9bit4 Jalepeno hotshots - voyster card pitch presentation


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9bit4 Jalepeno hotshots - voyster card pitch presentation

  1. 1. Voyster Card By [Nicole Carey, Mary-Anne Murphy, Joseph Forsyth, Leon Enwia]
  2. 2. Background situation • Example: - Jalapeño Hotshots - We are students from Cardinal Wiseman - For students and adults who forget their Oysters - When going on the bus or the train, in the mornings, going to work school and any other use. - on a smartphone - to save kids from loosing their oysters and have to pay, most if not all children bring phones to school so they wont have to worry about forgetting or loosing their oysters.
  3. 3. Problem The problem we are trying to solve is that, when you loose or forget your oyster you have to pay £2.20 on the bus. Some children don’t bring money or spend it in the shops and are left in a pickle and in the worst case scenario they might be late to school.
  4. 4. Question •How can you avoid having to pay £2.20 on a bus?
  5. 5. Key insight statement(s) You are running late for school/ you run for the bus you get on and realise you forgot your oyster/ the bus driver tells you to get off because you have no money to pay the bus fair/ you are late for school? You have your phone on you but not your oyster if only you had an oyster on your phone.
  6. 6. Mini Elevator Pitch My team, jalapeño hotshots, is developing a virtual oyster to help students and adults get on any public transport without the worry of forgetting your oyster and having to pay the bus fair. Oyster card app • We are the Jalapeño Hotshots, and we are developing a native app(mobile app) to make life on public transport easier, tidier and quicker ! Our app is an Oyster card app for transport in London. The main feature of this app is you can register your oyster card onto the app, and from there on, if you ever forget your Oyster card you can use your phone as your Oyster. Another feature of the app is you can top up your oyster using the mobile app so that you don't have to wait in line to use the top up machine at the train station. You do this using your debit/credit card!
  7. 7. User profiles Every one we interviewed uses public transport and everyone uses an oyster, half of the people we interviewed have a smartphone and will be able to access our app. The majority of people said this app will be useful to them.
  8. 8. Competitors or alternative solutions that already exist in the market Oyster info app, this app doesn’t allow you to scan your oyster or top up. Oyster balance and refund, again you cant scan your oyster, you still need to carry it around.
  9. 9. MVP user stories and feature chosen Student: 13 years old, frequent public transport user, regular oyster loser. “I lose my oyster a lot. Well, I get really worried when I forget my oyster and I don’t if I will be allowed on the bus. One time this happened and I was lucky enough to have my amazing, kind friend Nicole with me to lend me a helping hand. I feel having an oyster on my phone will benefit me immensely, I also carry my phone wherever I go, I especially love the fact that there is a credit balance, bus times and the fact that I can scan my phone and not worry about having my oyster.”
  10. 10. Key wireframes
  11. 11. [Feasibility] [Data, content, technical] Data Feasibility • Does your app require data or content? Yes, it will require 3G • Is the content owner happy to share it? Yes, private information can be kept private under the users permission. • Is there authorization required? Yes oyster details and credit details if they want to see their balance and top up. Technical Feasibility • Is your solution technically possible to build? Yes, it would as the resources are widely available. • Could a professional developer build it in less than 3 months? yes • Can you find a simpler solution, using existing technology? There are apps like this but none with a range of possibilities like this.
  12. 12. Business Case • Explain what business model you have chosen and why. We plan to make this app for free at first and see how it goes and if it goes well we plan to develop it into an even better app, we may even charge. • How many customer pledges did you get? 4 • Did you have to change your plans to find customers that are willing to pay? No not really there were pleased and thought it would be a great app.
  13. 13. Marketing Strategy • Posters, word of mouth, a video. These are simple as they are easy to carry out, they are easy to reach people and everyone will see them, these wont cost much at all.
  14. 14. [Wildcard] [Anything else you want to share?] • This slide is your chance to add more information about your creative journey. Did you create a website? Show your work to experts? Present at your school or at another contest? Did you do local media work?