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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: ISFJ


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When it comes to finding the 'ideal' job, determining your personality profile can go a long way in helping you to find exactly what is 'ideal'.

Not sure what your personality preferences are? Book in for a session with a career consultant – it will be one of the most enjoyable and useful interactions of your professional life.

For those who know their profile - here is the next Infographic in our series on MBTI personality profiles. If you are an ISFJ you may enjoy finding out just what it is that makes you tick and what careers you are best suited to.

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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: ISFJ

  1. 1. ISFJ: I N T R O V E R S I O N | S E N S I N G | F E E L I N G | J U D G I N G are dependable & considerate, & groups with which they are "ON MY HONOR, TO DO MY DUTY.” committed to the peopleISFJs associated & faithful in carrying out responsibities. THEIR CORE Industrious caretakers,  & organisations. loyal to traditions & enjoy contributing to Conventional & grounded, established structures of society. with a deep sense   of responsibility to others. Steady & committed workers One of the most common types  general population  of the 8%  14% 19% women men More likely to experience chronic pain & suffer heart disease Overrepresented among MBA students & male small business owners   More likely than other types to watch more than 3 hours of TV per day Personal values include: Happy family, Health & Spirituality Commonly found in careers in ...  education, health care & religious occupations. STATISTICS Cooperative & thoughtful of others Kind & sensitive Practical & realistic   Conscientious & methodical Concrete & specific ISFJs ARE LIKELY TO BE... REQUIRES CAREFUL OBSERVATION AND METICULOUS ACCURACY, where they can use their ability to remember facts & details. IS DONE IN A TRADITIONAL, STABLE, ORDERLY & STRUCTURED ENVIRONMENT, where the results are practical & service-oriented. GIVES THEM A PRIVATE WORK SPACE SO THEY CAN CONCENTRATE FULLY for extended periods of time & with a minimum of interruptions.  LETS THEM WORK PRIMARILY ONE-ON-ONE, HELPING OTHERS or with other people who share their personal values & beliefs. REQUIRES THEM TO BE ORGANISED & EFFICIENT in completing assignments. CAREER SATISFACTION means doing work that: WORK-RELATED STRENGTHS an eagle's eye for observation & an ABSOLUTE determination to account for every detail.  Solve practical problems  building on an in-depth UNDERSTANDING of practical facts. Make decisions based on careful application of their clear values & their WEALTH of stored data. Are consummate helpers, happy to share time with anyone who needs it, & taking an EMPATHETIC approach to problems & goals. 1. Focus on what people want & need & establish orderly PROCEDURES to make sure they are fulfilled. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE FINAL WORD...  "Bound by fierce commitment, intense responsibility, & deep loyalty, the ISFJ is the embodiment of putting service above self in most aspects of their lives."  Otto Kroeger Type Talk at Work Possess a keen memory &  FOR MORE EXPERT CAREER TIPS... FOLLOW US ONLINE! SOURCES: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron & Kelly Tieger. Do What You Are Isabel Briggs-Myers, Mary H. McCaulley, Naomi L. Quenk, and Allen L. Hammer. MBTI Manual