Music magazine analysis 2


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Music magazine analysis 2

  1. 1. Music Magazine Analysis Cara Williams
  2. 2. KERRANG! magazine The name of this magazine is KERRANG! It is a rock magazine. I chose this magazine because the bold colours used on the front cover really stood out and caught my eye on the shelf. I don’t usually read this magazine, i rarely read any music magazines, however if I was interested in rock music then I would read this magazine because it is full of lots of detail and had great stories.
  3. 3. FACTS about KERRANG!The owner of KERRANG! is Bauer Consumer Media, this company also make magazinessuch as; Womens magazine, such as closer, heat, pop and GRAZIAMens magazines, such as mojo, Q and empireMens lifestyle, such as FHM and ZOOOther genres of magazine made by bauer are:•Gardening•Transport•Football•Golf•Pets•Angling•Motoring•Photography•Lifestyle•Radio•Charities
  5. 5. Main Image The main image is of a band called ‘THE BLACKOUT’. The positioning of the 6 band members shows them standing very confident and bold. The main image takes up the whole page and the top of the image covers some of the magazine name/title, this shoes that the magazine publishers are confident enough to know that the magazine will still be recognised without the whole name on show. The outfits being worn in the image by the band members links very well to the band’s name ‘THE BLACKOUT’ as they are all dressed in black. The poses of all the band members show how all the members are cool, they look like a rock band who are very well known
  6. 6. FontThe font used is very long and narrow, most of the text is very large whichis good because it catches peoples eye when the magazine is on the shelf.The large fonts links to the outrageous cover because the band out on thefront seem very loud and dress crazy.I think the bold text used on the title is very effective, it is very easy tonotice and fits very well with the genre of the magazine (ROCK).
  7. 7. ColoursThe colours used in this magazine are white, red,black, blue and yellow.Having the band members who are dressed in blackstood on a white background makes the image a lotmore noticeable also because the title of themagazine is black on the white background it makes itstand out. Then over the top of the black outfits of theband members there is white text which says the bandname; which is ironic because it’s in white and theircalled BLACKout.The bold yellow strip at the bottom of the page isreally eye-catching. The blue strip on the left handside of the cover is the background of other bankswhich inside there are posters of, having the bluebackground really makes you look at that offer, andpursues you to buy it because there are 7 free posters.
  8. 8. Advertisements
  9. 9. AdvertisementsThere are 23 pages of Ads in this magazine. Most of the ads are for different rock bands,about their up and coming gigs, for HMV which is a shop that sells different types ofmedia, DVD’s, CD’s, games etc. another advertisement in the magazine is for a HTCphone. I think these ads are mainly aimed at the male gender and people who enjoyrock music. This magazine cost £2.20 and if you view it on the website it is free.
  10. 10. Advertisements This is the advertisement in the magazine which is for a rock band called Rammstein. They are a German band who are coming to England for a tour. This advertisement is quite dark, which leads me to think that the advertisement is aimed at males who like rock music. The text and colours used in the advertisement are very dull but quite bold, and really stand out in this magazine which is why this advertisement caught my eye.
  11. 11. Advertisements This is an advertisement for the HTC smart phone. Phone advertisements usually interest men more than women, I think the colours used in this ad are very plain and because of that the text and picture are much more noticeable. This advertisement is on the first inside page of the magazine, I think they have put this here because of the white background the ad is very eye-catching and grabs the attention of the reader straight away.
  12. 12. GenreThe genre of this music magazine is rock, I don’t enjoy rock music however manypeople do and for them this magazine would be of great interest.
  13. 13. Contents PageThe contents page is on the first page as soon asyou open the magazine, I think this is a great placeto put the contents page because as soon as youopen the magazine you instantly know where tolook for the pages that interest you. The layout ofthis contents page is very clear, all the pages arelisted on the right hand side of the page and thedifferent sections are all very clearly labelled. Thereare images on the left side of the page that showsome of the bigger stories and the images arenumbered to show what page you will find themon.I think the colours on the contents page link reallywell with I colour scheme used on the front cover,the colours and the text used flow through.
  14. 14. Editorial/EditorAs I have already said the editor of KERRANG! James McMahon on the contentspage he writes a paragraph about the latest issue of KERRANG! He uses informallanguage as he says things like ‘kick-ass live posters’. I think using this sort oflanguage makes the magazine seem more friendly, if the editor uses language like heis having a conversation with the reader it make the reader feel more comfortable.The editorial is set in a great place on the page because it is easy to see and read andbecause there is a picture placed next to it of James, it makes the editorial moreexciting.
  15. 15. The OnlineThe website for KERRANG! Is free to view, it has all the same information howeversome people don’t have internet or would rather read the magazine than look on theinternet and read the articles from there.Some of the offers available in the magazine are not available if you view the onlinesite. You can subscribe to KERRANG! For £5.50 a month, this will save you £46.20 ayear.The website where you can view the latest edition of KERRANG is: