Amber Gregory Graphic Design Portfolio


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The graphic design portfolio of Amber Gregory in San Francisco.

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Amber Gregory Graphic Design Portfolio

  1. 1. amber gregory graphic design 200 townsend street, #45 san francisco, ca 94107 (510) 219-0841
  2. 2. The Purlwise Knitter
  3. 3. ouroboros cartography Graphic Design Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study San Francisco-based cartography studio Ouroboros Cartography required an identity system that was mini- mal, geometric and urban, while conveying the sense of artistry that is inherent to mapmaking. The client was profiled in a local magazine article where a component from the logo was integrated into the design, showing its versatility.
  4. 4. san francisco spca Design/Photo/Copywriting Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study holidays Wants to be home for the SFS PC A Wants to b e under yo u r C h ristmas t re e SF SP C A A series of holiday-themed collateral for the San Francisco SPCA, encouraging people to give the gift of animal adoption. The series of ads have a unifying theme so as to be recognizable in different places--on- postcards, bus shelter ads, and city billboards. All of these ads feature my original photography, design, and copywriting.
  5. 5. san francisco zoo Graphic Design Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study 21, 2008 ne Saturday, Ju ts h nig ld Wi O he O at t .Z F S. - snack, camp rnal safari, mpanied by al keeper, noctu isco Zoo anim least 6 years old and acco a San Franc at ren must be des a talk with overnight inclu and morning tours. Child own overnight. educational l breakfast ired. dule your This fun and egistration requ , a continenta 30 or more, call to sche Pre-r stars $65 and $75. ing under the ps of ts; all others organized grou $60 for adul an adult. For isco san franc years old and . with questions children 6-12 bers $50 for ies: Birthday Part Fee: SFZS Mem 7073 or e-mail wildnigh tration: Call (415) 753- Ongoing! Bear Illus 0 s (415) 753-708 Oct. 28 Night Tour Telephone: Upcoming Romp Members Only , CA. 94132 Reindeer San Francisco Nov. 24 1 Zoo Road Zoo San Francisco A poster for the San Francisco Zoo’s Wild Nights children’s campouts, held on weekend nights for par- ents and their children. The poster needed to convey a sense of childlike wonder while still conveying informa- tion, appealing to kids who might not yet know how to read as well as their parents. The poster also featured a revised Zoo logo, a bold but simple design conveying a new, improved Zoo.
  6. 6. san francisco public library Graphic Design/Photography Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study by dedicated Library staff. All materials must The George M. be used in the Center and may not be checked out—however, photography is permitted, and you can browse Fox Collection the collection at any time during of Early Children’s Books regular Library hours. Since the card catalog can The Fox Collection of Early Children’s Books Source: Caldecott’s Sketchbook, Routledge be confusing even is a collection of more than 2,000 British and to an expert and is American early children’s books currently There is a pencils-only rule inside the Center to not listed online, it words to popular children’s songs, and well- housed in the minimize impact to our materials. We encour- is easier if you ar- known fairy tales and folk tales, as well as reli- Marjorie G. and age you to search the rive with some idea gious lessons in morality and the Lord’s Prayer, Carl W. Stern catalog and consult of what you’d like to look at. and provide a window into the past—not just Book Arts and with a librarian to as it pertains to education and social constructs, Special Collec- help you clarify what The collection was donated in 1978 by the but to popular tions Center at in the collection you father of George King Fox, the owner of Pacific printing tech- the San Fran- are searching for. The Book Auctions. Fox came into his collection niques and tech- cisco Public Center is open dur- when the company he worked for, Milton nologies. Through Library. Special- ing regular Library Bradley, purchased the collection, izing particularly hours. (see back of the McLoughlin one can follow in 19th-century picture books with stunning brochure for Library Brothers publishing the development illustrations, the collection has something for hours and contact information). company. McLoughlin of color printing, everyone from scholars to type enthusiasts to was the successor illustration, and parents and children of today. Are you interested in making a donation to the Fox to a children’s book printing stan- Collection of Early Children’s Books? Please contact publisher called Elton dards, in addition The collection is in Book Arts & Special Collections staff at (415) 557- and Company, and as to watching social commentary move along a remarkably good 4560 for more information. such, when Fox in- timeline—one not understood by those writing condition, kept herited McLoughlin’s these books, but one we all know well today. Photo Credits: as it is away from archives, he inherited a wealth of early children’s 1& 2: Dean and Son, Mamma Lovechild’s Series, Lion’s Grand Ball the public eye in books from both companies. To visit the Fox Collection, visit the Main Li- 3: Routledge & Sons, Cinderella a series of boxes, brary and come to the 6th floor. Upon arriving 4 & 5: Religious Tract Society, The Lords Prayer w/ Hymns preserved meticu- 6 & back cover: Dean and Son, Mamma Lovechild’s Series, King The collection spans series of stories featuring at the Center, you will be asked to surrender Donkey’s Doings lously and guarded original characters, alphabet primers, music and all bags and backpacks and sign in as a guest. The George M. Fox Collection Hours of Early Children’s Books Monday Closed Tuesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM at the San Francisco Public Library Wednesday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Thursday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Main Library Friday Noon – 6:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Sunday Noon – 5:00 PM Source: Routledge and Sons, The Cat’s Tea Party San Francisco Public Library Source: Routledge and Sons 100 Larkin Street San Francisco, California 94102 Library Information (415) 557-4400 Web Site E-mail A submission to a call for brochure designs for the George M. Fox Collection of rare children’s books at the San Francisco Public Library. Featuring original photography from my day spent pe- rusing the collection’s books, the design incorporates images and type of the 19th century while elliptical flourishes give a brochure a modern edge.
  7. 7. wintry mix cd Graphic Design/Photography Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study This is a CD package for the winter version of my quarterly mix CD, packaged for family & friends. Featuring my original photography, the design and typography are playful and reminiscent of late winter, as well as the hip, independent, predominantly Euro music selection.
  8. 8. third street grill art show Graphic Design/Photography Graphic Design Amber Gregory Photography Portfolio Study parseltongue amber gregory 2007 monterey, california papayas amber gregory 2006 molokai, hawaii monterey jelly amber gregory 2005 monterey, california I participated in a group art show at San Francisco’s Third Street Grill in March 2008. To complement the photographs I chose to exhibit I created several pieces of collateral, including identification tags for each photo and an “about the artist” introduction. The collateral reflected my design sense, with swirly, organic background elements and clean, playful text.
  9. 9. the purlwise knitter Graphic Design Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study The Purlwise Knitter, a hip, urban yarn store in Pacific Heights, wanted a new logo and accompanying bro- chure to help generate new business leads. The client wanted a hip, cute design that would bring in 18-40- year-old women with disposable income, with copy that was friendly but gave off a degree of exclusivity. The resulting logo was friendly & stylized, and the pocket-sized brochure doubled as a small poster.
  10. 10. city of beaverton, oregon Graphic Design/Cartography Graphic Design Portfolio Study Berkeley Geography UC I am a professionally trained cartographer, a niche in design that I am passionate about. In this project, I researched and created a map that clarified a controversial annexation proposal in my hometown, after existing maps proved too confusing. This type of map is called a chloropleth—it uses shades of color and proportional measurements to convey statistical data and variability across a region. Here, blocks of color represent existing county land and planned phases of annexation, while graded circles are proportionate to population. Together, these sets of data effectively communicate relevant details about the city’s plan. The sparsely placed landmarks keep attention on the data and do not convolute the message by adding unnecessary detail.
  11. 11. santa cruz marine refuge Graphic Design/Cartography Graphic Design Portfolio Study Portfolio Study Dear Valued Bargus: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aliquam euismod, arcu et feugiat 190 convallis, odio risus pretium sapien, quis euismod sem nisi ac erat. Integer malesuada fringilla urna. SEA CLIFF DRIVE SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA Phasellus risus quam, eleifend a, consectetuer nec, pellentesque eget, lacus. Aliquam quis pede. Pellen- 95060 Ms. Amber L Gregory tesque vel nisi non sapien elementum laoreet. Vestibulum elementum rhoncus mauris. Suspendisse arcu 200 Townsend Street #45 lorem, hendrerit vel, elementum consequat, pulvinar vitae, nibh. Proin congue volutpat libero. Morbi San Francisco, California consequat, nisi sed condimentum aliquam, ante pede iaculis mauris, quis luctus metus nisi nec quam. 94107 Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Aliquam viverra facilisis tortor. Proin dolor ipsum, tincidunt ut, aliquam non, interdum a, elit. Nam vitae nisl. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Nunc dui pede, cursus dictum, tristique vitae, aliquet at, erat. (831) 555-1234 · WWW. SCMRM. ORG Nunc vestibulum. Maecenas posuere eros ut odio. Morbi eros dolor, auctor vel, auctor eget, consequat sed, nibh. Morbi viverra risus sed est. Nulla ut tellus nec risus mollis molestie. Duis tortor. Nullam scelerisque orci. Nullam venenatis semper odio. Pellentesque varius purus tincidunt sem. e Av fic Suspendisse a libero id libero imperdiet ultricies. Proin sit amet ligula. Nulla imperdiet. ci Pa Vestibulum bibendum adipiscing est. Fusce porttitor tortor eget sapien. Quisque posuere odio at eet erat. Integer odio. Sed luctus magna et metus. Nullam quam tellus, ornare sed, mollis a, vestibulum ac, Str Neary Lagoon ch Bea Park eros. Aliquam varius nisl in dolor. Aliquam eu nunc. Nullam varius egestas lacus. Nam eu diam id eros porttitor porta. Nunc pharetra orci quis lectus. Vestibulum elementum porttitor ante. Maecenas sit amet to 1 Ba y St diam. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Ut id est. Integer arcu. Phasellus congue re Amber L. Gregory et Dr ive Executive Assistant to the Chairseal euismod massa. Integer leo turpis, sodales vitae, facilisis quis, ultrices id, dolor. Nunc fringilla tristique Cliff Santa Cruz Marine Refuge & Museum justo. y Ba 190 West Cliff Drive W y re Maecenas felis dolor, fermentum in, euismod a, posuere vitae, neque. Quisque lacinia volutpat Santa Cruz, California 95060 te on t. (831) 555-1234 M sapien. Praesent ipsum metus, commodo consequat, condimentum sed, accumsan egestas, nulla. Pellen- e. tesque vehicula libero nec lectus. Sed urna risus, elementum id, volutpat a, consequat sed, magna. Maece- nas orci sem, tincidunt et, auctor ut, feugiat bibendum, nisi. Praesent bibendum dolor non orci. Nam massa ligula, pharetra at, placerat sed, molestie sit amet, sem. Cras mi. Nam fringilla felis at justo. Nullam mattis, turpis ac vehicula sodales, nulla eros elementum turpis, vitae aliquet erat urna nec leo. Duis The client, a marine sanctuary and museum located consequat luctus tortor. Pellentesque dui dolor, sagittis in, condimentum a, pretium vel, enim. Sed in Santa Cruz, sought an identity as well as collateral dictum, risus mollis consectetuer tincidunt, lacus nibh porttitor nisl, at lacinia ante nisl vel est. for networking and connecting with donors throughout California. The logo, type and colors should blend pro- Sincerely, fessionalism with the unique quirks of Santa Cruz itself, Midnight T. Seal, Chairseal creating a versatile identity. 190 95060 · (831) 555-1234 · SEA CLIFF DRIVE SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA WWW. SCMRM. ORG I worked as part of a five-person team on this project. My contributions included: sole responsibility for creat- ing the map on the back of the business card, type and design on the front of the business card & envelope, and type selection and design of the letterhead.
  12. 12. amber gregory graphic design 200 townsend street, #45 san francisco, ca 94107 (510) 219-0841