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Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels |

Carbon road bike wheels for your rim brake bike at

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Carbon wheelsets are light and fast and come at an affordable price. Most of the wheels are hand-spoked in matt black and have resins with high heat resistance. They also have cutting-edge brake walls made from basalt kevlar. The lightness of these wheels, which are about 1810g per pair, facilitates fast acceleration whether on climbs or flats, and they give you easy handling as you accelerate. The carbon road bike wheels have aluminum sidewalls, ensuring the breaks work correctly in all conditions.

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Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels |

  1. 1. 1 Carbon Fiber Road Bike Wheels Visit Our Website: Wide selection of hubs to suit your budget and frame compatibility
  2. 2. INDEX 2 Carbon Road Bike Wheels 03 700c Wheels 04 Road Wheelset 05 Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels 06 Photo Gallery 07 Our Services 08 Carbon Mtb Wheels 09 Carbon Bike Wheels 10
  3. 3. Carbon Road Bike Wheels 3 TUFF has an increased focus on durability and stiffness increasing their appeal to the entire market. We pride ourselves in getting wheels back to clients quickly and being available when you need us. Visit Our Website:
  4. 4. 700c Wheels 4 Calling on over a decades experience designing high end carbon fibre products, and technical systems engineering from the Australian and global automotive industries, TUFF is able to provide their customers the best developed equipment. Visit Our Website:
  5. 5. Road Wheelset 5 Many brands at the top end of the cycling market focus heavily on weight, which often results in fragile products. This approach is only suitable for lightweight cyclists or those who aren't concerned about the cost of replacing products frequently. TUFF has an increased focus on durability and stiffness increasing their appeal to the entire market. When it comes to riding up hill, there is one thing every cyclist can agree on: you benefit hugely from light weight stiff wheels. Matrix refers to the carbon fibre composite spokes that are half the weight of the top spec Sapim CX Ray spokes used in the Ultimate and Spin range of wheels. This is what the new range of TUFF Exo Wheels excel at. The high tech Matrix spokes are the centre piece that lifts to performance above and beyond the current top end sets of wheels on the market. At 1200grams for the aerodynamic carbon fibre clinchers and a feather light 1050grams for the high performance tubulars. Visit Our Website:
  6. 6. Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels 6 The hubs are made to work with the spokes and add to the stiffness required for responsive wheels. The front wheels take advantage of the strength of the Matrix spokes by lowering the spoke count down to 18 to improve aero dynamics. Visit Our Website:
  8. 8. 8 The rear wheels also reduce the spoke count from the typical 24 spokes used in most wheels sets, to 21 spokes with 14 drive side spokes and 7 widely spaced non drive side spokes. Visit Our Website:
  9. 9. Carbon Mtb Wheels 9 Both the clincher versions and the tubular versions are both ~150-200 heavier than the high tech Exo wheels. It doesn’t matter how much marketing hype you add, and how many pros you pay to ride your wheels, the performance numbers still speak for themselves. Visit Our Website:
  10. 10. Carbon Bike Wheels 10 Carbon Bike Wheels Visit Our Website: