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Discover your Personality Profile with MBTI: INTJ


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For those who know their profile - here is the next Infographic in our series on MBTI personality profiles. If you are an INTJ you may enjoy finding out just what it is that makes you tick and what careers you are best suited to.

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Discover your Personality Profile with MBTI: INTJ

  1. 1. INTJ: I N T R O V E R S I O N   I   I N T U I T I O N   I   T H I N K I N G   I   J U D G I N G "COMPETENCE + INDEPENDENCE  = PERFECTION" INTJs have a  clear vision together with the  to implement their ideas. of future possibilities  & organisationdrive THEIR CORE See things from a  & quickly relate new information to overall patterns. global perspective regardless of established authority Trust their insightful connections or popular opinions. Are excellent long-range planners & often rise to positions of leadership in organisations.  3rd rarest type  general population  of the 3%  2%  1% women men One of two types with highest college GPA. Least likely of all types to believe in a higher spiritual power.  Among types with highest income. Among least likely to suffer heart disease & cardiac problems.  Over-represented among ...  MBA students & female small business owners. STATISTICS Insightful, creative synthesisers Clear & concise communicators   Rational, detached & objectively critical   Independent, conceptual thinkers   Selective about their relationships INTJs ARE LIKELY TO BE... Gives them credit for their original ideas and lets them maintain authorship & control over their execution. Allows them to work independently but with periodic interaction with a small group of intellectual people within a smooth-running environment. Lets them create & develop original & innovative solutions to problems to improve existing systems. Exposes them to a steady stream of new information, providing them with new ways to increase their proficiency and competence. Lets them produce a product that meets with their own high standards rather than with the personal likes or dislikes of others.  CAREER SATISFACTION means doing work that: WORK-RELATED STRENGTHS Assess everything with a critical eye & quickly IDENTIFY problems to solve Are tough and decisive   when the situation CALLS for toughness Love complex challenges   & readily SYNTHESISE complicated theoretical & abstract matters Are able to use their creativity to develop INGENIOUS & inventive systems 1. Develop visionary goals & a BROAD-BRUSH plan to achieve them in large organisations 2. 3. 4. 5. THE FINAL WORD...  "Their capacity for INTELLECTUAL & CONCEPTIONAL CLARITY gives INTJs both vision and the will to see it through to completion— leadership qualities that are prized in our society." Otto Kroeger Type Talk at Work FOR MORE EXPERT CAREER TIPS... FOLLOW US ONLINE! SOURCES: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron & Kelly Tieger. Do What You Are Isabel BriggsMyers, Mary H. McCaulley, Naomi L. Quenk, and Allen L. Hammer. MBTI Manual