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Member instructions


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Here are some instructions to access the new web site.

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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Member instructions

  1. 1. EnterPrimary e-mail addressTHENClick “LostYourPassword?”
  2. 2. (Notice thehelpfulinstructions) Enter Primary e- mail address THEN Click “Get New Password”
  3. 3. Now, Go to your e-mail. Find the one from “Wordpress”. If you don’t see it, checkyour Junk Mail. Below is what the e-mail should look like after opening . First Take Note: THEN (Your New Username will be here) Click on or type in this link
  4. 4. Type in your new Password And againThen Click Here
  5. 5. Click here to Log in!On the next page, type in using theUsername from your e-mail that you tooknote of earlier, and your New Password! Hit“Log In” and Bam! You are now logged in tothe Member Area! After this first visit, go, and enter your Username andPassword and “Log In” and you’ll quickly haveaccess!