course. One study various programming language as per the syllabus followed in their respective universities.Company Logo
  14. 14. CareerMINE Eligibility criteria: In order to be eligible for the course of M.Sc in Computer Science, one will have to be a graduate in computer science or some computer related course. The degree of graduation should be from a well recognized university.Course Outlook:The course duration of the course M.Sc in Computer Science is 2 years. The 2 years are further divided in2 parts of 1 year each. Some universities divide the 2 years in to 4 semesters of 6 months each.Job Prospects:There are plenty of jobs in the market for the M.Sc in Computer Science pass outs. One can be readilyabsorbed in the computer technology firms. Even various industries require computer operations and thusone can join that also. Teaching is always an option for these degree holders. Best Places to Pursue: •University of Delhi •Bangalore University •Anna UniversityCompany Logo
  15. 15. CareerMINE Fee structure of M.Sc in Computer Science M.Sc in Computer science is a course that deals with computer and its parts, hardware as well as software. Though the stress of this course is less software designing, but a slight idea and their uses is included in the course. The course M.Sc in Computer science is very popular amongst the new rising market and thus has plenty of jobs related to the field. That is probably the reason that so many students are opting for this course. The huge numbers of private as well as government colleges are proof of the high demand of this course. The demand is high because the course really has a lot of career opportunities in this modern era. The course is being offered in plenty of colleges in India.Company Logo
  16. 16. CareerMINE The fee structure of M.Sc in Computer Science is different for different colleges. Every college sets its own parameters as far as fees in concerned. The average fees of the colleges are in between 5000 to 30000 per semester. There are plenty of renowned institutes and universities that offer this course. Few of them are VIT University, Amity University, Calcutta University, Delhi University, Amrita School of arts and science, Vels University and many more. The fee structure of M.Sc in Computer science in Calcutta and Delhi University is around 5000 per semester. The fees for the course in Vels University is 20000 per semester, Amrita school of arts and science charges Rs 29250 per semester, and VIT charges Rs 30000 for one semester of this course. The fees of Government College are very less as compared to the private institutions. The advantages like concession in fees for the poor and backward students are also available in government colleges only. Private colleges don’t offer that to any students. Scholarship programs by the government are also offered to the needy and aspiring students through entrance examination.Company Logo
  17. 17. CareerMINE Difference between B.Sc (Hons) and B.Sc (General) The B.Sc (Hons) is a three years degree program which aims at developing advanced theoretical and research skills and provide a platform for an advanced professional or academic career. This is a most desired route for students who want to continue to Master of Science (M.Sc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and a research or academic career. Through this program, students are provided with the opportunity to pursue an independent research project in an area of interest under the supervision of an academic staff member. This program aims at providing students with advanced research skills in an area of contemporary science that will enhance their employability across a broad range of careers. A Bachelor of Science (general) is also a three year undergraduate academic degree which is basically designed to provide the students with foundation knowledge possible for a science based career and to equip them to engage in global issues. This program opens up a large range of career possibilities. Bachelor of Science graduates find employment opportunities in many areas like business, teaching, marketing, research, etc. Some other career positions that a B.Sc degree holder gets are-chemists, nurses, biologists, psychologists, teachers, lawyers, etc.Company Logo
  18. 18. CareerMINE Through this program, diverse education is provided in more than one branch of study. This program enhances student’s technical knowledge and problem solving skills. This degree provides students with scientific education that stimulates curiosity and promotes a questioning approach which encourages the development of teamwork and communication skills. The major differences between these two degrees are- • B.Sc (Hons) is much more superior to the B.Sc (general) degree. • Academically, B.Sc (Hons) is a more standard degree as compared to B.Sc (general). • For the completion of B.Sc (Hons) degree, a student will have to write a dissertation but for a B.Sc (general) degree, this is not mandatory.Company Logo
  19. 19. CareerMINE Difference between B.Sc Computer Science and B.Com Computer Application B.Sc Computer Science is an under graduate course of 3 year duration. One who has a pass in the 10+2 with good marks can get admission to this course. The course mainly deals with basic principles and real world use of computers. The course focuses on programming concepts in various languages. B.Com Computer Application is an under graduate course of 3 year duration. The basic eligibility for admission into this course is 10+2 pass. The course mainly deals with the vast field of commerce and its integration with the field of Computer Science. It focuses on various applications of computer in the field of commerce.Company Logo
  20. 20. CareerMINE B.Sc Computer Science and Opportunities A person with a B.Sc Computer Science degree has several options to go forward. He has various higher study options including Master of Science, Master of Computer Application, and Master of Business Administration etc. He has various job opportunities in the public and private sectors. He has a great scope in the field of software development. Some of the employment areas of a B.Sc Computer Science graduate include the following.  Desktop Publishing  Software development companies  System Maintenance  Technical Support  Schools and Colleges  Government Offices  BanksCompany Logo
  21. 21. CareerMINE B.Com Computer Application and Opportunities A B.Com Computer Application degree holder has several ways to move forward. He can go for a higher study in Master of Commerce, Master of Business administration etc or he can take up various short term and long term certification courses which will add to his career scope. He has a lot of job opportunities in both public sector as well as private firms. Some of the job opportunities of a B.Com Computer Application degree holder include the following.  Computer Operator  Computer Programmer  Computer Assistant  Technical support  Teaching field  Banks  Government AgenciesCompany Logo
  22. 22. CareerMINE Key difference between B.Sc Computer Science and B.Com Computer Application The B.Sc Computer Science Course deals mainly with the basics of computers and it has Computer Science as its main subject whereas B.Com Computer Application concerns mainly with the field of Commerce and it has Computer Science as one of its subjects. It mainly deals with the application of computer in the field of Commerce. The job opportunities and the salary packages offered for both of these degree holders also vary. The reputation of the job profiles offered for a B.Sc Computer Science graduate and a B.Com Computer Application graduate also shows a significant difference.Company Logo
