Why does smoking contribute to heart disease ??


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Why does smoking contribute to heart disease ??

  1. 1. Being the best Heart Disease Treatment for those with Cardiac ProblemsImagine it’s in the middle of the night – pain in the chest, choking feeling, extreme weakness,anxiety, and shortness of breath - all symptoms of those living with heart disease. Or imaginehaving to live your life scared because of at any one moment you could be experiencing what isknown as a “silent” myocardial infarction and get a heart attack without any warning signs. Butnow imagine being married to this person, being a son or daughter to this person, or being afriend to this person. When you know someone that is close to you that has a heart disease, itputs double pressure on you in feeling that at any moment you could lose a very importantperson to you. Contact a cardiologist and educate yourself on all there is to know about heartdisease treatments in Los Angeles, to make sure that you can do whatever you need for thisperson.As a caregiver for someone with heart disease, it could be beneficial to go a cardiologist in LosAngeles and get the resources you need to be the best support a person can have whileexperiencing a heart disease. Doctors could play an important role in guiding patients andcaregivers on how to manage heart disease.DietIt is recommended to have a whole team along your side while dealing with heart disease. Workclosely with a nutritionist to make sure that you are fueling your body with the right vitamins andminerals. Try to reduce or avoid foods that are packaged or processed and replace them withmore fruits and vegetables. Make sure that your portion sizes are small, and include lean meatssuch as chicken and fish. Take caution with sodium intake and drink plenty of water.ExerciseCaregivers could assist those with heart problems by assisting them with physician activity. Byhelping them get the most out of their exercise through pacing their work outs. Remember toencourage them not to give up and start slow with realistic goals. Exercising during this time istough and caregivers should offer their support to love ones as much as possible. VISIT HEREfor any quarries.Understand the Warning SignsThose with heart problems frequently are reluctant of going to the doctors when symptomsemerge such as chest discomfort, dizziness, or leg swelling. A caregiver could encourage thosewith heart problems to go to the doctor and get the tissues checked out because small incidencescould be a warning to something more serious. Watch for signs of heart attacks which areshortness of breath, indigestion, or pain between the shoulder blades.