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Saloni Palombizio\'s Job Looking Tools Presentation of 4/23/09


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Presentation by the Staffing Now firm on Guidelines for resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

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Saloni Palombizio\'s Job Looking Tools Presentation of 4/23/09

  1. 1. WELCOME !! Guest Speaker : Saloni Palombizio
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. Do‟s & Don‟ts of Interviewing. 2. Resume Writing Tips. 3. Networking.
  3. 3. What Should You Do? Research is key! Know the Location! Dress the part for the job! Be prepared with extra resume copies! Plan to arrive early! Greet the receptionist! Be courteous & friendly!
  4. 4. What Should You Do? Greet the interviewer with a firm handshake! Maintain Eye Contact! Be prepared with your strengths! Highlight your achievements and what you can bring to the organization! Ask questions! Get business cards!
  5. 5. What Should You Do? Be confident – let them know you want the job & ask what the next steps are! Take down notes after the interview! Thank You Notes – Extremely important!!
  6. 6. What NOT to Do ! Memorize your answers! Wear strong perfumes/colognes! Smoke before an interview! Be overly aggressive! Answer your cell phone! Use slang (“like”, “uh”, “yeah”,”um”, etc)!
  7. 7. What NOT to Do ! Be negative toward prior employers/ colleagues! Answer questions with just a “yes” or „no”! Discuss personal matters.
  8. 8. RESUME WRITING TIPS Read the job description you are applying for. Start with the most recent job. Always remember to input the dates. Tweak your resume : title/job description. Use bullets. Utilize the Thesaurus to use alternate words.
  9. 9. RESUME WRITING TIPS Show value – how did/do your skills benefit a company? Stick to the facts – do not fabricate your resume! Use present tense/past tense as appropriate. Keep the resume clean! Spell Check – Spell Check – Spell Check !!!! Have a friend review your resume.
  10. 10. NETWORKING LinkedIn. Facebook/MySpace. Day Care. Kid‟s after school activities. Don‟t burn any bridges!!!!