  23. 23. CareerMINE Difference between Computer Engineering and Computer ScienceComputer Engineering and Computer Science are two different courses related to computers. Both the courses educate students on the hardware and software aspects of Computers. However, the difference exists in the emphasis given on these aspects. Computer Science gives much emphasis on computation and programming. The course study mostly covers concepts of algorithms, flowcharts, software development, computational activities etc. Computer Engineering on the other hand is concerned with the hardware aspects of Computers. It includes the technical design of the physical parts and practical aspects of development of the computer. Though the courses sound similar to a certain extent, there exist certain differences between them.Company Logo
  24. 24. CareerMINEComputer Engineering courses and career opportunitiesThe course study of Computer Engineering is offered through several technical Colleges and Universities of the country. Most of them offer B.E or B.Tech in the same at graduate level. Higher education programs such M.E / M.Tech / M S are also offered in computer engineering. Short term or diploma programs in Computer engineering enable one to enter in to entry levels jobs in software sectors. These professionals can get in to the role of network engineers, system administrators, system analyst, etc in software firms. They are offered with good remuneration packages also.Computer Science courses are offered at graduate, postgraduate and at PhD levels. After completion of the course, one can earn lucrative career in government sector or in private sector undertakings. Those who are interested in programming can get in to the role of programmers where higher degree holders can get in to the academic sector. Anyway, both the options help one to earn well by gaining experience and expertise in the same.Company Logo
  25. 25. CareerMINE Key differentiators between Computer Engineering and Computer Science The main difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science is in emphasis given in the software and hardware aspects. Computer Science is mainly concerned with the software aspects where as Computer Engineering deals with its technical design. Computer Engineers working in the programming side are mainly concerned with system programming and in developing operating system software where as Computer Science graduates are mainly concerned with application level programming.Company Logo
  26. 26. CareerMINE Difference between science and engineering With the rapid growth in the market of education, the demand for few course have been rising rapidly. Amongst those courses, engineering and science are the most popular. Most of the students see their future in these two streams. Though both the courses are said to be very much related, but still they have a hell lot difference in between them. Science is basically study of things with their scientific orientation. The literal meaning of science cannot be expressed in words. Study or knowing about anything is also termed to be as science. Science is vast and is kept unbounded. Till now; the limitation of science is not framed. Talking about the course, we know that the course in Science is related more toward the theoretical knowledge about the thing. The main approach of science towards a particular topic is more on the theoretical ground than on the practical ones. It doesn’t mean that science does not deal with practical. Without practical, the science cannot be completed. The basis of the study is the theory behind the topic.Company Logo
  27. 27. CareerMINE On the other hand, Engineering is a particular science that deals with more practicality and a bit less theory. Again it never means that Engineering doesn’t involve theoretical studies. But the difference is that the importance to theory is given very less as compared to what it gets in the science course. The main approach of the engineering course is towards the practical application. This is probably one of the major differences between the courses. Another important difference is the use of technology and scope of the course. As mentioned earlier that science is unbounded. However there are some limitations in science. That limitation when is overcome with the help of engineering. The scope of engineering is not very wide like science and is very specific and sort of concentrated.Company Logo
  28. 28. CareerMINE Difference between science and applied science Discussion about science can never end at any point. The scope and reach of science is beyond our expectation and imagination. That is the reason that so many courses are there to study in the category of Science. However there is another category of course that is equally important and a lot of people pursue courses in that category. This is the category of applied science. Though both the subjects are very much related and has science in common between them, but yet both has a lot of difference in between them, that separates both the courses from each other. The first and foremost difference is in between their approach towards the subject. Suppose there is a course of science being offered in one subject and in the same subject a course of applied science is also being offered. Now the difference between both that courses will be in the approach of dealing towards that subject. The course of science deals more on the theoretical aspects of the subjects and will go very deep and detailed in their study. On the other hand the applied scienceCompany Logo
  29. 29. CareerMINEAnother important aspect is the duration of study. The course of science has no ending and one can study as long as one can, the same does applies for applied science also but since the subject deals with the application more, thus, the students pursuing this course has to get ready for the application of their study. That is the reason why the students with applied science get in to the jobs before the students of science course.Another important difference in between applied science and pure science is that the applied science is more scientific and technological oriented than the pure science. The applications and uses of technological principals are more in applied science than in Pure science.Company Logo
  30. 30. CareerMINE Difference between B.E and B.ScEducationally, India is growing with a wide prospective, and is coming up with various new courses. Even the older ones are being reformed and re-visualized to give outstanding aspects. The same is the situation with the course like B.E and B.Sc.B.E and B.Sc are few of the most popular courses in India. The numbers of students opting for these courses are huge. Probably that is the reason that more and more colleges are opening in the country to meet up the demand of the aspiring candidates.B.E which stands for Bachelor of engineering is a course that deals with the practical and technological aspect of things. On the other hand, B.Sc stands for Bachelor of Science, and deals in the theoretical and detailed study of things.Company Logo
