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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: INFP


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When it comes to finding the 'ideal' job, determining your personality profile can go a long way in helping you to find exactly what is 'ideal'.

Not sure what your personality preferences are? Book in for a session with a career consultant – it will be one of the most enjoyable and useful interactions of your professional life.

For those who know their profile - here is the next Infographic in our series on MBTI personality profiles. If you are an INFP you may enjoy finding out just what it is that makes you tick in the world of work and what careers you are best suited to.

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Discover your personality profile with MBTI: INFP

  1. 1. INFP: I N T R O V E R S I O N | I N T U I T I O N | F E E L I N G | P E R C E I V I N G make a priority of clarifying in congruence with them. They make "STILL WATERS RUN DEEP.” their values & livingINFPs decisions based on their values of self-understanding, individuality & growth. THEIR CORE Fascinated by opportunities to explore the – their own & that of others. complexities of human personality authenticity, true connection Value relationships based on depth, & mutual growth. on possibilities for positive change in the future. Enjoy reading, discussing & reflecting 9th most common type general population  of the 4%  4% 5%  women men Among least likely of all types to suffer heart disease Second highest of all types to report marital dissatisfaction  Among types most likely to be dissatisfied with their work Personal values include Autonomy & Creativity  Over-represented in ...  occupations in counseling, writing & the arts. STATISTICS Idealistic & loyal to their ideas Sensitive, concerned & caring Long range visionaries   Curious & creative Reserved & selective about sharing values & feelings INFPs ARE LIKELY TO BE... IS IN HARMONY WITH THEIR OWN PERSONAL VALUES & BELIEFS & allows them to express their vision through their work. IS DONE AUTONOMOUSLY, WITH PLENTY OF UNINTERRUPTED TIME, but with periodic opportunities to bounce their ideas off people they feel respect them. DOES NOT REQUIRE THEM TO PRESENT THEIR WORK FREQUENTLY IN FRONT OF groups of people or be called upon to share before it is completed to their satisfaction. ALLOWS THEM TO HELP OTHERS TO GROW & DEVELOP & realise their full potential. CAREER SATISFACTION means doing work that: IS DONE WITHIN A FLEXIBLE STRUCTURE WITH A MINIMUM OF RULES, letting them work on projects when they feel inspired. WORK-RELATED STRENGTHS capable of great concentration & output when fully ENGAGED. Faithful in fulfilling obligations  related to PEOPLE, work, or ideas to which they are committed. Recognise & honour the EMOTIONAL & psychological needs of others. Involved in work that contributes to both their own GROWTH & inner development & those of others. 1. Curious about ideas & quick to see CONNECTIONS & meanings. 2. 3. 4. 5. THE FINAL WORD...  INFPs "care deeply— passionately—about a few special persons or a favorite cause, and their fervent aim is to bring peace to the world and wholeness to themselves and their loved ones."   David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II Work in bursts of energy & are  FOR MORE EXPERT CAREER TIPS... FOLLOW US ONLINE! SOURCES: Paul D. Tieger, Barbara Barron & Kelly Tieger. Do What You Are Isabel Briggs-Myers, Mary H. McCaulley, Naomi L. Quenk, and Allen L. Hammer. MBTI Manual