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Storytelling as Data


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Slides from Alexa's July 29th workshop at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center on how to use customer stories not only to validate your product, but how to use these stories to build your audience.

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Storytelling as Data

  1. 1. Storytelling as Data Alexa Roman @carbonfive
  2. 2. data meet story @carbonfive
  3. 3. Part 1 @carbonfive Who and Why
  4. 4. why @carbonfive
  5. 5. @carbonfive I believe Space X needs to exist because rich earthlings have this problem: they are killing their planet and need other places to live. I’m the right person to solve it because I’m a serial entrepreneur and I have a proprietary economic model for space travel.
  6. 6. @carbonfive I believe uber needs to exist because rushed urban travellers have this problem: It’s frustrating and time-consuming to get a cab. I’m the right person to solve it because I’ve got a growing list of customers and connections with key investors.
  7. 7. why statement @carbonfive 5 minutes
  8. 8. who @carbonfive
  9. 9. personas for product @carbonfive
  10. 10. who is your customer? @carbonfive 3 minutes
  11. 11. Part 2 @carbonfive where and how
  12. 12. go find them @carbonfive
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  14. 14. add value @carbonfive
  15. 15. outgoing value @carbonfive 3 minutes
  16. 16. give and you shall receive @carbonfive
  17. 17. incoming value @carbonfive 2 minutes
  18. 18. ones to watch @carbonfive
  19. 19. @carbonfive
  20. 20. @carbonfive
  21. 21. @carbonfive
  22. 22. @carbonfive
  23. 23. @carbonfive