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Carbeion helps companies track and reduce Fuel, Energy and Water consumption for each of their facilities and assets, including mobile assets like aircrafts and ground transport fleet, calculate the Carbon Emissions resulting from entire operations and then set and monitor carbon footprint reduction targets. Carbeion will enable companies

• Reduce its carbon footprint
• Lower costs by identifying opportunities to eliminate energy waste
• Become green and grow in a sustainable manner
• Help your suppliers and vendors track and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint thereby reducing your input costs and indirect carbon emissions
• Transparently report consumption data and carbon footprint to various stakeholders including, management, customers & Environmental Protection Agency, etc.
• Improve the public image of your company by being environmentally friendly
• Enable your CFO to understand & manage future emission liabilities & risks associated with regulatory changes like cap & trade as well as increased cost of energy

New regulations requiring facilities to report emissions to the EPA & EU ETS in 2010, would require the usage of a software like Carbeion that can enable facility level Carbon management & reporting in a multi-facility, multi-asset, multi-country, multi-protocol and multi-fuel operation.

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Carbeion Fact Sheet

  1. 1. FACT-SHEET Presented by: Carbeion LLC T- 972-499-7797 820 S Macarthur Blvd, Suite 150-168, Coppell, TX 75019
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIAL What is Carbeion's Mission ? Carbeion’ s mission is to enable businesses to become sustainability-focused, while reducing carbon emissions, decreasing waste, increasing profits and minimizing environmental impacts. We will achieve this by providing businesses a real-time, net-centric carbon intelligence & performance monitoring SAAS based software to manage their sustainability business transformation. What does Carbeion software do for an Enterprise or facility? Carbeion software provides corporate visibility, intelligence, optimization, compliance, auditing, risk management & stakeholder engagement on environmental impact metrics like Scope 1, Scope 2, Scope 3 - Co2. All of these metrics in the context of business operations like revenue & customers within the enterprise & its supply chain. What are the challenges companies face with Carbon Accounting & Sustainability Management? Some of the key problems companies face include acquisition of carbon intelligence being costly and time-consuming, lack of connection between sustainability, environmental, operations, fleet and facilities management. Rising cost of fuel & energy. Brand and Business Opportunities – Consumer preference for green services and PR challenges associated with green-washing. method and infrastructure to track and account the reduction in Carbon emission due to these technology upgrades in their fleet. How does Carbeion work? Carbeion harvests fuel, energy, water, travel, freight & shipping data from various sources and AGGREGATES this information into a single carbon intelligence repository with a unique net- centric technology. Carbeion then builds CARBON INTELLIGENCE aimed at identifying inefficiencies in energy & fuel usage, overlaps in travel & freight. It also enables CARBON PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT & what-if & sensitivity analysis due to price changes in energy, fuel carbon offsets before they occur. Carbeion enables REDUCTION ACTIONS like goal setting, performance monitoring of efficiency & renewable projects. Carbeion also provides a capability for suppliers to login via the web and report into Carbeion, environmental metric like Co2e and verification data like their fuel & electricity consumption allocated to you. Carbeion's cost view enables all environmental metrics viewed in the context of cost of fuel & energy and cost of offsets. Using Carbeion you can track & model Assets (Offsets) & Liabilities ( Emissions) Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIAL What are some of the key modules of Carbeion • Emission Module Input/Upload data on Fuel, Electricity, Water, Waste, Travel, Freight, Refrigerants usage by day/month/quarter/year for each facility and/or asset • Reporting Module o Generate reports to use it for regulatory reporting by Scope 1, 2, 3 ( GHG) o Hotspot reports : Quickly Identify hotspots of Carbon and energy o Intensity reports : Co2 in your business by revenue, etc o Ranking reports : By facilities, business units, departments, product lines for Carbon reduction performance • User driven Dashboard Module Charts and key metrics viewed by User level (Enterprise, Facility or Asset level) • Performance Monitoring Module Set & Monitor targets at Enterprise, facility, asset level • Cost Module - Cost View. All environmental metrics viewed in the context of cost of fuel & energy and cost of offsets • Asset – Liability Module to track & model Assets (Offsets) & Liabilities( Emissions) • Supplier module - Enables your suppliers to login via the web and report into Carbeion, environmental metrics like Co2e and verification data like their fuel & electricity consumption allocated to you. • Freight Module : Ability to track emissions associated with third-party transportation • Materials Module : Ability to track Carbon emissions associated with your BOM - Bill of Material and other material procurement Do I need to buy expensive software and hardware to use Carbeion? No, Carbeion is offered as a Software As A Service (SaaS) subscription for economical per use per month fee. Carbeion is hosted & managed by us and all you need to do is login and enter, view the required data. What additional services do you offer? We also provide additional services like data entry of utility bills and consulting services around Carbon foot-printing, offsets and sustainability. Page 3 of 3