  31. 31. CareerMINEThe main difference between both the courses is basically on the approach they have towards the topics. B.E is a course that deals with the technical aspect more and hence approaches on the practical front. The main aim behind a B.E course is to study the application and practical uses of the topic. No matter what the topic is, if it is studied under the technological courses like B.E, the stress will be upon the practical usage and application.However, this is not the scenario in the course of B.Sc. Here the stress is upon the theory. Bachelor of Science involves detailed and in depth study of the topics. Thus, one studying under this topic should have a deep knowledge and a clear concept of the topic. The practical usage and its application are secondary objects under this course. The primary goal is to achieve a complete and thorough knowledge of the subject. The course often acts as a backbone of that subject and hence helps in delivering knowledge related to the subject to the other wings.Company Logo
  32. 32. CareerMINE Difference between B.C.S and B.Tech in Computer Science B.Tech in Computer Science is an under graduate course of 4 years duration and it deals with the overview of basic principles of computing and its application in practical life. It focuses on the engineering considerations in the computing system design, its implementation and its overall usage in human life. This course gives special attention to the programming concepts in different languages. B.C.S stands for Bachelor of Computer Science and it is an under graduate course of 3 year duration and one who completes this course is generally referred to as Computer Scientists. This course mainly deals with the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. They also focus on programming concepts in various computer languages.Company Logo
  33. 33. CareerMINE B.Tech in Computer Science and OpportunitiesThe person with a B.Tech in Computer Science graduation has a great scope ahead. He can go for various higher studies including Masters Degree in Computer Science, Master of Business Administration and also he can do various short term and long term certifications which enables him to grab a better job with good salary. After pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science, he has a lot of job opportunities available in the Government organizations as well as Private firms. Some of the job profiles for a B.Tech in Computer Science graduate include the following.1. Software Engineer2. Software Tester3. Technical Support4. System AnalystAlmost all types of firms are computerized today and there will be need of a variety of software projects for various applications every now and then and because of that there is a need of Computer Engineer in every field.Company Logo
  34. 34. CareerMINE B.C.S and OpportunitiesA person with a B.C.S degree has a great career ahead. They can pursue various higher studies including Masters Degree in Computer Science, Master of Business administration and also they can undergo various research programs. They have a lot of job opportunities in the public as well as private sector which offers them a very good salary. Some of the areas where a B.C.S degree holder can work include the following. Application theory Development of specialized languages Development of Information Technologies Design of Knowledge based systems Design of Programming toolsCompany Logo
  35. 35. CareerMINE Key difference between B.C.S and B.Tech in Computer ScienceB.Tech in Computer Science is a course of 4 year duration whereas B.C.S is a course of 3 years duration. The person who completes B.Tech in Computer Science is referred to as a Computer Engineer whereas a person with a B.C.S degree is referred to as a Computer Scientist. B.Tech in Computer Science deals with the overview of basic principles of computing and its application in practical life whereas a B.C.S course deals with the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing. The job opportunities, job profile as well as the salary packages of a B.Tech in Computer Science graduate and a B.C.S graduates are extremely different.Company Logo
  36. 36. CareerMINE Difference between BCA and BCSBachelor of computer application (BCA) is a three year undergraduate degree program which basically focuses on the development of software application like web, BI and ERP. This course is an excellent platform for the students who are aspiring to excel in the field of computers. Over the past few years, students are more attracted to take up computers as their specialized field of study with the fast growing demand for computer skills and applications. The course aims at providing sound knowledge in the various areas of computer applications including the latest developments keeping pace with the industry.The main objective of this course is to introduce the practical aspects of software development. Students are eligible for this degree only after the successful completion of their HSC examination from any stream with English as a passing subject. Students can also opt for higher studies like MCA after the completion of their BCA degree.Company Logo
  37. 37. CareerMINE Bachelor of computer science (BCS) is a three year undergraduate degree designed for the students who wish to study computer in depth as well as to produce graduates with specific training in software engineering. This degree mainly focuses on the development of skills in software development, functional knowledge of computer science, internet communications, and network and database administration and also develops our expertise in programming. This degree offers opportunity to catapult our career to the top as it is projected to be one of the fastest growing fields with a huge variety of careers and job opportunities coming up with the evolution of computer technology. Graduates gain employment in a wide variety of areas like bioinformatics, networking, multimedia, robotics, cryptography, computer games, etc and they work as research scientist, consultant, IT management, and system analysts, etc. After the successful completion of this degree, students can opt for higher studies like MCS, MCA, and CDAC and so on.Company Logo
  38. 38. CareerMINE Difference between M.Sc Computer Science and MCABoth, MSC computer science and Masters in Computer Application are post graduation courses in computer science discipline. But MCA is a course which students other than BSC computer science or BSC computer technology can also do. But to do MSC computer science course, one must be a graduate in computer science or have a background in science and computation areas like maths.M.Sc Computer Science Course and OpportunitiesM.Sc in Computer Science covers various areas which can be applied to various areas like technology, science, business and education. A person who has done MSC computer science will have opportunities in software development, testing and networking. Companies such as Oracle, HP, Wipro, IBM, Compaq etc. are hiring people with MSC computer science qualification. A person who is very much interested in teaching computer science or doing research in the field of computer should definitely go for MSC computer science.Company Logo
