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7 Ways to Keep Gens Y and Z in your Organisation


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Gen Y's are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and there are 17 million Gen Z's now entering the U.S. workforce. Statistics show that of both these generations, 40% would change their careers, if the opportunity arose.

If you have a Gen Y or Gen X within your organisation, our Infographic has 7 tips on how to keep them happy, and ultimately keep them within your business.

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7 Ways to Keep Gens Y and Z in your Organisation

  1. 1. IN YOUR ORGANISATION 7 GENS Y Z& WAYS TO KEEP� The Stats... 35% GEN ZGEN Y The largest generation in the U.S. labour force $35billion Annunal turnover costs the U.S. economy 17 million are now entering the U.S. workforce BOTH� �Y& �Z Less than half to their jobs feel connected would make a change if another opportunity arose 40% More than TIPS TO KEEP THEM� & HAPPY ENGAGED Racially diverse Social Media Natives Laser focused on financial security Racially diverse GEN Z... �ENTREPRENEURIAL#1 They look for more independence in their career. Provide opportunities to learn and engage with new ideas. Offer rotational assignments�& early leadership experiences. GEN ZS ARE� #2 84% say they like purposeful work for a company in which they believe, BUT financial security has greater relevance. Offer�financial rewards & promote career advancement. Create a culture & a team spirit that can develop fellowship within your company. CAUTIOUS REALISTSGEN ZS ARE� #3 VISUAL COMMUNICATORS GEN ZS ARE� Images are crucial. For pure learning, they use YouTube & online universities. Develop a mobile-first communication strategy to engage them. Deliver curated content that is interactive & fast - no more than 5-10 minutes per day. & Confident Achievement- oriented High Self Regard Ambitious GEN Y... #1 GEN YS NEED� ENGAGEMENT Many will leave after a year or two, or even six months. Think in bite-sized modules to engage them for the intermediate term, rather than trying to retain them for decades. Rejig your concept of retention. Sell 18 month projects that reap rewards for them when completed. to stay with you� #2 GEN YS NEED� A FAST PACE for rewards� They want to feel that they're moving quickly. Manage expectations for quick progress through titles. Move to transparent, performance-based pay. #3 GEN YS NEED� FREEDOM They want to own & master their work. Allow them to work from home as needed, as long as the work is done. Focus on getting the work done, not the number of hours worked. #4 GEN YS ARE READY TO MOVE UP the ladder� They feel unprepared & unequipped for this change. Let them access leadership support in a way that is relevant Develop their skills:� Persuading & influencing� Navigating politics Communicating articulately� Managing conflict� TENSIONS & CHALLENGES Stress The top� They can't focus for extended amounts of time. in the workplace are Short attention spans texting, the internet & gossip The challenge for businesses will be to balance the e ciency & distraction of modern technologies. 3 distractions Both Generations are afftected by Gen Z feel hindered in their development due to stress & The biggest obstacle keeping them from performing higher. 37% 39%& Millennials looming burnout. HOW TO� WI TH THEM? COMMUNICATE Go beyond Facebook or the intranet Embrace Technology NOW: THE FUTURE: Employee Apps bridge the gap between non-desk & desk-bound workforces. Wearables, robotics & virtual reality. They want conversation & frequent feedback more than any generations before them. Talk to them But in the end, just... For more expert career insights... Follow Us Online! millennials.aspx Sources