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Imperial Blades Catalog


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Replacement blades for oscillating tools

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Imperial Blades Catalog

  2. 2. One of the most common drive patterns is the 12- point cross configuration. The design is the true uni- versal design and can be mounted at every 45 degree angle. Fits:  Bosch  Milwaukee  Mastercraft  Fein Multimaster  Dremel  Skill  Ridgid  CraftsmanHave a Fein Supercut?We have the specific con-figuration for you. Theunique configuration en-ables all professional usersthe opportunity to buy withconfidence. Fits:  Fein Supercut Needing replacements for your WORX or ROCKWELL Sonicrafter? Use the RW se- ries for the tightest, longest lasting fit. This blades mounts at every 45 degree angle to make the difficult tasks seem easy. Fits:  Rockwell Sonicrafter  WORX Sonicrafter
  3. 3. FINE TOOTH 100 Compatible Tools WOOD BLADES Bosch Multi- 110 Dremel Multi- 120 133 150 100 1- WidthPlunge Depth: 1-5/8" or 2- 110TPI (Teeth Per Inch): 16 WidthMaterial: High Carbon Steel 120 Width Wood - Soft Plastic 133 2- 150 Depth100 110 120 133 150 2- Width IMPERIAL BLADESThe fine tooth configuration is specifically designed for precision woodapplications. They can be used for cutting under the kick plate wheninstalling new kitchen flooring, undercutting door jambs or flush cuttingtongue-and-groove. They have a flush-cut design to allow the operator to laythe blades flat on surfaces perpendicular to the cut. IMPERIAL BLADES
  4. 4. COARSE TOOTH Compatible Tools 200 WOOD BLADES Bosch Multi- Dremel Multi- 250 200 1- Width 250 2- Width Wood - Drywall - Plastic 250200 Plunge Depth: 1-5/8" IMPERIAL BLADES TPI (Teeth Per Inch): 12 Material: High Carbon SteelThe coarse tooth saw blade has larger teeth for aggressive cutting. It isdesigned for cutting wood, drywall and other soft material. This blade willcut through a few nails but is mainly used for softer applications. They havea flush-cut design to allow the operator to lay the blades flat on surfacesperpendicular to the cut. IMPERIAL BLADES
  5. 5. UNIVERSAL UNIVERSAL BLADES Material: High Speed Steel & Bi-Metal 300 400 410 415 300 Bi-Metal 1- 450 Width 400 HSS Round Compatible Tools Bosch Multi- Multi- 410 HSS , WORX Segmented Wood, Fiberglass, Sheet 415 HSS 1- Width Metal, Drywall and Plastic 400 410 450 HSS300 415 450 Round IMPERIAL BLADESThe Universal Bi Metal saw blade is made with the industrys highest qual-ity high speed steel material. Comes with a 14 teeth per inch blade to cutwood and nails with ease. The High-Speed Steel material is rigid, allowingthe blade to cut through harder woods and sheet metal up to 1mm thick aswell as carbon fiber, fiberglass, and nails. IMPERIAL BLADES
  6. 6. STORM SERIES UNIVERSAL BLADES Material: Titanium & Bi-Metal T340 T340 Bi-Metal 1-3/4 WidthCompatible ToolsBosch Multi-Multi- , WORXT340 Wood, Fiberglass, PVC, Sheet Metal, Drywall IMPERIAL BLADES and PlasticThe new T340. Titanium coated, Bi-Metal 1-3/4” blade. This bladewill change the way you use your oscillating tool! With 18 teeth perinch and a Titanium coated blade you can cut almost anything fromwood to decking screws. IMPERIAL BLADES
  7. 7. SCRAPERS SCRAPER BLADES 500 510Compatible Tools 520Bosch Multi-Dremel Multi- 530 500 Rigid Scraper 510 541 Flexible Scraper 520 Flat Scraper 550 ,500 510 520 530 Segmented Knife 560 541 Sealant Cutter 541 560 550530 550 Wavy Blade 560 Tapered Sealant Cutter IMPERIAL BLADESRigid Scraper Blade, For removal of floor coverings and coatings, such aswaterproofing, adhesive residue, etc. Flexible Scraper Blade. Mushroom-shaped flexible scraper for cutting silicone and soft glazing compound aswell as separation of insulated glass. Sealant Cutters. For the removal andcutting of caulk and sealants. IMPERIAL BLADES