  39. 39. CareerMINE MCA Course and OpportunitiesMCA course is suitable for those who wish to have a career in Software. An MCA degree holder will have great job opportunities in top level IT companies and consultancy firms. A person with MCA can become Software Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Developer, Systems Analyst, Software Application Architect, and Software ConsultantMany MNC’s prefer MCA candidates to MSC candidates. MCA’s are well aware of the applications. But to develop a new one, a person with MSC computer science is required. Thus, for working purpose an MCA is preferred but for Research purpose always M.Sc...Computer Science will be preferred.Key differentiators between M.Sc Computer Science and MCAM.Sc computer science is 2 years course where as MCA is a 3 year course. MCA deals with Computerapplication i.e. Software related. M.Sc computer science on the other hand deals with the theoretical detailsof hardware and software along with logic & algorithm. Those having a strong computational and scientificbackground opt for this field. The course also provides an excellent grounding for further research, eitherthrough PhD study or in a commercial setting.Company Logo
  40. 40. CareerMINE M.Sc. Computer Science vs. MCA-Which course is better? Although both these courses are post graduate options, going for any of these course will depend on career aspirations and the technical competence of prospective students. M.Sc. Computer Science M.Sc. Computer Science is a post graduation course that can be done after B.Sc. Computer science or Computer Technology. This is a two year programme. The course is mainly focused on software development and application. These can be applied to various fields of technology, business, education and science. Various universities and institutions in the country offer this branch of study. There are many career opportunities also after this course. A person who has pursued this post graduation can perform in different areas like teaching, software development, testing, networking, etc. MCA Master of Computer Applications is also a post graduation course of three year duration. This can be done after graduation in any stream of study related to computer field. MCA covers various topics related to programming and designing. The main aim of this course is on the development of applicable software and not only the designing of computer hardware and system software. There are numerous colleges in India that offers this particular branch of study. The admission to this course is based on the entrance exam carried out by the respective institutions or universities or the State. The career opportunities for these postgraduate candidates are very huge. One can perform in various roles like software developer, Software consultant, software engineer, systems analyst, etc.Company Logo
  41. 41. CareerMINE Key Difference between M.Sc. Computer Science and MCA Even though the two post graduation courses are at same level there are some differences between them. MCA is a 3 year programme where as M.Sc. computer science is a 2year programme. MCA covers the software and its application related field. M.Sc. computer science covers the both hardware and software field. A person with strong background in computational and scientific field is only able to opt for this course. Those who have pursued a graduation in computer science or computer technology alone can opt for M.Sc. computer Science, while MCA can be done by any science graduates. Which course is better? The career opportunities for both these graduates are many. But most MNCs prefer MCA graduates to M.Sc. graduates. This is because the MCA graduates are well aware of the software applications. But for developing new software, M.Sc. graduates are preferred. MCA’s are most suitable for the working purposes in various companies. While considering a bright career, MCA course will be better than M.Sc. computer science.Company Logo
  42. 42. CareerMINE Difference between M.Sc. Computer Science and M.Tech Computer Science M.Sc. in Computer Science and M.Tech in Computer Science are the post graduation courses offered by many universities in India. Both the courses deal with the same field i.e. Computer and related areas. Also both courses are of two years duration. Even though they handle the same theme, the nature of the courses are different in many aspects. M.Sc. Computer Science M.Sc. in this particular branch of study is a post graduate degree offered by many universities. This is a two year programme that can be pursued after B.Sc. Computer Science or Computer Technology. The admission procedure in universities or institutions for this course may be based on the entrance tests organized by the concerned organizations. The course is aimed on the development of software and its application. This application software is used in various fields of business, technology, education and science. The career opportunities for these graduates are also at bright side now. Those who have completed this graduation can perform in many areas like software tester, lecturers, software developers, etc.Company Logo
  43. 43. CareerMINE M.Tech Computer Science M.Tech in Computer Science is also a postgraduate degree with two years duration. Those candidates with B.Tech in Computer Science/ Information Technology/ Electronics & Communication can join this course. The MCA graduates and candidates with B.Sc. in related subjects are also eligible. The admission for this course in various universities is based on the GATE score. This is a research oriented course. The course focuses on the wide areas of computer application. It deals both with the software and hardware of the computer. The course offers wide career opportunities afterwards. Many IT firms and software companies recruit these graduates. They can also find employment in the government sector. Key differentiators between M.Sc. Computer Science and M.Tech Computer Science  M.Sc. in computer Science includes the study of application software. On the other hand M.Tech in Computer Science includes the study of both software and hardware sections.  M.Sc. Computer Science can be pursued by only those who have completed B.Sc. in computer Science or Computer Technology. Whereas M.Tech in Computer Science can be pursued by B.Tech, MCA or B.Sc. graduates.Company Logo
  44. 44. CareerMINE Difference between the M.Tech and M.Sc courseThe Masters of Science and the Master of Technology are courses which are provided by universities of all countries. These degrees are given to individuals who have completed the study of a specific subject or area of specialized practice. The key differences between the two courses are given below.M.Tech course and opportunitiesThe M.Tech course is pursued by candidates after the completion of the undergraduate programme. The GATE entrance exam is conducted yearly for the admittance of candidates into the M.Tech programme. If the candidates choose to go for higher studies, they can do the Post graduate courses and then attain a PhD. Candidates who have completed the M.Tech course can find employment in fields like the Navy, the Army, and the NDA etc.M.Sc Course and opportunitiesThe Masters in Science course is taken by students who have finished their bachelors in science course. There are many institution which offer courses in M.Tech. The admissions in these institutes are conducted based on the merit scored in the qualifying examination. Students can either go for research or teaching after the completion of the Master’s course.Company Logo
