Trautmann Elementary
Instructional Technology Plan

         Lydia Hinojosa
Lydia Hinojosa                                          EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140

Lydia Hinojosa                                            EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140

Assistant Superinten...
Lydia Hinojosa                                            EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140

Lydia Hinojosa                                             EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140

Lydia Hinojosa                                             EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140

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Lydia Hinojosa Action Plan


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Lydia Hinojosa Action Plan

  1. 1. Trautmann Elementary Instructional Technology Plan Lydia Hinojosa 12/13/2009
  2. 2. Lydia Hinojosa EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140 INTEGRATING TECHNOLOGY Board of Trustees Superintendent Assistant Superintendent of Administration Director of Technology Executive Director Educational PEIMS Analyst Technology Facilitator Principal Curriculum Facilitators Instructional Instructional Teachers Technology Technology Specialist Technicians The Board of Trustees evaluates and establishes policies in the area of technology. The Board designates adequate funds for the proper use of technology while enforcing policies within the district. The Superintendent implements, guides and executes the district policies. He or she manages day-to-day functions and advices on the technology plan of action.
  3. 3. Lydia Hinojosa EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140 Assistant Superintendent of Administration oversees administrators all through the district while facilitating student learning by using and applying financial and human resources. Director of Technology supports in the decision-making on implementing technology across the district. Executive Director watches over the everyday duties of school administrators, educators and students in schools. Curriculum Facilitators ensures curriculum alignment and the development of curriculum. Principal administers day to day operations of an assigned school in order to ensure the academic success of the student. The principal ensures proper use of technology to improve student success. Teachers plans and executes technology lessons across the curriculum, which will positively increase student learning. PEIMS Analyst collects and reports district data and makes sure schools comply with the State of Texas. Educational Technology Facilitator examines and looks into the schools educational technology applications; administers the proper use of technology for the betterment of student achievement; complies with technology distribution and licenses throughout the district. Instructional Technology Technicians fixes and installs software and hardware at designated school sites. Instructional Technology Specialist ensures proper use and supports for students and teachers to enhance student achievement and maintains student record. Principals Role in Implementing and Monitoring the Technology Organizational Chart • Stays updated on new technology applications • Ensures proper use of technology • Ensures technology is being integrated throughout the content areas • Lead by example when utilizing technology (vision) • Managing technology resources and budget of campus • Providing adequate professional development for teachers • Oversees daily operations of school • Ensuring that equipment is working properly
  4. 4. Lydia Hinojosa EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140 Professional Development Planning After researching the United Independent School Districts STaR Chart, the vision 2020: Long-Range Plan, Districts Instructional Technology Plan and the Trautmann Elementary Campus Improvement Plan, I prepared the following action plan to improve on the instructional technology needs to improve student achievement at our campus. This plan of action will concentrate on building the development and integration of technology in the classroom through professional development of teachers and campus professional staff. School districts have a wealth of approaches of how to gather academic and technology information in which it identifies the proper provisions for curriculum instruction. These plans help us provide a suitable support system for teachers in the area of technology. Districts must focus on a shared vision that maps out the new proposal for strategies of how to educate all stakeholders in the community in technology. The focus is for leaders and educators to be well prepared in order to transmit newly acquired knowledge to students, which in turn will be successful in all areas of education including technology. The goal of United Independent School District is to provide access to trainings and resources to improve technology awareness and promote student success.
  5. 5. Lydia Hinojosa EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140 Action Plan Objective: Impact student performance by providing teachers with skills needed to integrate technology across curriculum. Persons Timeline Evaluation Activity/ Responsible Strategy Training will focus on Principal, Curriculum Fall 2010 • Lesson Plans the use of: Inspiring Facilitator and Creative Thinkers, Instructional • Reports Introduction to Digital Technology Specialists • Showcase Technology, product Introduction to PowerPoint in the • Walkthroughs Classroom and Introduction to Desktop Publishing. Utilize instructional Principals, Campus Weekly • Program technology programs Technology Specialist Reports to accelerate student achievement • Report Card Grades • State Assessment results Teachers will be Curriculum Facilitator, Spring 2010 • Professional trained on new Instructional Development technology programs Technology Specialists Evaluation such as White Boards, Sheet Systems 44, Do the Math, and Clickers • Star Chart data Utilize district data to Campus Principal, Monthly • State assess student District Coordinators, assessment academic needs and Classroom teachers design appropriate • District instruction. Benchmarks • In-house assessments
  6. 6. Lydia Hinojosa EDLD 5352 Instructional Leadership EA1140 Professional Development Evaluation Form Date: __________________ Presenter: _____________________________ Workshop Title: _________________________________________ Location: _______________________________________________ Please write in your response using the following scale: 4=Strongly Agree 3=Agree 2=Disagree 1=Strongly Disagree 1. The content of the presentation was clear, organized, and understandable. 1234 2. I will be able to use what I learned today in my work. 1234 3. The instructor was friendly, approachable, and helpful. 1234 4. The instructor answered questions to my satisfaction. 1234 5. The instructor was knowledgeable about the subject. 1234 Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____