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6 8 carbon footprint


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Awareness about global warming , carbon footprint and the menace of plastics

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6 8 carbon footprint

  1. 1. Global warming!? How does it happen?When CO2 accumulates in theatmosphere, it prevents excess heatfrom escaping into space contributingto global warming.So what should we do ?Our first step is to calculateour carbon footprint!
  2. 2. What is Carbon Footprint?Carbon footprint is the measure of the CO2 and other green house gases we emit into the atmosphere on a day to day basis. It is measured in units of CO2 and is usually expressed in kilograms or tones.The green house gases are Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Methane and Water Vapour(H2O).Reducing CF will result in less greenhouse gas emission.
  3. 3. How can we reduce Carbon Footprint?Friends, we are now going to talk about a few measures which if practiced religiously, will help us to lead a more healthy life. Switch off the lights and fans when not in use. Turn off your television sets, PCs, rather than on standby mode. Try to recycle your toner cartridge rather than throwing them in the bin.
  4. 4.  Walk, cycle or take public transport. Buy products which are locally available and ecofriendly. Reduce meat consumption. Buy locally grown seasonal produce instead of driving to a super market. Use water filters to purify water instead of buying bottled water. Use car pools to school. Go for a run instead of driving to a gym.
  5. 5. Apart from TAKING these steps, WE SHOULD ALSO BE VERY CAREFUL BEFORE WE THROW THINGS INTO THE SOIL AS it might take quite some time to decompose.FOR EXAMPLE: Product Time to Decompose Banana Peel 3-4 Weeks Paper Bag 1 Month Newspaper 1.5 MonthsPlastic Containers 50-80 Years Plastic Bottles 450 Years Plastic Bag 200-1000 Years
  6. 6. Plastics? Oh! How can we forgetthat it is a MENACE !!!
  7. 7. An Important fact about PlasticsThe productionof 1 kg of 2 kg of oilpolyethylene for energyrequires ……. and as a raw material. Burning 1 kg of In other words the oil emits about 3 CARBON kg of carbon EMMISSION of 1 dioxide. kg of plastic is 6 kg of CO2.
  8. 8. A common plastic carrying bag in our householdhas a weight between 25g and 40g. So if we takean average of 32.5g. Then ………. for 5 plastic bags we get 1 kg of CO2.
  9. 9. • It cannot be destroyed, nor can it decay and decompose, like jute or paper or any other organic material.• The polythene bags are dumped on the streets and garbage bins which litter the road.• Unsuspectingly, animals consume them resulting in ultimate death.• Some of these bags, find their way into the sewage and drainage systems of the city and choke them.
  10. 10. The polythene bags that find their way into the rivers or the fields, pollute the riverbed and the soil by making it infertile.It makes the soil impermeable and consequently useless for growing crops.
  11. 11. Reasons responsible for Plastic Pollution in our Community• Waste from households, shops etc.• Improper garbage system of the area.• Ignorance of the people about the causes and effects of the plastic pollution.• Lack of social responsibility and ownership. Trash from homes
  12. 12. Solution to Plastic Pollution FIGHT AGAINST•Say NO to plastic check-out bags whilst shoppingand use reusable cloth or jute bags.•Use Glass / Ceramic instead of plastic inMicrowave.•When you cannot avoid plastic, check containerbottoms for recycling codes(in triangle with chasingarrows). Choose those which are easily recycled.•Educate people about the plastic pollution and itseffects on our environment.
  13. 13. Global Warming
  14. 14. We realize that out environment is degrading day by day due to plastic pollution So let us take a pledge together.• We will restrict our use of plastic bags and will try to use reusable cloth bags as far as possible.• We pledge that we shall educate our community people to save our environment.
  15. 15. A Cleaner todayleads to a… … Greener Tomorrow .