  45. 45. CareerMINE Difference between M.Tech and M.S in IndiaWith the growing opportunities in the sectors of M.Tech and M.S, the demands of both the courses have grown rapidly. With the growing number of aspirants for the master’s level courses, the confusion about the differences between M.Tech and M.S courses have also taken hype. There are many colleges that offer M.Tech and M.S course and there are many candidates pursuing the courses. Still a huge majority of people are confused about the differences between the two courses.The basic difference between the two courses is the study orientation and pattern. The M.Tech course is a more detailed course with a lot of study in it. Under the M.Tech degree, one has to attend regular classes in order to gain knowledge about the subject. The subject under M.Tech is studied in detail in classes. This is probably because a lot of things in theoretical aspect are to be studied for which classroom course is essential. The project under this course is completed simultaneously along with the classes.On the other hand the M.S course requires least attendance of the classes. The course basically deals with the practical knowledge and self study about the subject and the project. The students interact with the professors and attend those classes which are essential. They devote more time to their project under the degree of M.S.Another important difference between the two courses is the course duration. M.Tech degree generally ends in a time span of 2 years. The projects and the study both have to be completed in that span of time, whereas the scenario is different in case of M.S. In the M.S degree courses, one can stretch up the course to 3 to 4 years till one doesn’t complete his or her project. Thus the course doesn’t finish till the students finishes his or her project along with complete knowledge in that subject.Thus, one can say that the main difference between M.Tech and MS lies in the orientation of the course and approach.Company Logo
  46. 46. CareerMINE Difference between M.Sc Computer Science and MBA SystemsAlthough M.Sc. Computer Science and MBA Systems are IT oriented programs, the area of study and the work environment vary to a greater extent. M.Sc. Computer Science is a postgraduate course that deals with the systematic study of the hypothetical basics of information and computation, and of the techniques for their application and implementation in computer systems. However, MBA Systems is an integration of management principles with Computer Systems.M Sc Computer Science course and career opportunitiesVarious Universities and institutes all over the world offer the M.Sc. Computer Science program. Aspirants should pursue the program from an acknowledged University so as to get good employments. The post graduation program in Computer Science encompass diverse areas like computing systems and techniques, algorithms, paraphernalia’s and design methodologies and so on. Those who have completed B.Sc. Computer Science or related fields can pursue the M.Sc. Computer Science program. However, they have to clear certain entrance tests in order to get admissions for postgraduate programs in colleges. After completing the course, they can look out for career in Government or private sector. They can search out for career in Software companies or in IT industries. On completion of the course, they can also attend the SET or NET exams for getting eligibility for lectureship.Company Logo
  47. 47. CareerMINE MBA Systems course and career opportunities MBA Systems is a qualitative and quantitative degree that enhances the integrity and earning potential of professionals. It is a postgraduate course that focuses on the system designing and development processes of project management. The pre-requisite criterion to pursue the MBA systems course is a graduation. Aspirants have to attend MAT, CAT or XAT exams for getting MBA admissions in reputed institutes. As so many institutes all through the globe offer MBA systems course, students should pursue the program from a certified Business school. A wide array of career options is up-coming day by day for these professionals. They have much scope in India and abroad. They can work as Business analysts or as managers in the IT industry or software conglomerations. Key differentiators between M.Sc Computer Science and MBA Systems M.Sc. Computer Science course focuses more on the technical aspects of computer science whereas MBA systems program concentrates on the managerial functions and techniques in the IT industry. Graduates in Computer Science or related fields alone can pursue the M.Sc. Computer Science course whereas graduates in any discipline can pursue the MBA systems program. Most of the M Sc Computer Science professionals pursue the MBA Systems program to reach senior most positions in companies. Such is the scope of MBA Systems course.Company Logo
  48. 48. CareerMINE Government Colleges for B. Sc Computer Science Tamil Nadu: • Government College for Women, Sivagangai • A.A. Government Arts College for Men, Namakkal • Kundavai Nachiyar Government College for Women • Alagappa Government Arts College • L.R.G. Government Arts College for Women • Arignar Anna Government Arts College, Cheyyar • Muthurangam Government Arts College • Arignar Anna Government Arts College for Women • Sri Sivasubramaniaswami Government Arts • Arignar Anna Government Arts College, Musiri College • Avvaiyar Government Arts College for Women • Thiru Govindasamy Government Arts College • D.G. Government Arts College for Women • Thiru-Vi-Ka Government Arts College • Government Arts College for men, Nandanam • V.S. Sivalingam Government Arts College • Government Arts College, Ariyalur • Government Arts Colllege, Udumalpet • Government Arts Colllege, Udhagamandalam • Government Arts College for Women, RamanathapuramCompany Logo
  49. 49. CareerMINE Pondicherry: Andhra Pradesh: • Bharitidasan Government Arts College • Government Degree College • Mahatma Gandhi Government Arts College • Government Degree College, Takkali Punjab: • Tara Government College • Sarup Rani Government Arts College for Women Madhya Pradesh: Orissa: • Government New Science College, Rewa • Government Post Graduate College, Barwani • Government Autonomous College, Roorkee • Pandit Shambhunath Shukla Govt. P. G. • Government College, Orissa College, Shahdol • Government College, Sambalpur Karnataka: Haryana: • Government Science College, Bangalore • Government College for Boys • Government College for Women, Karnataka • Government Post Graduate College • Government National CollegeCompany Logo
  50. 50. CareerMINE Course Duration and Eligibility for Admission: Normally, the duration of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science course is three years and for getting admission to this course candidate must have completed their higher secondary examination in science stream with good percentage of marks. Even though, some college offers admission to this course only to science students, some colleges are offering admission to students from any other faculty with good percentage of marks. Higher education after B. Sc Computer Science: On successful completion of the B. Sc computer Science course, a student becomes eligible to join M. Sc in Computer Science and other courses like MBA in information technology, MCA. Students can also apply for Bachelor of Education course after completion of B. Sc computer science, if they are interested in teaching profession. Job Prospects: This course offers a strong foundation for the students to apply for jobs in IT industry. On successful completion of B. Sc computer science course, candidates can apply for jobs in private computer training institutions, colleges, schools, IT companies and computer based firms.Company Logo