  8. 8. CARBIDE CARBIDE BLADES Compatible Tools Bosch Multi- 610 Dremel Multi- 620 625 640 610 Segmented 620 RASP 625 RASP 640 1- Width610 620 625 640 IMPERIAL BLADES Material: CarbideOur standard carbide-tipped saw blades work great for cutting defective tilejoints and milling cracks in plaster, porous concrete and similar building ma-terials. Our blades are recessed and flush cut capable. Use the RASP forcoarse grinding or rasping and aggressive material removal over larger areas.Works great on wood, hardened adhesives, thin set, and masonry. IMPERIAL BLADES
  9. 9. DIAMOND DIAMOND BLADES Compatible Tools Bosch Multi- 730 Dremel Multi- 740 730 Segmented 740 1- Width 730 740 Material: Diamond IMPERIAL BLADESThe diamond blade will remove tough grout from between tiled surfaces.Long-lasting blade enables continuous work on large projects. For commer-cial applications such as cutting out marble and trass concrete joints. Also forsinking ducts in plaster, brick, pumice and honeycomb stone These premium,long lasting blades are designed specifically for harder grouts. IMPERIAL BLADES
  10. 10. SANDPAPER SANDPAPER 60 grit 80 grit 120 grit 60 180 grit Grit 80 Grit 220 grit 120 Grit 180 Grit 220 Grit IMPERIAL BLADESSandpaperAvailable in 5 and 50 packs.60 grit, 80 grit, 120 grit, 150 grit, 180 grit, 220 grit, and a 50 pc Variety Pack IMPERIAL BLADES
  11. 11. ADAPTERS ADRW ROCKWELL ADAPTER ADPC ADAPTER PORTER CABLE ADAPTER ADSC FEIN SUPERCUT ADAPTER ADRW ADSC ADPC IMPERIAL BLADESRockwell Universal Adapter - ADRWPorter Cable Universal Adapter - ADPCSupercut Universal Adapter - ADSCApplication: For use with the Rockwell, Porter Cable and Supercut tools. Use any of our UniversalArbor blades with your Rockwell tool, Porter Cable tool or your Fein Supercut tool. This adapter fitssnugly and does not slip. IMPERIAL BLADES
  12. 12. NEW PRODUCTS FOR SPRING 2012 1-1/4" Titanium Bi Metal STORM Blade - T330 -  Application: Metal, Wood, PVC The new T330 Titanium coated, Bi-Metal 32mm blade. This blade will change the way you use your oscillating tool! With 18 teeth per inch and a Titanium coated blade you can cut almost anything, from wood to decking screws. 3” Titanium HSS Segmented Saw Blade- T410 -  Application: Wood, Fiberglass, Metals, Thin Sheet Metal, Dry Wall Notably the longest lasting blade in the industry, the high speed steel (HSS) titanium coated blade is primarily used for fiberglass, carbon fiber, 20 gauge sheet metal and harder woods, but its uses are endless. 90-degree REACH Blade - 390-  Application: Hardwood, Laminate, Parquet No Cut Is Impossible The REACH blade enables you to make 90-degree cuts for the first time The innovative cutting action provides versatility for any multi-tool user and enables unique cutting capabilities to get any job done. 2-1/2" Wavy Knife Blade - 550 -  Application: Cardboard, Insulation, Rubber Suitable for materials like, Foam, Polystyrene, Leather, Rubber, Paper and Carpet Universal Adapters - ADRW, ADSC, ADPC  Application: For use with the Rockwell, Fein Supercut, Porter Cable, or Black and Decker Oscillating Tools. Use any of our Universal Arbor blades on your Rockwell, Fein Supercut, Porter Cable, or Black and Decker Oscillating Tools. These adapters fit snugly and do not slip. NEW PRODUCTS FOR SPRING 2012 IMPERIAL BLADES USA