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Job Group Poll Results from 7/2/09


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These results show how Job Group job seekers feel about topics influencing the direction and organization of the job Group

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Job Group Poll Results from 7/2/09

  1. 1. WIP JOB GROUP CARD COMMENTS 02 July 2009 THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWER. THESE ARE ANONYMOUS. 1. In making the decision NOT to attend Job Group, which of the following best reflects the reason: 1. other commitments 2. speaker 3. both other commitments and speaker about equally 4. other (specify) Other Commitments Speaker Other Commitments Other Total and Speaker 16 5 7 0 28 57.14% 17.86% 25.00% 0.00% Percent “Other commitments” play a significant role in Job Group attendance. There was a comment regarding a timing conflict. 2. Make a comment regarding the Job Group – such as needs, additions, deletions, suggestions. Skills/Training Networking Speakers Other accessing certain job common interest breakout "…that offer jobs are good." "…Things are going well as is." websites step by step groups Marcia LaReau “Actual good paying job “online topic prepare[d] networking and learning Forward Motion available” ness” advanced job marketing “The process in the group is Interactive/online training informational interviewing (860) 833-4072 valuable.” resume writing job search tips and leads Dream Coach career counseling – possible new starting a job search for How to Network More serious companies career career change - techniques “? Taco Bell & Gilead ???” Routine Agenda Covering on-line resumes - methods “are the main draw” - Admin - do’s and don’ts “more prospective employers” - Yahoo Group - cold calls “Speakers that offer jobs are - LinkedIn Stuff In small groups, assist good.” - stuff one another with 30 sec. “more H.R. speakers” personal space elevator speeches – criti- pontifications que each other - positive input randomize group breakouts The Card Comments were identical to 04/30 broad categories but more narrowly focused especially regarding networking. 3. What is your time preference for the Guest Speaker to begin: 1. 10:00 A.M 2. 10:30 A.M 3. 11:00 A.M. No Preference 10:00 A.M. 10:30 A.M 11:00 A.M. Total 3 4 9 16 32 9.38% 12.50% 28.13% 50.00% Percent Speakers will to be booked from 11 A.M. – Noon. More time will be scheduled if requested in advance by the Group.