  51. 51. CareerMINE Higher studies after B.A. in Computer Science Qualification Criteria for Higher Studies after BA in Computer Science Candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree in computer science (BA in Computer Science) are eligible for higher studies in this stream. They should have completed their under graduate program from any of the recognized institutions. They should also score a minimum of 55% marks to get selected for higher studies in any of the reputed institutes. Admission to some higher study courses is made on the basis of an entrance examination conducted by the universities or colleges. In such cases candidates should clear the entrance exam with good scores in order to get admitted for the course. Higher study options in after BA in Computer Science Various options for higher studies are available for graduates in B.A Computer Science. Post graduate and doctoral courses after B.A in Computer Science are listed below.  Master in Business Management in Computer Management  Master of Computer Management  Master of Computer Application  Master of Philosophy in Computer Science  Master of Science in Computer Communication  Master of Science in Computer Science and Technology  Master of Arts in Computer Science  Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science and Application  Doctor of Philosophy in Computer ScienceCompany Logo
  52. 52. CareerMINE Higher Studies options after B.Sc Computer Science  3D Animation and Visual Effects  M.Sc. Computer Science  Advance Diploma in Hardware and Networking (ADHN)  Master in Computer Management (MCM)  Advanced Diploma in Multi-lingual Computer  Master of Science Information Technology MSc (IT) Programming (ADMCP)  MBA  CCNA  MBA Telecommunication Systems Management  Certification Program for Network Planning and  MCA Optimization  Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)  Certification Program for Telecom Software Testing  Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)  Certified Professional for the Web Development  Robotics Course  Database Administration  SAP Courses  HCE+ (Hardware Course)  TCNP Certification  IHT Certified Network Professional  Web & Software Engineering  IIJT Certified Networking Expert (IC- Next) (PC NEXT)  Information Security and Ethical Hacking  Integrated Master of Computer Application (IMCA)Company Logo
  53. 53. CareerMINESubjects covered under Higher Studies in Computer ScienceM.Sc Computer Science is the most pursued higher studies options available after B.Sc Computer Science. Students who are interested in pursuing M.Sc Computer Science will have to study subjects which will provide in depth knowledge in different areas of computer science. Some of the subjects which is covered in M.Sc Computer Science are Design and Analysis of Algorithms, AI, Information Security, Database management and its implementation, Compiler Design , OS, Data Mining, Networking, E- commerce, Numerical Computing , Computational Linguistics etc.Career Opportunities for B.Sc Computer Science graduates after higher studiesCandidates who have successfully completed higher studied will be exposed to lot of options career wise. With an MCA or M.Sc Computer Science or even with M.Sc IT a candidate can easily enter in to any of the good IT companies. They can also work as a part of the IT support. Candidates who have the flair for teaching can also enter in to this field by appearing in the NET exam. With a Post graduation degree onboard, candidates can even go for PhD programs in India or even abroad.With a post graduation candidates can also apply in various prestigious jobs in the government sector also. Even though, the basic requirement for most of the government jobs is Graduation, candidates with post graduation will have the benefit when it comes to promotion.B.Sc. computer science course is one of the job oriented graduate level course. As depicted by the name of the course itself B.A. computer science course involves the study and understanding of computer information processes. The study of the course is based on developing and predicting computer information processes to be able to transform them into computer hardware’s and computer software’s. The course structure consists of algorithms, engineering software’s, program and data representation, computing architecture, mathematics, statistics, multimedia, software testing, computer networking etc.Company Logo
  54. 54. CareerMINEEligibility and DurationThe minimum eligibility criterion is 10+2 certificate. The duration of the courses is three years. It does not necessarily require that a student applying for B.Sc. computer science should have science background.Scope and Job ProspectsThe B.Sc. computer science course lays a strong foundation in a student to apply for jobs in computer industry. Students after successful completion of the course can apply with computer institutes, computer based firms, IT companies, schools, colleges, private computer training institutes etc. However a student may also opt for higher education and apply for M.Sc. computer science or an MBA course. A masters degree ids always helpful while seeking for a job, as companies are always looking for skilled and qualified professional. Students after B.Sc. computer science course can also go for B.Ed. degree and venture into the field of teaching.
  55. 55. CareerMINE Course Structure  System Software  Computer Fundamentals &  Professional IT Skills and Human Programming Rights  Computer Architecture & Computer  Computer Networks Programming  Internet and e-commerce  Data Structure & Programming  Data and File Structures Methodology  Microprocessors and Applications  Business Data Processing  Computer Architecture  Database Management Systems  Operations Research  Computer Oriented Numerical and  Computer Graphics Statistical Methods  Operating Systems  Laboratory Practices  Software Engineering  Digital Systems  Discrete Structures  Database Management Systems  Calculus 1  Object Oriented Analysis and DesignCompany Logo
  56. 56. CareerMINE Books Recommended R.G. Dromey, How to solve it by Computer, Prentice Hall of India. H.M. Deitel, P.J. Deitel, JAVA: How to Program, Pearson Education C.L. Liu, Elements of Discrete Mathematics, Tata McGraw-Hill J.P. Trembley, R.Manohar, Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer Science, Tata McGraw Hill D.E. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming Vol.I: Fundamental Algorithms, Addison Wesley J.Kelly, TheEssence of Logic, Prentice Hall of India T.H. Cormen, C.E. Leiserson, R.L. Rivest, Introduction to Algorithms, Prentices Hall of India P. Lax, S. Burstein, A. Lax, Calculus with Applications and Computing Vol. I, Springer Verlag Malvino, Digital Principles and Applications, Tata McGraw Hill, 4th Edition J. Aitchison, The Articulate Mammal, Hutchinson, London G. Yule, The Study of Language, Cambridge University Press S. Sahni, Data Structures, Algorithms and Applications, Tata McGraw Hill R. Sedgewick, Algorithms in C++, Addison Wesley J.D. Carpinelli, Computer Systems Organization & Architecture, Addison Wesley
  57. 57. CareerMINE Salaries after B.Sc Computer ScienceSalaries after B Sc Computer Science in Government OrganizationsAs a fresher, the candidate can’t expect much salary in the government sector. As they gain experience and expertise, they become much more confident in the related area. Then they can expect much more salary in accordance with their designation and experience. In order to become a professional in the government sector the aspirant has pass the exams conducted by Central government or State government. Government employees have to undergo departmental tests to get in to a high profiled job in the area. These departmental tests bring up the grade of the aspirant along with the salary. Government sector offers system administers with a salary of about Rs. 9300-34800 plus a Grade Pay of Rs.4200. The software programmers in government sectors are offered with much more salary than that provided for system administrators. However, government job offers security of job along with better remuneration.Salaries after B Sc Computer Science in Private InstitutionsThere are a lot of private organizations in India that operates in the booming sector of IT. This sector offers enormous job opportunities to aspirants with good compensation. In the private sector, initial salary will falls in a range of Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000. Those who can perform well in this sector can expect better review of salary afterwards. However, this may depend upon the location of the organization, its management, employee designation etc. Most probably, companies located in metropolitan cities offers better salary package as the standard of living is high in those areas.Remuneration after B Sc Computer Science for Private Practice in India and AbroadSoftware professionals can look forward for a good career path in India as well as abroad. IT professionals can draw better salaries abroad when compared with Indian counterparts. Anyway, salary structure of these professionals depends on their skills as well as experience to a large extent. B Sc Computer Science graduates can find more challenging career abroad with better career prospects. Well-established firms offer software professionals with good amenities along with good salary.Company Logo
  58. 58. CareerMINE 8 Great Careers/ Jobs for a Computer Science Major1. Software Designer for a Tech Company. One of the most common jobs that people get after graduating with a computer science degree is a software design and development job within any tech company that happens to be hiring. People work in this position at the entry level, usually participating as part of a team in the development of new software. This software may relate to any aspect of technology. Hot areas including mobile Internet software and issues related to computer security.2. Start-up Company Partner. Some people like the idea of doing software development and design but they don’t actually want to be stuck doing this within the confines of someone else’s business. It is common these days for students to come together during their course work in the computer science program and to decide to launch a start-up business together after graduation. A good path for these people to follow is to go ahead and enter a graduate program in computer science while beginning to launch your new business.3. Research Positions Related to Computer Development. People who don’t necessarily want to work hands- on in developing software but who do have an interest in being on the cutting edge of the interest may find that they enjoy assisting in technological research projects that relate to how computers will be used in the future. Entry-level positions for a computer science major may be limited in this area but it’s possible to find them if you get in with the right company.Company Logo
  59. 59. CareerMINE5. Various IT Positions. Many computer science majors opt to get entry level positions within the Information Technology field. They do a combination of software design, software implementation and computer technology development. Basically anything related to analyzing a business in terms of its computer organization and working to improve the organization of the business so that it operates more smoothly would fall into the category of IT work. There are both general and specific jobs within the IT field that can be obtained with a basic degree in computer science.5. Office Admin / Customer Service/ Troubleshooter. Some computer science majors opt to take general office positions within both computer and non-computer-related businesses and then serve as the main person who troubleshoots when problems arise with the computer system. They may also act as a liaison in a customer service position, assisting a company’s clients in dealing with computer problems. This allows computer science majors to work in different types of businesses but still do the type of work that their education has taught them to do best.6. Freelance Computer Programming. People with a degree in computer science are typically skilled enough at basic computer programming that they can help develop programs for a diverse range of different types of businesses. It is possible to do this work freelance if you are interested in working from home on your own schedule although you have to be highly self-motivated to do so.Company Logo
  60. 60. CareerMINE  7. Writing / Blogging about the Industry. Those few lucky people who are skilled not only at the math behind computer science but also at using words to explain technology to others may find that they can use their education to serve as experts in the computer industry. They may start a blog or write articles for large magazines related to the issues that are of importance to people in the computer science field.  8. Teaching. Some people may choose to take a different type of career path and use their education as a stepping stone for a career in child education. People interested in sharing their technological skills with students in the K-12 grades may find that a computer science background serves them well in getting this best computer education positions in those schools.Company Logo
  61. 61. CareerMINE How to study B Sc Computer Science in Abroad?This course offers the students with options to specialize in diverse areas of software. Areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, web development, computer games etc can be considered as some of the upcoming areas in IT sector. This course with time duration of 3 years imparts students with better knowledge and skills to combat with IT industries. This course offers students with the option to spend one year of their academic curriculum abroad. Studying abroad helps the aspirant to become much more expertise with the environment of Computer Industries abroad. Those who pursue this course are exempted from British Computer Society (BCS) professional examinations.Application Procedures to study B Sc Computer Science in AbroadAspirants who want to get an admission in to this course must contact the institution at least before 3 months from the date of admission to get application forms. They have to be aware about course commencing date, issue of applications, and deadline date for submission of Application etc. The candidate can insist the institution to send an application form through E-Mail. Most of the universities offers online mode of application submission. The aspirant can also sent request for application through airmail. The request letter for application form must contain details of aspirant’s educational qualification, financial condition, communication skills, and important test scores. The aspirants also have the option to download application forms from the university website.Company Logo
  62. 62. CareerMINEEligibility Criteria to study B Sc Computer Science in AbroadThe candidates who apply for this course must have completed XII from any recognized university or must possess any other similar qualification. Only aspirants who have completed XII with mathematics and one science subject is eligible to apply to this courseGeneral Criteria to study B Sc Computer Science in AbroadThose aspirants whose mother tongue is other than English and those who have not studied in the English medium must show their ability to understand the language. To get admission in this course the student has to undergo test like IELTS and TOEFL. Some institutions also offers pre-sessional classes for improve the soft skills in students.Minimum qualification required for students who want to pursue this undergraduate course abroad includes:IELTS - 6.0TOEFL - 76 (Internet-based)PTE Academic – 5Anyway, aspirants with high scores are usually preferred for granting admission.Company Logo
  63. 63. CareerMINE Career opportunities after studying B Sc Computer Science Abroad IT sector offers enormous job opportunities with better compensation to aspirants. This booming sector offers excellent job opportunities in well-established organizations. As the information technology is growing up, there arises the need of a large number of skilled persons in this sector. Graduates in computer science are able to prove their ability as skilled professionals. Most of the students got employed as Programmers, system administrators, database managers etc. Those who are interested in higher studies can have it to achieve better paths in their career.Company Logo
  64. 64. CareerMINE B.Sc Applied Computer Science Description: This programme is intended for those who seek to develop good skills underpinned by a firm understanding of the fundamental nature of computation. As computation is becoming all-pervasive, students following this programme will gain a rich and unique set of skills that will open up a wide choice of career paths. The Applied Computer Science programme will introduce you to programming operating systems, networks, and compilers. You will learn to use software tools to design, test, and document large programs using the methods of software engineering. We will teach you how to program artificial intelligence, control robots, and create virtual realities. In the final year project you can choose to an area of computer science to study in depth. The programme is accredited by the BCS. Year 1 Programming Software Engineering Computer Science Roadmap Computer and Internet Technologies Optional Modules Mathematics for Computer Scientists Codes and Code-breaking Cybernetics & its Application Commercial off the Shelf SystemsCompany Logo
  65. 65. CareerMINE Year 3 Robotics Year 2 Year in Industry Virtual Reality Compulsory Modules Final Year Informatics for E- Computer Architecture Compulsory Modules Enterprise Operating Systems Social, Legal and Ethical Dependable Systems Compilers Aspects of Science and Design Object Oriented Design Engineering Network Security Programming in Java Major Project Requirements Human-Computer Interaction Optional Modules Analysis Databases Topics Including: Visual Intelligence Essential Algorithms Computer Networking Parallel Algorithms XML and Web Technologies Distributed Data Mining Computing Multi-Agent Systems Optional Modules Neural or Further Algorithms Evolutionary Space Robotics Computation Artificial Intelligence Computer GraphicsCompany Logo
  66. 66. CareerMINE Career OpportunitiesCompany Logo
  67. 67. CareerMINE Diploma in Computer Science in IndiaOther then B.Tech and B.E. Degrees, Most of the Technical universities and many private colleges in India also offer Diploma courses in streams like Computer Science. These Diploma courses can be 1 month to 3 years long and covers basics of computer science like HTML, Hardware, networking, databases to teach programming in languages like Java, .net, C/C++.Eligibility for Diploma in Computer ScienceA student must have passed Secondary School Certificate Examination (Std X) or any other equivalent examinationMust have obtined at least 50% marks in total, in one sitting.Must have passed English, Math, Science (Physics & Chemistry) as compulsory subjectsPersonal interview (sometimes)Course Duration: The duration of course is three years.Intake Capacity: The maximum intake capacity permitted by AICTE is 60 seats.Company Logo
  68. 68. CareerMINE (3) 3rd semester: Course Content: (a) Advanced Programming in C & Data Structures. (1) Semester 1: (b) Data Communication & Computer (a) English Communication. Networks. (b) Applied Mathematics-II (c) Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering. (c) Advanced Microprocessors. (d) Basics of Computers & Computer Organisation. (d) Data Structures lab. (e) Basic Computer Skills. (e) Computer Hardware Lab. (f) Analog Lab (f) Microprocessor lab. (2) 2nd semester: (4) 4th semester: (a) Applied Science. (a) OOP with C++. (b) Applied Mathematics-II. (b) System Software. (c) Digital Electronics. (c) DBMS. (d) C Programming Lab. (d) C++ LAB. (e) Applied Science Lab. (e) Network Administration Lab. (f) Digital Lab (f) DBMS LAB. (g) Visual Basic Lab.Company Logo
  69. 69. CareerMINE (5) 5th semester: (a) Software Engineering. (b) Java Programming. (c) Web Technology. (e) Web Technology Lab. (f) Java Programming Lab. (g) Information Search, Analysis and Presentation (ISAP) Lab. (h) Project Work – I. (6) 6th semester: (a) Organizational Behaviour and Environmental Engineering. (b) Network Security. (c) Mobile Computing. (d) Linux Lab. (e) ASP.NET LAB. (f) Project Work – II.Company Logo
  70. 70. CareerMINE Jobs after Diploma A candidate can fetch a job after completing Diploma in Computer Engineering in following fields: Computer Hardware Industry Computer Service Industry Consultancy Services Software Development Industries Web Designing and publishing Electronics and Communication Industries networking and maintenance industries - and many more.Company Logo
  71. 71. CareerMINEProspects for Higher Education and Career advancement after doing Diploma Course1. After completing 3-year Diploma in Computer Engineering in first division the student can get admission in second year of degree in Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering.) known as lateral admission. 2. The student can also do courses like B.C.A. (Bachelor in Computer Application), and B.C.S.(Bachelor in Computer Science),and B.Sc. IT Bachelor in Information Technology), through different recognized universities. 3. If a student passes with second division, through AMIE (Associate Membership in Institute of Engineers) can get the Engineering Degree pursued on an evening or part time basis. 4. The opportunity is also open for higher education abroad.Fraud Diploma Courses in IndiaThere are many private institutes running in Indian Metro cities and second tier cities which are offering Diploma courses but are not approved by AICTE and local University. Most of these course are 1 to 3 months long and the students at the end of the course, gets a certificate which are not recognized by UGC, though students do get jobs if they have the knowledge as most of the employer ignores the genuinely of the graduation and looks how much knowledge the candidate has.Company Logo
  72. 72. CareerMINECompany Logo